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  1. Also, I hope SF will bring two trains to coasters. One train on a day like today was unacceptable and that 3 hour RoS wait or the 2 hour Viper wait would be cut in have if Darien operated their coasters like LITERALLY EVERY OTHER PARK IN THE WORLD! Oh well, “There’s always next year”.
  2. Alright, so I decided to pay a visit to the park, although the Post Malone concert was today, only because of Tantrum. This was honestly the worst experience I have ever had at the park and I totally regret going. Every coaster in the park had a wait of at least an hour. RoS was probably 3 hours, all switchbacks were full and the line was exploding out onto the pathway. You could barely move and you needed to wait at least 45 minutes for food. It was so packed to the point where you could barely move at times. I was only able to get on three rides: Tantrum, Boomerang, and Silver Bullet. Then again, it was my fault for making the dumb mistake of going today. Now onto Tantrum: AWESOME RIDE! It was worth the 1.5 hour wait, but it could have been a bit longer of a ride. I was also lucky enough to get the front row! The vertical lift was interesting and kind of weird, and the drop was amazing! Also, I noticed that the train numbers were 2 and 3, which leads me to believe that there is a third train on the way (Number 1) and it just is not ready or not delivered yet. I am hoping to go back next weekend and really check Tantrum out more and actually enjoy the park because today was absolutely terrible!
  3. Also, how did the line move? Quickly? Another question, how is boarding organized? Is it just a single line, and you go up into the train, or are there two gates you wait at for each row? Also, do they only let one ride group in at a time like how Motocoaster does it?
  4. The train on Rolling Thunder stuck at the top isn’t a malfunction. It is common to see this on Super Loops when mechanics need to work on the bottom of the loop’s track. They were probably just greasing the track or working on a mechanism and just put the train up there to easily access the part that needs repair.
  5. Here is the link to DL’s post of Tantrum: I’m so excited to ride it, we have waited so long for a new DL coaster!
  6. Don’t worry, I am planning to go early so avoid the concert crowds.
  7. I am going tomorrow! Can’t wait!! Is the third train on site, or is there only going to be two?
  8. I think that just seeing a rebrand and a second train for Ride of Steel, and some touch-ups around the park (maybe Viper’s station, perhaps) would be great changes to see for next year. I would take these changes over a new ride for sure.
  9. I hope it’s open this weekend, I’m going Saturday mainly for Tantrum!
  10. You can even take Fantasy Island as an example. The park wasn’t rebranded to Fantasy Island (without the “Martin’s”) until a year after the park was purchased by Apex. Noticeable changes will probably happen next year. BTW, I am totally hoping for RoS to get it’s Superman branding back!
  11. I’m so happy this is finally happening. Hopefully, SF will bring in the much needed upgrades to the issues here. *Cough Cough* TWO TRAINS *Cough Cough*
  12. Hopefully all these issues get all worked out over time, right now, SV almost seems more unreliable than TTD.
  13. How good is the drop? Is it comparable to Maverick at Cedar Point?
  14. Good to hear that it passed inspection, also, was the back row on Ride of Steel open again? Last time I was there, the entire back car on RoS’s train was blocked off.
  15. Just curious...when you went to the park this weekend, did the sign on Tantrum’s construction fence still say Memorial Day weekend?
  16. By the way, here is a cool video I found on YouTube of Tantrum testing. It seems to have a pretty fast lift! Maybe all Gerstlauers are like that, I don’t know too much about them. Anyways, in case anyone was interested in seeing it, follow the link below:
  17. That’s amazing, they must have done A LOT of track work to that thing. Maybe I will go on it again on Saturday, for the first time in 2 years! Even if it doesn't, they could extend it out into the lake, so you're launching over water and it could have the lake monster theme. That would be pretty cool! DL needs a thrilling launch coaster.
  18. Now THAT would be a great fit for the park! And it would probably fit in Boomerang’s plot of land.
  19. On the link from Kiss 98.5, it states that Tantrum’s grand opening party is also on June 1st, though.
  20. Well the later opening for Tantrum is really annoying for me, I already asked for some time off on Saturday to go to DL to check out Tantrum.
  21. Mind Eraser’s train is one of the worst-maintained trains I have seen on any roller coaster. Click settings missing in restraints, loose bolts (yes, I saw one almost fall out of the train last year), and wearing paint are all signs of total neglect. It’s time to purchase new train*S*. *Notice the emphasis on MULTIPLE trains*.
  22. It has been closed both weekends so far, so I wasn’t able to see how it is, although, I wasn’t planning on wasting my time on that disaster anyway.
  23. No, Predator hasn’t been running with two trains since 2013. Viper ran with two trains in 2015, Mind Eraser’s second train is likely gone, Motocoaster’s second train was cannibalized, and RoS only has one new train purchased, the two old RoS trains are gone. I am still hoping for the second RoS train to be purchased. It is ridiculous for a coaster of that size to have one train.
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