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  1. When I went on Wed, May 3rd, had a great time, went on Lightning Rod, my very first RMC, loved it, holy shit it was nuts lol. Went on FireChaser Express for the first time, can see what makes this a family coaster, good starting coaster for the little ones, pretty fun imo. 3rd trip to Dollywood, always enjoy it here, good food, really nice people, wait times overall weren't too long and the weather was nice, couldn't really ask for much more. Also got to ride on Drop Line on one of its last Technical Rehearsal days, just happened to stop at the pizza place across from it to eat and as we got finished, noticed they were letting people on so I decided to give it a whirl. Not as tall as Drop Zone at KI but I thought it was the perfect height, not so tall that it becomes really intimidating and I got an absolutely gorgeous view of the park and the mountains, loved it !
  2. I am definitely liking what they are going to do with the Twisted Twins, looking good Kentucky Kingdom, keep it up !
  3. Rode Banshee at KI 101 times this summer, my personal best, don't think I can top that one for a long time XD
  4. Owlsome ! That looks like fun, love birds so that would be a really neat thing to be able to get that close to owls like that. Would probably crap bricks if I got to pet one too lolz.
  5. Cedar Point, only because I went to WDW and USO/IOA in 2010 for my honeymoon and I haven't been to CP since 1999.
  6. I rode Invertigo during the TPR KI Banshee Bash about 4 pm or so I think, must have gotten it up and running later in the day or something. First time riding it since 2012 I believe, not a big fan of it either, once a year or every other year is definitely fine with me lol.
  7. Banshee hands down !! Rode it 101 times, first time I have ever ridden a coaster that many times during a season. Non-stop action from start to finish and I've been waiting 15 years for Kings Island to finally get a Full Invert so for me, it doesn't get any better than this. Also imo, she is as fun to look at as she is to ride, truly a modern work of art.
  8. Yeah I'd love to know what kind of "bush" they were burning when they came up with the idea for this park lol.
  9. lol the color scheme is so bland that even Ultraman is like "No, no this one."
  10. lol yeah that's the one, only went on it once though, really hope they do something good with that theater eventually, nice little spot its in too.
  11. ^ Its the old Action FX Theater, used to have some really great short films in there, Days Of Thunder and James Bond 007: License to Thrill, man those were the best, then they had some Sponge Bob film in there in 2007 and then they used it in conjunction with the Dinosaurs Alive thing and now it doesn't appear to have done anything this year, I really hope they revamp it and do something good with it.
  12. They're called Chinese Donuts. Fried dough is fried dough, all the same thing really, just fry it up and put something on it lol
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