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  1. What do you mean by this? I’ve seen the park post multiple photos and videos of RoS on their social media accounts like crazy recently but have seen literally nothing about Viper.
  2. Same here, rode front row on the Blue train yesterday and it was running amazing as ever!
  3. Also, something i’ve experienced these last 2 days in the park is that literally every single line takes significantly longer than the posted wait times at the entrance. Are they just ridiculously bad at estimating or is the time usually accurate? I’m currently in-line for Raptor, which was posted as 45 minutes. It’s been 50 minutes already and I still have half the switchbacks. What gives??
  4. Gemini has been closed all day, appears to be some issues relating to dispatching and block sections. Red and Blue have been testing but never together, and for a while, blue was stuck on the MCBR.
  5. A few weeks ago on a Friday night (May 17th I believe), Millie’s magic gate was open....such a beautiful sight!
  6. Honestly in my experiences, Viper is the one that needs it the most. Almost always a long wait when I’m there, even if the line is in the station. It just has such a long ride duration to the point where the line barely moves.
  7. Unfortunately, still one train ops on every single coaster besides Tantrum. On the plus side, it appears 2 train ops could possibly be coming back to Mind Eraser for this season, but the second train is still in pieces in the ground.
  8. I plan on going back for this Friday and Saturday, really hoping the rain that was in the forecast most of this week will scare people away!
  9. Um......am I reading this correctly?? There’s no way SV is only a 5 minute wait.
  10. A few weeks ago when I was there, the park was flat-out mobbed. Lines for the food stands were AT LEAST an hour long to get lousy food with poor service. Went to the Famous Dave’s by Valravn, nobody in there, air conditioned, friendly and quick staff, and most importantly, fantastic food! Walk a few seconds to Famous Dave’s or something else just outside of the park. Worth it 100 percent!
  11. I wish I could feel your stress but since I live in Buffalo, I’m just happy if the Sabres win a game lol
  12. The seat turns green on the screen when the lap bar hits a fixed distance in the computer system. You may fit the seat belt, and you may be able to push the bar down some, but every lap bar need to be pushed down a minimum distance for the train to be able to dispatch. If a seat isn't green, they will need to push down the lap bar harder and snausage you in. If still no green, then you take the dreaded walk of shame. Because guests can't push down their own restraints, the ops are constantly checking larger guests on the screen to make sure they are good before moving on. Rather than doing all the lap bars first and later finding out they aren't pushed down enough, going back, etc. I always thought it would make more sense to put a green light indication on the train/seat itself that's in clear view while pushing down the restraint, but alas that is not how it works. B&M recently (well, 7-8 years ago? lol) retrofitted all of their trains and older rides with sensors to not allow dispatch unless all restraints are down far enough. Fun fact: rides like Kraken (I know with 100% certainty as I operated it both before and after the modifications) and I'm assuming the Batman invert clones, at one point in time, could be dispatched with the restraints completely open. This is no longer the case. (unless you use the bypass key in the safety system). I wish all tricky rides when it comes to rider size would have those screens. Ride of Steel at Darien Lake just got a new train a few years ago with a much stricter minimum angle for the lap bars but no way for the ops to know which seat it is. Basically they sometimes spend up to 5 minutes of just wandering the platform trying to figure out who it is that isn’t fitting. Holds up the line like crazy, especially with one train ops.
  13. With only 4 ride ops checking restraints, they wouldn’t be able to be quick enough to hit interval, I assume?
  14. Just wondering with Magnum, a few weeks ago when i was at the park, Magnum had a pretty large line compared to the norm for it, yet it was only running 2 trains with the 3rd parked. Why??
  15. For anybody still for some reason curious about the music situation, no music whatsoever today in the park. Mind Eraser train 2 in the same state as seen last week in the photos posted. Blast off car fully on the track with power running to the ride again. Shipwreck bridge has posts installed now, can’t be too much longer. Other than that, nothing really noteable going on at the park.
  16. I’m seeing antique cars, especially look at the far left of the wrap in the photo (circled in red). You can see the fake soft top roof and a tire.
  17. I rode it 4 times in a day last time I was there, oh trust me, my legs felt is BAD the next day, especially since 2 of those rides were in the back row!
  18. It tripped me up a few weeks ago when Ii was there too lol, overall a great locker system. I don’t have any shorts with zipper pockets and i’m an overprotective freak about my phone so I just got a locker for all the coasters that didn’t have bins. The all-day locker is fantastic, and not badly priced at all. My only issue was that the Rougarou lockers were totally broken when i tried to ride it. Oh well, saved me from the headbanging
  19. RoS has gotten rougher, but it was actually worse in 2015. 2016 was when the new train was purchased and it certainly helped with the shakiness, but yeah, it’s gotten rough. Tantrum is a great ride for what it’s worth. Not a long ride, but fun, intense and smooth as butter, and typically a walk-on! As for paint and lighting, yes-it’s the glaring issue with the place, along with the terribly uneven blacktop. My friend twisted his ankle in a giant pothole there last time we went to the park. A bit ridiculous that they can’t even pave a path, but hopefully Six Flags will at least work on making the blacktop more flat. Like you said, it’s certainly a good park full of potential, it just needs somebody to be willing to invest in the place.
  20. Nice photos, that thing looks amazing on photos, especially with that amazing lighting it has! Also, any updates about the whole second train situation with Mind Eraser?
  21. Just to the left of Predator’s entrance. It’s between Crossroads Cafe and Predator.
  22. New website is officially up. If you type in darienlake.com it automatically brings you to the new Six Flags website.
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