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  1. It's a 6000 square foot storage building. http://cms.revize.com/revize/geneseecountynew/Planning/T-01-DAR-2-20.pdf
  2. The name is even the same as tornado... tornado wave 60 https://www.proslide.com/rides/tornadowave-60/
  3. Like I said, I’m disappointed. Would have rather seen a coaster than a water park addition.
  4. After reading the next page, I have to say I am kind of disappointed with the new ride.
  5. I think it would be sweet to see a hydromagnetic mammoth go in on the cuda falls hill. Most of the ride is up on supports, so I don’t think the hill would need to be levelled off to install it, like you need to do with most flat rides.
  6. If you hate it so much, then why did you like the photo..? They posted 6 other decent photos.
  7. I'll be honest, its fun to make fun of this coaster. There's so much to joke about this coaster. However, I think this is going to be an awesome coaster. This reminds me of when copperhead strike opened. Everybody complained that the coaster wasn't the tallest, fastest, and didn't break any records. Why does every new coaster need to break records? Surely these companies, (B&M, Intamin) are walking on the fine line of what the human body can actually handle. Not every new coaster needs to push the limits of technology.
  8. What a terrible picture Darien lake chose to post. They didn’t have, or couldn’t take a picture of motocoaster that didn’t have all those weeds and supports sitting on blocks?
  9. Great adventure and over Georgia actually had some clues today... Darien lake... nothing.
  10. I still can't believe magic mountain is still waiting on their coaster from the 2019 new ride announcement... looks like we'll see next year's announcement before that coaster is even testing.
  11. Great idea. You wade through the water in the dark waiting for a man with a chainsaw to come flying towards you in a boat.
  12. The only place I think they'd move it to is across the street next to the remains of cuda falls. I can't imagine they would move that coaster somewhere else just because of a power issue. I'm sure it would be cheaper to just upgrade the power, rather than move the whole thing across the park, possible demolish rides, and level out the area. Though I can see the power issue being plausible, as my friend who works for the park said that twister (rip) was not running a lot because it drew too much power, and would take away from the power capacity that the water park needed.
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