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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

P. 401: Herschend Enterprises named majority partner and park operator

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If you look at the park as a whole with the inclusion of T3, it'll actually make the park's skyline very vibrant. The bright blue (and dark green) of Lightning run, the purple of Fearfall, the orange and yellow of the ferris wheel, the brown of Thunder Run, and now the (possibly) green of Skycatcher and the red of T3. imo, the red is going to make the park feel that much more friendly than the solid black.


But I'd agree on maybe sneaking in a second color. Or better yet, a custom paint job!

(Firewhip at Beto Carrero World)


a Eurofighter (even though I find them incredibly rough)

What Eurfighters have you been on? DDD is smooth as grass.

He obviously meant a Eurofighter that uses over the shoulder restraints, not lap bars. Still, I didn't have a problem with Spongebob's Rock Bottom Plunge (I loved it, actually).

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^It's amazing the difference the supports will can make. Black supports with red track is one of my favourite schemes but all red... well, let's see. I just hope it doesn't blow up my PC screen.

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It would be MORE vibrant if they chose to paint it red with yellow supports (or vice versa) or even blue and yellow. I too don't understand nor like coasters being painted all one color. They have an opportunity to have fun with it and they choose all one single color? How boring, even if it is a bright vibrant color. It's still boring. This park doesn't make good choices in coaster colors lol. I don't care for LR's colors either. Oh well. At least red is bright. Better than all black. Now lets see the trains!

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OK people saying the one color is boring and I kinda agree but this paint that they've put on it is some new type of paint. Lol I've never seen a red or paint like this before its like a neon red. I know that may sound weird but its pretty dope.

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