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  1. I did notice the conveyor belt missing from the lift hill, and I also noticed that on the concrete hill between the large drop and the station, there are a few pink markings, but I don’t know if it has anything to do with removal.
  2. Also, I am aware that this isn’t all of that reliable, but a Ride op on ME claimed that DL is getting a coaster for 2018, and Thunder Rapids will be torn out and the new coaster will be placed there. He seemed pretty confident in saying it, but I won’t actually believe him until I see it.
  3. Multiple People Injured on Ride at Darien Lake: http://www.wgrz.com/mobile/article/news/local/multiple-people-injured-on-ride-at-darien-lake/479853725 Looks like Silver Bullet stopped while still at an incline, what’s funny is that I was on it 10 minutes before this happened tonight...I was lucky. They claim it wasn’t a ride malfunction, so it must have been operator error.
  4. As stated in a previous post, Strike-U-Up has been removed... I don’t think it was open more than twice all year! What a waste of money! Sttrike-U-Up’s old concrete pad
  5. I am not slamming the park for dumb items, such as weeds growing and in the sidewalks... I have seen that at Cedar Point last year when I was there even. I think that DL is a decent park, and that it has the potential to be a great park... that is, if small items are addressed within the place. I can agree that maintenance has improved since the Six Flags era, but there are new issues arising within the maintenance department. These issues include the consistent mechanical failures on the rides, and the treatment of new rides, such as Rolling Thunder’s constant closures at age two, and the new ROS train from last year, that is already shaking and riding pretty rough. The only other change that I think is needed here to boost guests’ experiences would be second trains on coaster. Other improvements would be nice, but aren’t needed. The place isn’t too bad, just a few maintenance and coaster operations fixes would make this place much more enjoyable. Also, after messaging the park on their Facebook, it seems as if two train ops may be a possibility for next year... The park’s answer to the mention of two trains for 2018... it might be closer than we expected.
  6. People leave bad reviews to get free stuff. I don't think the terrible reviews are because of unknowledge. DL is a decent park. I think these reviews are coming from people who grew up at the park maybe 10 years ago or so, and are disappointed in how the park's operations have gone totally downhill. I'm sure that many of these people went here during the late 1990s-Six Flags era and remember when this place used to have steady additions (ME in 97, Boomerang in 98, ROS in 99...), and would consistently run multiple trains on all of their coasters. These reviewers are probably looking back at that time period in the parks history, and are disappointed to see the coasters all running with one train, which makes all the lines here absolutely horrendous, with no sight of two-train operations anywhere in the near future, as well as the fact that there was no new ride at the dry or water park, but they got two new games: one a success and the other a complete failure that was only open around twice the entire season. These new rides are how the place can get people from out of town, and Canadians to come to DL, and I think that not getting any new ride is really hurting them. Also, these people can definitely remember the years of Fright Fest, and DL staying open until late October. I'm sure when people who haven't been to DL in a while will be a bit disappointed about their shorter operating schedule. Even FANTASY ISLAND is beating the park with that this year...FI is having an "Oktoberfest" this fall, staying open until late October, but DL isn't. Another item to be considered as an issue at DL is their maintenance department. I don't think that I have ever been to another amusement park that has so many closed rides, or breakdowns on open rides. When I'm at DL, it seems to be just one breakdown after another. I have also heard numerous people saying that they don't feel very safe on some rides, especially coasters, saying that the shaking, rattling and roughness feel unsafe, and I can say that it is absolutely unacceptable for the ROS train, that is only A YEAR OLD to be riding so rough already. It seems as if DL's maintenance team just loves to destroy roller coaster trains, instead of repairing them. Event though DL is a decent park, changing even a few things about their operations can reform the reputation of the place. For example, staying open later in the year, running two trains on coasters again (admit it... it's needed), lights on Giant Wheel, better maintenance, and some new paint here and there would go a VERY long way into giving the park much better feedback, and getting better attendance to the park. Even though a new ride (or coaster) would be amazing for DL, I think it's safe to say that improving the rides and infrastructure that is literally falling apart, should be addressed first, to better improve the park.
  7. That was a quick fix considering the chain was still hanging towards the ground when I had made my first visit to the park on Thursday. I was just there yesterday and the chain was still hanging down to the ground with no work crews on sight... that was a VERY quick fix!
  8. I just got back from a short trip to DL. Boomerang still has its chain hanging from the track, with no work crews in sight. It's appearing as if it won't open for the rest of the season. As said previously, TR was drained with logs stuck on the lift. Mind Eraser's shakiness seems to have gotten much worse to the point where it was almost unbearable. One nice thing to see was Twister's fountain back up and running, which hasn't happened in a few years now! Also, Silver Bullet was back open today, and it was delivering quite the lengthy cycle! The only thing worrying me about SB is that the motor sounds much louder and rougher, and instead of it slowing down at the end of the ride, it just shuts completely off. Haymaker was also down all day. Silver Bullet update...
  9. I'm considering going to DL on either Thursday or Friday, does anybody know if Boomerang should be open again by then?
  10. After getting back from 6 hours at the park today, I can say that I have never been as angered by the way DL is run than I was today. CONSTANT rides breaking down, one after another. Silver Bullet was down all day, no surprise there, Mind Eraser went down for 30 minutes, then Pirate went down and never reopened, Giant Wheel was down for an hour as well as Motocoaster and Haymaker. Also, some rides really are starting to need multiple trains again. An hour + wait for Viper , Moto, Mind Eraser and Ride of Steel was extremely annoying knowing the fact that those waits could have been cut in half, running two trains the way that they used to. Ride operations weren't the only issue. The entire park is looking extremely run-down and neglected. Peeling paint, half-painted coasters, and cracked, uneven blacktop EVERYWHERE. The park also needs to seriously take a better look into the issue of smokers... everywhere in the park, you can see or smell cigarettes. I would really not like to breath in second-hand smoke wherever I am at Darien Lake. This place seriously needs a better maintenance budget, and to stop being totally neglected by their parent company, because it appears, to me anyways, like the place is just getting worse every time that I pay visits for the last few seasons now. Even my brother who knows nothing about roller coasters or theme parks and hasn't been to DL since May of 2016, had noticed all of the absolutely pathetic operations of this park. As much as I would love to see a new coaster (or at least something new) next year, I think it would be best for them to just hold off on that and improve on what they already have. They have a good set of rides and coasters, including a fantastic Intamin hyper, and seeing improvements, such as paint on coasters and infrastructure, two trains running on at least ROS and Viper, maybe Motocoaster, and better preventative maintenance for rides next year might be worth waiting another year for a new major attraction. I'm sorry for another rant but this place is just seeming to get dramatically worse than it has ever been. Trust me, the line was worse before this picture was taken. Oh, the joys of one-train operations
  11. By the way... does anybody know if Ride of Steel is back open now? I am planning to take a trip down to DL tomorrow evening for a little while.
  12. Key word in my post was "some" Ride of Steel is a major attraction for the park and I agree that that should and probably is one of the rides put as a higher priority to stay open when there are staffing issues. This closure is most likely due to a mechanical issue as ROS is notorious for breakdowns, and if they sent up test trains, it would be to test it to make sure it is safe. They wouldn't send test trains if it isn't going to operate due to staffing anyways.
  13. This place is starting to get rediculous, Twister was renovated last year and it has already been down the last month now, Silver Bullet has been open approximately 3 times all year, no new ride, and multiple coasters closed. I'm on darienlake2648's side, considering driving the extra hours for CW and CP with a platinum pass, because I am starting to get the hunch that there will be nothing new worth noting next year as well as no second trains, including no purchase of the second new ROS train. Rant over.
  14. I honestly don't know what type it could be, because both of them aren't enthusiasts at all. When I asked them what they meant with floorless, they didn't know, all they were told apparently was that is is floorless. To them, an SLC could be considered floorless.
  15. I know it isn't very reliable, but I have two friends who are ride ops at FI and both of them told me that a new floorless coaster is coming to the back of the park in the next few years.
  16. What ever happened to a second train being put on Viper this year? Focusing on the Twister rehab is not an excuse this year. Also, I am starting to get the feeling that ROS isn't getting a second new train next year, as well as two- train ops on anything for 2018.
  17. Now this is just completely pathetic: I was looking at Fantasy Island's days of operation for this season, and I found that they will be open much later than DL this year. I don't get what's up with DL and downsizing themselves , ending Fright Fest, but it looks like they are getting beat by Fantasy Island, which I never thought would happen. DL really needs to step it up and get back to the way they used to be. I have heard from many people in lines this year, most of these people haven't been to DL in a few years, and they were disappointed in what the park has become lately, the two biggestthings I have heard were about one train ops and no new ride. The Fantasy Island Hours on their website.
  18. Just got back from the park, and out of the 4 years that I have had a season pass, this is the most crowded I had ever seen the place. This was because of the country concert. I got to DL around 1:00, and the ENTIRE lit was full, and I had to park at the back of the PAC lot, and I wasn't even going to the concert, and it was 6 hours before the concert even started. The only rides down were Viper, Silver Bullet, and Strike U Up. I have noticed that out of the 9 times I've been to DL this year, Silver Bullet has been open only once, and Strike U Up has been down the last few times I've been there, and it's brand new! Also, I can confirm that Ranger is still on the property, next to the PAC lot.
  19. At DL right now, TR is operating again, but Twister has been down all day. I'm wondering if they will bother with opening it again, it has had problems every time I have been here this year. Also, the new Strike U Up game is already broken, it was stuck at the top with nobody on it and closed all day. Near Slap Shot, I noticed Chris Thorpe picking up litter on the paths. I didn't talk to him, but it was nice to see a person in charge leaving the office and cleaning up on the front lines! Galaxy Theatre's door was open again, and not much was going on in there, just the usual maintenance equipment. Thunder Rapids open- still no water on large drop.
  20. Also, I forgot to mention that on Thunder Rapids, only the smaller hill actually has water flowing down it. Another thing that I had noticed was that there wasn't a single ride closed today! I haven't seen that in a VERY long time!
  21. Was at DL earlier today. I wasn't able to make it to Viper's anniversary ceremony, but from what I saw, it seemed like a nice event for the Viper. The ride-ops were outside giving out commemorative Viper holiday ornaments, and Red Velvet Perry's Ice Cream dubbed as "Viper Venom" was given out. There also was a news crew at the entrance, doing Plinko for prizes for the kids. Overall, it was pretty nice for Darien Lake to do something for Viper's 35th. As I was at the park, I had noticed that Thunder Rapids is still dry, with that one random log on the track after the final drop. Grizzly Run was closed, but water was flowing, and Motocoaster was still closed, which is beginning to worry me. I think it has been at least two weeks now that it has been broken. Due to the constant on-and-off rainfalls, ROS was closing down quite a bit, but the Ride-Ops were opening it at any opportunity where they could safely run it. They also were moving very quickly to dispatch trains to get as many runs in as they could before the next wave of rain came in. Also, due to the rain, the park was dead today, not even half of the parking lot was full, from what I had seen. Line were non-existent! I don't think that I waited more than one cycle on any ride, even tohugh most of the day was actually pleasant, weather-wise! Overall, it was a great day at the park!
  22. I believe that those Premier Coasters are decently affordable, such as the Skyrocket or Skyrocket II model. These could be an amazing addition for DL.
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