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  1. You are weird!!! Yeah, it’s weird but I seem to have a high tolerance towards Arrow Loopers. I’ve ridden Viper (Darien Lake), Dragon Fire, Dragon Mountain, and Corkscrew, and have found all 4 to have minimal pain, and I really enjoyed them. Another thing, how long is the typical FL+ wait for SV? I have FL+ for tomorrow and am hoping to marathon SV.
  2. Tantrum is really already running one train? Are you kidding me? This place can’t keep any good things going. I already have had a feeling train #3 was salvaged for parts, as it hasn’t been running since opening weekend for the ride. I can’t believe their brand new coaster already has fallen into the terrible DL operations, especially the fact that it is a Eurofighter, so it doesn’t have good capacity anyways. As for Sleighride, although the ride looks like sh*t, they just repainted the queue house. I think it might be hanging in there for at least a few more years. Pirate in the other hand is worrying me. It has not opened once all year. I’m thinking Twister still has issues too, as it is still rare to see it open. Anyone know what’s up with Twister now?
  3. I’m surprised by how many people have found Rougarou enjoyable. When I rode it last time, I got a giant headache from it. It was a one and done for me. Maybe my head works backwards, as I found Corkscrew to be enjoyable and I got no pain from it.
  4. So I’m going to CP tomorrow for the first time in a few years. Last time I was there, I got terribly painful rides on Rougarou and Magnum. Are there any good tricks to make these two coasters more enjoyable?
  5. This can’t be right, as the email said “New Ride” not Ride*s*. It was worded as if it will be one ride, so I wouldn’t put much of any trust into this.
  6. Why would they renovate the Boardwalk and Rowdy's Ridge? They are the newest areas and people love those areas. I believe Rowdy's Ridge even won an award. Don't change what doesn't need to be changed. No, I meant that they should renovate other areas to LOOK LIKE Rowdy’s and Boardwalk.
  7. I would love to see a Starflyer come to DL. It’s something totally different from their other attractions, and can give a unique view of the area while providing a thrilling ride. As for 2019, I would love to see a name change to SFDL, two trains on most* coasters, Superman returning to RoS, a Starflyer, better preventative maintenance to improve on the large amounts of downtime on some of the rides, and just overall improvements to cleanliness etc., and, renovations of areas (like the Boardwalk or Rowdy’s Ridge).
  8. Does anybody think that this is a concerning factor in the future of 2 train ops for Viper? I’m wondering if the blue stripe train has been salvaged for parts like train #1 was a few years back. This might mean it won’t run 2 trains into the future. Also, can you put a wrap over an existing vinyl wrap? Because Viper’s green train design isn’t paint. It is actually a wrap, which looks awful lately as it has been peeling.
  9. Maybe the Six Flags train ads might be a good thing for once Also, Left Twix all the way!
  10. Bad news about the future of 2-train ops on Viper: I mean come on. This just looks trashy for the park. Even the GP are noticing the one car with the wrong color stripe. I heard GP commenting about it and questioning how well their maintenance is. This isn’t good. Notice the blue stripe third car. Looks kind of like the blue train is serving as a parts train now.
  11. Does this mean Beaver Brothers Restaurant won’t be available to park guests anymore? That would be disappointing as I go there for food all the time when I’m at the park.
  12. I had the same problem. Just needed a little push on the lap bar but they wouldnt do it. Fortunately for me, i was able to get the little push during ERT. Robb told me while we were at Hershey not to wear a belt, and it made a HUGE difference. So if you had some on, i recommend taking it off. It really is amazing how that works. My friend tried the belt trick for Ride of Steel at Darien Lake (we all know how tricky it is to fit in those Intamin T-Bars), and made it on, while smaller people than him, with belts on, had to take walks of shame.
  13. I was never aware there was a filter for the abbreviation of Steel Vengeance, that’s a new discovery for me
  14. I must have had different experiences from you with Viper this year, as almost every time I’m there this year, even weekdays, it has a full station wait, and we all know how long that takes on Viper, due to its lengthy ride time. MotoCoaster could use it, but the ride time is so short that even a wait down the ramp isn’t too bad of a wait. My list would go as follows: 1.) Ride of Steel 2.) Viper 3.) MotoCoaster 4.)Predator 5.) Mind Eraser
  15. On a different note, maybe I’ll need FL+ both days...WOW: I’ve never seen it more than 15 minutes
  16. Marathoning SteVen is the main reason for me looking into FL+ and trying it out. I’ve been to the park twice before, but didn’t quite see a need, even though I went the years GK and Valravn were new. It seems SV has a much longer line so I figured I’d try it out for the first time.
  17. It says new ride. If it were a refresh I doubt theyd word it that way. Best bet for the park is they are getting a flat like a Skywarp, Skyscreamer, etc.. Hopefully SF also gets all the coasters up to 2 train ops with the repairs or whatever needs to be done. Throw in possibly the start of some DC theming changes. In my opinion, a new ride is going to be great for the park, but I am hoping that the money forked over for a new ride won’t neglect the much needed park improvements, especially in Ride operations and maintenance. RoS and Viper desperately need second trains running ASAP and some rides need an overhaul pretty badly. I think SF won’t be ok with their park looking like crap and having rides not running correctly or not at their intended capacity. It would look really bad on sF’s part if those issues are addressed, before new rides are thrown in.
  18. Thanks for the advice. I am going to wait until Monday when I get to the park and see how it is before dropping all that money that in reality, I can’t easily afford at the moment.
  19. Has anyone been to the park on Mondays recently? I’m going to CP for the first time in a few years next Sunday and Monday, and already have FL+ purchased for Sunday. Is it bad enough there on a Monday in late August for FL+ to be needed? I’m still on the fence of making that purchase.
  20. Last time I was in Splashtown, I was amazed by how terrible Hooks looks now. I was told rust was flaming off the bucket and onto guests, so it was removed. As for everything that doesn’t work, it just seems like they don’t care anymore since it’s on it’s last legs anyway.
  21. The craziest thing is the fact that Maverick’s line is longer than SteVen’s line today. Maverick has gotten a lot of love this year! UPDATE: TTD is down now.
  22. Is it raining at CP right now? I’ve never seen this short of a wait for SV. I would think weather would be the reason, but TTD is open and we all know that thing wouldn’t be open in rain. What is going on? Only 30 minutes for SV!
  23. Attendance problems certainly aren’t showing right now at CP! I just found a very rare sight these days:
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