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Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Discussion Thread

p. 149 - Tiana's Bayou Adventure opening on June 28th!

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That's just great. I can't find anyone competent enough to carry out that hit on Stitch can I?


Whats wrong with Stitch. The ride/show they can kill.


I don't understand how someone can forget they had a gun with them.

Maybe she took the whole idea of the Buzz shooter ride too far, or she heard about Tiger and thought she needed protection.

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Nice... Who in there right mind would bring a gun into the Magic Kingdom


While we're on it, who in their right mind would bring a gun to church in Colorado, or to a Polytechnic Institute and State University in, say, Virginia? There's definately not a need for a gun when you go shopping at a mall in Omaha, right?


This woman makes gun owners look bad but she wasn't arrested for having a gun at Disney, only concealing without a license. Based on my knowledge of Florida law, properly licensed concealed carry holders can only be asked to leave a private establishment, not arrested, unless they refuse to leave and then they are tresspassing.


I guarantee people are carrying at Disney right this second. Anyone make a run to Wal-Mart recently? Folks were carrying there too. I choose to exercise my right to defend myself and my family almost everywhere I go. I've even carried a few places where I wasn't allowed as I felt my families safety took precedence. Not Disney though, I'd hate to be banned from Disney parks forever.

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Yeah I don't buy the "i forgot it was in my purse" bullcrap either.


I wish it would've specified if she had a license or not. Police don't always follow the gun laws properly. I've not only experienced it myself, but heard many times when guns are confiscated and people are taken into custody with no legal justification.


I'm all for having guns. I mean, its our right.

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Personally I don't see the reasoning behind putting a gun in a purse. If you get robbed, will you have time to pull it out? This lady wouldn't.


Leave it at home.


If you are that threatened, get some mace and put it on your keychain and carry it in your hand as you head to the car. That way if someone jumps you, you at least have it ready to spray.


The only scenario for a gun in a purse if someone pi$$es you off and you want to get them back so you reach in your purse...



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^^^There are lots of different laws for guns. Some licences allow a concealed weapon, some don't.


^^It doesn't really matter what the situation is, people have rights to carry guns. It probably won't be going away any time soon, either.

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Man dies after riding Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom


Scott Powers


Sentinel Staff Writer


6:06 PM EST, December 18, 2007


A 44-year-old man has died after riding the Expedition Everest roller coaster at Disney's Animal Kingdom today.


Jeffrey Reed, of Navarre, was unconscious and unresponsive when his ride vehicle pulled into the unload area, around 11:25 this morning.


Another park guests who is a registered nurse and a Disney employee began cardiopulmonary resuscitation until Reedy Creek Emergency Services paramedics arrived and took over, said Assistant Fire Chief Bo Jones.


The man had no pulse when paramedics arrived, Jones said. There was no apparent trauma and "no obvious signs of any cause," Jones said. The paramedics transported him to Celebration Hospital where he was pronounced dead.


Walt Disney World officials said the ride was inspected this morning and was operating properly, but is currently closed while Disney officials reconfirm the ride's status.


The Florida Bureau of Fair Rides Inspection and the Orange County Sheriff's Office were notified.


A Disney spokeswoman said the company has offered the man's family "our deepest sympathies" and offered assistance.


The death is the first associated with the roller coaster Expedition Everest, which opened in early 2006. That ride includes tight twists and turns and some backwards travel but is not a particularly fast or steep roller coaster and has no loops.


The death is the third death associated with a Disney attraction this year and the first since March, when a man died after collapsing at the Downhill Double Dipper at Blizzard Beach.




Here is the link



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That must be shocking news for his family, my sincerest apologies and prayers are with them. I hope they recover fully and understand that it wasn't Disney, the ride or his fault.


It's such a shame to hear about another person dying so unexpectedly at such a family friendly place...


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Probably didnt have anything to do with the ride. This doesnt excactly make Disney's reputation any better, but if you look at how many people who dies at Disney and how many people who dies in their home, it doesnt look too bad for Disney afterall....


I feel very sorry for the family who had to experience the sudden death of a family member.

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Wouldn't surprise me if it was just too much for the man. I mean, it says nothing about the physical condition he was in before riding. My mom is 46 and she was only able to ride it once because it was too much for her and she's in fairly good shape. He could have had a heart attack or something along that line.

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Just when you thought it was safe to go on an expidition to Everest. Well most likely this is another situation of a death not related to a roller coaster. While it is sad to know and read about these things, its just a reminder that roller coasters can and do kill.

Lots of deaths and accidents related to Disney this year.

It is safe to go on Expedition Everest, the ride was inspected like always and operating normally. It says nowhere in the article that the ride malfunctioned.

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