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  1. I figured I’d do a mini trip report from my visit to the park today. Closed rides included Predator (which is getting new wood put on it in various spots), Pirate, Twister, and for the first half of the day, Ride of Steel. RoS was having restraint issues, but they got it open by around 5:30 today. Tantrum is looking good, almost finished, photos below. They are definitely trying to revamp that area and it looks pretty good! Also, many more food stands were open this time, compared to opening day. Now to the pictures... The gathering at RoS when it was testing, getting ready to open Giant Wheel, with 4 cars missing on it this year, found that interesting. Still hoping for nice LED lights on this thing someday. Tantrum’s track is complete! Cars have arrived, in shrink wrap, but I didn’t get a photo of them. The freshly-painted former TR queue looks really nice! Also, I love the colorful new graphics! It appears that Tantrum will have an on-ride photo! The Potato Works food stand next to Tantrum also got a nice touch up! Sleighride doesn’t have a roof now, don’t know what that is all about. Viper is always a good way to finish the day off! See ya Memorial Day weekend for Tantrum, DL!
  2. Anyone at the park today? I’m going later and I was wondering what rides are closed.
  3. Darien’s Mind Eraser is pretty bad, it’s rough and shaky, but if you use the SLC trick of holding your head firmly against one side of the restraint, it isn’t too bad. However, if the wait is more than 15 minutes, just don’t bother going on it, it isn’t worth it.
  4. And Viper, it needs it pretty bad too. But ROS is my biggest concern. A coaster of that size and popularity should NOT be limited to one functioning train. Also, at least a repaint of ME is needed. That thing looks like total crap right now, the track is turning white.
  5. I’m not complaining about Predator being closed, I never ride it anymore for it’s unbearable roughness, and I understand Tantrum is their focus right now, and that the weather was bad, but come on...I’ve never seen a park so unprepared for opening day before other than Darien, and this is the case EVERY YEAR. Also, why didn’t they begin removing TR in the fall, so that at least part of Tantrum could’ve been built before winter? Totally poor planning. Also, the amount of closed rides today was ridiculous, everywhere you looked, a Ride was closed. I understand some items holding the park back, but this was just flat out disappointing. Also, the whole “ one train on every coaster” thing is really getting old, I honestly would have preferred if DL ran their coasters like how literally every other park does, over a new ride this year. Waiting for an hour for ROS when the line isn’t even in the switchbacks is totally ridiculous and unacceptable. I have heard so many complaints about the one-train operations just today alone. It’s a problem that needs to be solved. This park used to be so much better and still does have lots of potential, but the little things, like operations, are holding this place back like crazy. I just keep hoping that maybe next year these changes will finally be made, but they never actually do.
  6. When I was there today, Rolling Thunder was also closed, but maintenance was working on it, Sleighride was closed, and without a roof, and Pirate was closed. As for Predator, I noticed the train was on the transfer, which I found strange, and there was new wood laying in the Predator field. I think they are just replacing wood, forcing a shutdown.Also to note, did anyone else notice that Giant Wheel is missing 4 cars? I thought that was very strange since they were refurbished only a few years ago. I was optimistic in seeing two trains run on some coasters this year, but it looks like the same old one-train disappointment, oh well.
  7. I wish these next few days would go a little faster! Going on Saturday!
  8. I’m curious if Mind Eraser had it’s repaint finished this year, that thing looked absolutely awful last year.
  9. Oh, ok lol, but it appears that Kendrick and Post Malone aren’t options for this deal.
  10. Where did you find this deal? I’ve been looking all over for it. No tickets I’ve seen were even close to $20.
  11. Although it seems as though they have ditched the idea, I feel that they don’t want to be limited to one train forever, and that they hopefully look at the future when they make their budget decisions.
  12. By the way, does anyone think that there is any possibility left in DL buying another ROS train, or will it be stuck with one train for the rest of its life?
  13. Wow, and I thought Maverick was amazing as it currently is! I guess it doesn’t take much to impress me though, my home park is Darien Lake
  14. I can’t wait, I already booked my stay at Hotel Breakers in late August! SV is going to be amazing! I don’t mind the long waits, it’s what is coaster enthusiasts do best . I waited 4 hours for Valravn on opening weekend!
  15. Are the new Vekoma coasters not total garbage like the old ones? I haven’t heard much about them.
  16. I’m still hoping for a launched thrilling coaster. A good fit would be something like Kanonen.
  17. Obviously, theming won’t make or break a park. Look at Cedar Point, the park with hardly any theming (except Frontier Town), and they are one of the best parks in the world. Not only that, at DL, there wasn’t actually any themed areas, it was just kinda labeled like that on the map, so the experience at the park won’t actually be any different, just the map will be more basic.
  18. The new park map was finally added to DL’s website! It appears that they have done away with the “themed” sections of the park on the map. 2018 Darien Lake map
  19. Darien Lake isn’t known to make sense. But in all seriousness, it does look kinda cool, and like Phil said, it’s different.
  20. I noticed that when I drove by the other day, I wonder why they would pick now to do so.
  21. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Although I do wonder why they didn’t use the old ‘Cuda Falls site for Tantrum. The hill could provide a natural Hill support, the locker building could house the queue, and it would take one of the pure signs of DL neglect off the list. Also, the former Batman building does have a purpose...it serves as a storage place for the maintenance crew.
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