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  1. The new Camp ScumShine is underneath Viper. They have been pouring all new concrete and building props around Viper’s old mini golf area. The old seating area to the right of Viper’s entrance is the entrance for the attraction.
  2. It makes some sense to me. There are never lines to do the Go Karts anymore, and there are never full races. People simply don’t want to pay a large sum of cash to ride Go Karts when they already paid a large sum of cash to get in and ride all the already included rides. Also, that is a really large plot of nice flat land with possible expansion space behind it as well if you were to close a campsite loop or two. A considerable addition or multiple smaller attractions could fit well into that space that is really not earning enough profit anymore. It was time for the Go-Karts to go.
  3. I'm sorry, your right, forgive me as I've only been on the forums for a year or so now. Still learning. I promise to proceed with ridiculous predictions that will never happen in my entire life, expectations of DL becoming the "new" Cedar Point and totally over the top exaggerations of what is currently happening in the park at the moment. To start, I predict the Galaxy Theater will be torn down and replaced with a Intamin triple launch dark ride running through the pavillions, under ROS, through the waterpark and reaching 80 MPH. This will be done as Six Flags plans to directly compete will Cedar Fair in their own territory. (better I hope?). Oh yeah, Cuda Falls is being replaced with a Aquacoaster in 2020. Don’t forget about B:TE being rebuilt!
  4. Is it on the transfer track getting set up? Or is it just sitting in storage? In the maintenance room with crews working on it. That’s exciting! Hopefully it means Viper will have two train ops for the ending of 2018! Thanks for all the information, I am going next weekend to process my gold pass and wasn’t very familiar with everything about it. All this Six Flags stuff is new to me!
  5. Glad I took a spin in WW last week. It was my first (and obviously now my last) ride on it. Wasn’t going to ride it, but heard it was it’s last year. Great ride! Hope a good attraction replaces it.
  6. Is it on the transfer track getting set up? Or is it just sitting in storage?
  7. Being zippered would give me more mental security. At Disney on Rock N’ Roller Coaster, I was a bit nervous to put my phone in the bag by itself, worrying about how it could fall out. Luckily a friend had a hat to put in it over our phones, which gave both of us peace of mind a bit more. I’m all for the zippered bags as it’s convenient, easy and secure.
  8. Dude, use proper grammar on the forums. “Gunna” and “mabey” looks unprofessional and there are actually policies about it on TPR’s forums. Use an autocorrect program if you need to.
  9. I know the GP can make some pretty ridiculous statements, but this one just blows them all out of the water
  10. I'm with you on this, tho totally realize we're in the minority (big time) but I found those grab bars to be the only reason I was able to ride SV, and they would have made TT much more tolerable to me. as noted in other places tho. . .there are lots of other coasters I love, so no real biggie.. but if more of them had grab bars (or switched back to the older restraints such as on Texas Giant or on Iron Rattler? , I'd ride them more. I’ve wondered, did RMC put any thought into the design of these new trains? The lap bars are too far onto your thighs, the shin restraints kill tall guys like me, the trains have had various failures (like seatback cushions coming off, and rows closed due to restraint problems), and weren’t designed to have grab handles. I think RMC should have spent at least a bit more time in the design studio before making the trains a reality.
  11. The new SkyScreamer is different from the swings like Flight at FI. DL’s new one will be more than twice as tall as FI’s and ECF’s Star Flyer. This gives much better views and an added thrill of the extra height. I think a new flat Ride taller than RoS is pretty awesome and I am very excited for it, even though there are some Star Flyers nearby, which are much smaller.
  12. I noticed that last week. I was in line at the end of the night (night is when the spiders are much worse) and the lady in front of me actually turned around, and screamed every time a spider moved. I know it’s not pleasant having those over you, but she was being a bit over dramatic, leaving the line after waiting an hour in the switchbacks.
  13. Coasters are machines...they are going to go down occasionally. Thanks. I'm not dumb. It was down for a significant amount of time last night then again this morning/afternoon. I thought it was worth noting. I have a question about Steel Vengeance. I find it more tolerable than other RMCs I've ridden because of two "joystick" like handlebars that extend out of the lap bar. I'm able to use them as leverage and push against them to keep my thighs from slamming into the bar. When I look at older photos of the ride I don't see then anywhere. Were these added recently? I honestly barely noticed the grab bars. They serve me no purpose, SV is a hands-up ride!
  14. WOW, my phone’s autocorrect is NOT having a good day! I’ve never seen it turn out that bad! My point was simply that we all know SV has had many issues with the block sections and dispatches and I was just wondering how it would work, as for a while, they couldn’t dispatch until the other train is basically at the brake run.
  15. How is it going to make the line any better? If only one can be on the track as the MCBRIDE isn’t a block, doesn’t tho smear there will just be insane stacking going on?
  16. We discovered that Steel Vengeance makes every other ride outside of Frontiertown fantastic for early entry. We were there a couple weeks ago and were able to get 3 rides on Valravn, 1 on MF and were in line for Maverick before the park opened. We also noticed that during this time Raptor was sending mostly empty trains. I think that may be our strategy from now on, since Valravn is such a fun ride but it always pulls such long waits during the day. Steel Vengeance is creating short lines for rides out of FrontierTown all day. I waited only 15 minutes for TTD, 15 for Valravn, and 5 for GateKeeper last Sunday. It’s amazing how much of a difference one ride can make to the lines of all the other coasters.
  17. I noticed the same thing on the park’s website yesterday. This must have just been changed.
  18. I saw him on Dragster when I was there a few days ago! I said hi, he’s such a nice guy! That also reminds me: what is Mean Streak Henry up to now that his ride is gone? Anyone still been seeing him around the park?
  19. Just curious: are any of the red circled campsites still in use? I’m aware that some campsites at DL aren’t used any more. If these are the one not used, the go-kart plot could potentially be used for something most bigger of an addition than a 4D free spin. That could be quite the large space for a new attraction like a large coaster.
  20. Another thing: although it wasn’t mentioned in the announcement video, does anyone think the return of the Superman theming to RoS is still likely for 2019? It would make sense as SF has the naming rights for it and everybody still calls it Superman. Why not, am I right?
  21. I’ve always thought the punishments should be stricter. Maybe it would finally get people to stop with the “selfies” and “cell phone povs” on the coasters. People need to understand they are risking everybody’s safety while being on their phone “cause it can’t wait a minute when the ride is over”.
  22. I think that could be a good idea actually. It would draw more people over to the front gate path, and could help that area get built up a little more. It’s kinda boring when you enter the park with no rides in sight. Have a good first impression to park guests by giving them a big FREE ride once they walk in. On the other hand, I heard from a Catering worker at DL that he was told it’ll go either in Twister’s current site or the Go-Karts current site. Anyways, I think it is likely that it will go somewhere in that back area of the park. Twiste rhas has rumors of removal for years now and the Go-Karts are rumored to be removed, so either one of those spots makes sense. It would also hopefully bring some life into that totally dead area of the park.
  23. Some people’s stupidity never fails to amaze me. As “unfair” as you may feel the rules are, you still need to obey them just like the rest of the world. At Darien Lake, the ride ops don’t care enough to stop people filming with their phones on coasters, so everywhere you look, someone has their phone out. It is a serious safety risk and these people don’t seem to realize that their stupidity could seriously impact someone else’s life.
  24. You would think proximity to Viper would be a problem too. Dont want someone dropping something from SkyScreamer onto the Viper track or train. Sleighride’s current location makes the most sense. It’s a central location and that ride is certainly on its way out, just look at it.
  25. I have always thought a swing ride like a Star Flyer would be great for DL (or should I say SFDL ) it will provide an amazing view, and change the DL skyline as it is even taller than RoS. As for where to put it, I could even see it going in Sleigh Ride’s current location. The ride is most certainly on its last legs and is starting to become an eyesore to the area. BUT, here’s the real question for 2019: Will they run 2 trains?
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