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  1. ^ They shouldn’t have put it there in the first place. Awkward and dumb location from the beginning. I wonder if this move would end up closing Darien Square to park guests as discussed previously. At the same time I wouldn’t be shocked to see Moto go completely. It’s had a lot of downtime in recent years and it was a prototype from the beginning.
  2. What... the heck?! Tantrum was an amazing addition for Six Flags Darien Lake! I typically ride that at least 3 times (most likely more) whenever I go there. It is the best ride added to the park since Ride of Steel 19 years before it. A solid small thrill coaster for the kind of medium scale amusement park it fits great at (such as SFDL), and you're still here expecting more?! You know what? Everyone saying this thread has gone crazy is right. Here, this is the new anthem of the TPR SFDL thread, for all the people thinking that SFDL has to paint their coasters better than Cedar Point (and the people saying Tantrum was a bad addition.... ) I’m not saying Tantrum was a bad addition by any means. I’m saying for the type of park they are, they really could’ve spend a little more. Tantrum’s layout was designed to fit tightly on a pier. We are a 7-coaster park with a huge plot of land left from Thunder Rapids to build on. They could’ve gotten a little bigger of a model. And let’s not forget the hilariously cheap station/queue for it. Like they really couldn’t slap some paint over the wood to stop people from writing on it?
  3. Premier took over for Herschend after the 2014 season. They added Rolling Thunder, Brain Drain, RipCurl and Tantrum. 2007-2010: CNL/PARC 2011-2014: CNL/Herschend 2015-2017: CNL/Premier 2017-2018: EPR/Premier If only Brain Drain and Ripcurl were one year. Would’ve been better. Too little investment into the dry park during their tenure was a large part of the issue it seems. 2 rides for the dry park that desperately needed some love in 5 years is a bit pathetic, especially looking at how cheap they went with both Tantrum (literally as small and bare bones as it gets), and Rolling Thunder, a good ol Super Loop.
  4. Really? Honestly wasn’t aware of that. I think I’m talking about whoever the operator was from like 2015-2018. They flat out sucked. Besides the super cheap, smallest Eurofighter available and a super loop, they did NOTHING for the park.
  5. I mean they have more money coming in now. The last 4 years were that god-awful CNL era that was what killed the place. That company HATED giving over literally a single penny to help the park.
  6. Well if they’re still all operable, why doesn’t SF get them running. I mean they even have forked over the money at TGE for 2 train ops. This really isn’t rocket science here. When Viper’s line is almost clocking out at 2 hours (no, really. It was the longest line there today), and you have a second working train but don’t feel like bothering to set it up, it doesn’t look good for them, that’s for sure.
  7. Well in the past i’d cut them some slack, but now with Six Flags’s large sums of money along with prices of everything jacked up this year (20 dollar parking, and don’t forget the line-slowing fast passes), there’s no excuse anymore, especially with larger attendance numbers than in years past. I’ve never heard this many gp even starting to realize just how pathetic the park is lately. Every line you hear constant complaints from everybody about how often things are broken, or how slow the lines move here. They need to do something about it. No, they don't. Darien Lake's core customer base doesn't have anywhere else to go, so the park will continue to suck, no matter how much money is behind it. Also, Six Flags doesn't own this place....they just operate it. There's a limit to how much they're willing to invest, which is what I called way back when the "return to Six Flags" was announced. Obviously if the park is as busy as you say, that's good for them financially, not an indicator of people getting fed up and not going. Besides, 45 minutes or an hour is not a "super long line." La Ronde is not owned by Six Flags yet even that park manages to have two trains on their major coasters. Darien Lake has no excuse to have only one train on ROS and keep running the parts bin train they are using for Mind Eraser. Forgot about the sad excuse for a train on ME. Look, I know we’re the bottom of the barrel SF park and all but that is just hilariously bad on so many levels. And with RoS, what other hyper coaster out there doesn’t have a second train even on the transfers? None. I think my biggest question is about Viper. The other Viper train literally ran last year. Why on earth isn’t it at least on the transfers as it obviously wouldn’t be that hard to do as it’s still operable.
  8. Oh the joys of one train operations And let’s not forget the empty car running each ride for all the non-existant fast pass people.
  9. Well in the past i’d cut them some slack, but now with Six Flags’s large sums of money along with prices of everything jacked up this year (20 dollar parking, and don’t forget the line-slowing fast passes), there’s no excuse anymore, especially with larger attendance numbers than in years past. I’ve never heard this many gp even starting to realize just how pathetic the park is lately. Every line you hear constant complaints from everybody about how often things are broken, or how slow the lines move here. They need to do something about it.
  10. At the park right now and it is PACKED. These are the times when it is flat out unacceptable to not have a second train on the coasters. RoS and Viper are easily an hour or more, Predator is like 45 minutes. To wait over an hour for a coaster SIMPLY because the park is too freakin’ cheap to maintain a second train is crazy. And for whoever it was saying that a lot of parks only run one train. What other park out there has an Intamin hyper that literally doesn’t even have a second train? None. It’s ridiculous and should get corrected ASAP. Also, Skyscreamer STILL has 4 sets of seats closed, but they aren’t the same ones as the 4 that were mentioned a few days ago. Seriously? A brand new ride and the park is already flat out failing to maintain it? Give me a break.
  11. I swear it’s like the park wants people to leave bad reviews and stop going. With one train, this place literally can’t handle fast passes. On a busy day that line is already over an hour due to their bs cheap operations. Now cut 2 or more cars off the train and that it absolutely absurd. If they don’t get a second train next season or in 2021, i’m really going to be concerned about how the park is being ran.
  12. It’s starting to really get concerning how much downtime Motocoaster has had these past few years now. I mean, it was a prototype at Zamplera before it came here, makes me wonder really how much useful life it still has in it, not to mention how easy it would be to remove the thing since it’s not actually permanently in the ground.
  13. I know TTD obviously is notorious for its excessive downtime and all (I go every year for the past 8 years, only been on it a few times because it’s never open when I’m there) but lately this is far worse than usual. Closed since Saturday I believe. Anyone know what’s going on with it?
  14. I’ll give you a good justification for purchasing a second train for RoS: The concert days where the line gets to the point where it is well over an hour. An 80 minute wait because the park is too freakin cheap to buy a second train like how any other park would for a hyper coaster, is absolutely unacceptable by all means. And as for CP, Maverick looks better faded, actually fits the western area’s look a lot better. Wicked Twister on the other hand, it’s a forgotten about ride at the park, nobody cares enough to notice paint on that thing. Ride of Steel is the park’s star attraction and Mind Eraser is one of Darien’s most well known attractions. You don’t see most parks letting their star attraction look like crap, do you?
  15. You really think I'm just going to let this go? Are there grocery store enthusiasts? "Weg-cation": Two employees visit all 97 Wegmans stores in one week https://13wham.com/news/local/two-employees-visit-all-97-wegmans-stores-in-one-week Personally, I have been to like 4 or 5 wegmans, and they're pretty much all the same. Well, one was a mirror image of my "home store," which was different, but other than that, haven't noticed much difference. I mean, Wegmans is a great store and all, and I’m glad I live near one, but why on earth would someone travel all over to get to multiple locations of a grocery store? Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me but to each their own I guess.
  16. Totally agree. Was just there today. I never complain about DL, but today was crazy. DL is what it is, but definitely needs a good coat of paint. Definitely need 2 trains on the coasters bottom line. The lines on Viper, Predator, ROS even ME and Morocoaster were out of the gatehouse and well on the path during peak time. Someone asked the ride attendant on the viper if there was a 2nd train. They said yes. Then asked why they were not running it. The attendant just shrugged and said don't know. The gatehouse is also in desperate need of paint. If they are going to do the whole fast pass thing fine, but 2 train op is a must. They had at one point 2 cars roped off on the viper just for fast pass with only. Unacceptable for 1 train op. This is DL, not Disney. Skyscreamer with 4 roped off double seats and fast pass, crazy since the ride is brand new. That's 8+ people in line unable to ride and it only holds 30 people; almost 1/3 of the ride can't be used each cycle. Doesn't it come with a warranty...lol. I would like to see the lights fixed on rides too. A lot of dead bulbs. Flat waits were not bad. As far as food goes, today it was slow as molasses. Long lines and only 1 person taking orders when there is 2-3 registers. Does anyone also know why they have all the parts for Sleigh Ride sitting outside the gatehouse verses in the maintenance area? That has kind of bothered me all season. Missing panel and lights like it was going to be set up, but looks like they ran out of time by opening day? Sabreeze is very well maintained in comparison, granted it is a smaller park. Like I said, it is what it is, I still like the park. Still had fun with the kiddos regardless. Just have to make sure I don't go on a concert day. I 100% agree on the whole Go Fast Pass issue. Blocking off two whole cars on Viper’s ONE AND ONLY train is absolutely unacceptable. Not to mention how long Viper’s ride cycle is. Bring back the second trains, then add Go Fast Pass. It’s totally unfair to everyone standing in line to essentially wait for one five-car train on Viper now. That capacity number is horrendous. Too cheap to pay for maintenance to the second train yet raking in profits from their fast pass sales.
  17. Took this photo of it on May 11th. It is now August 5th and it is still there. Does management truly just not care about the park at all or something? This isn’t something that takes much time or money to fix and it’s absolutely appalling that it’s been there in a family park for that long. Come on DL, I know you guys don’t actually care about your park but really, this isn’t that hard to fix. Ah yes, just beautiful.
  18. The “666 die” has been scratched into ME’s station since May. Yep, it’s been there for 4 months, yet the park is too lazy to slap some paint over it. Seriously? This park is something else.
  19. The new speakers have been on the front entrance path since last year, the RoS path since earlier this year. But yes, a very nice touch. As for the wait times and crowds you discussed, these are the days (which are quite common lately with all the concerts and events) that the whole one-train-on-every-single-coaster thing is flat out ridiculous and unacceptable. Waiting for upwards of an hour or more in some cases because the park is too cheap to do what almost every other theme park does and just run a second train is absolutely absurd. Out of all the issues with the park that Six Flags needs to look into. I’m sure many of us can agree that second trains should be a rip priority for the park. It’s most certainly needed lately. Anyone else been noticing the increased amounts of downtime Moto has had these past few years now? I’ve been finding it quite concerning that a ride from 2008 has the same amount of downtime as most rides that are on their last legs. Not good. With all of Skyscreamer’s broken seats, noticed 2 sets out last week. It’s truly amazing just how lazy and cheap the park’s maintenance team really is. So pathetic.
  20. I was finally able to get to the park for the year on Wednesday and later that night WindSeeker was testing like crazy. I later noticed that it’s been closed for a week now. Anyone know what’s up? Also, when I was there I picked a Wednesday figuring it wouldn’t be crowded in the middle of the week. I stood corrected, it was PACKED. Is that typical on a wednesday for everything worth riding to be well over an hour at times?
  21. I love your ideas except for one part. The stupid god awful VR. I tried it at Wonderland a few years back. It’s not that great and it would just make the already horrendous darien operations even slower. Also I doubt any fire effects would ever happen. Even when it was superman last time the most it had was some mist after the drop, and apparently they were too cheap to keep some simple mist even running anymore.
  22. Here’s my thing though, other than possibly a Hooks replacement, what else could the waterpark need at this point. We have a modern, decent waterpark at this point after having to deal with year after year of waterpark additions. The dry side of the park needs serious help and a new flat ride to replace maybe Pirate or Sleighride would make much more sense than another waterpark addition.
  23. Let’s just hope they wouldn’t give us those trains that Superman at SFNE has.
  24. CP coasters running one train? I’ve never heard of THAT happening before. Jeez
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