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Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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The Swarm is taller than this one, but this is a tad longer... don't like how they have used the same dive loop element, but since our version looks to be better themed and taller.. we have an advantage .. still this looks incredibly epic with some great elements, loving the theming/chopper elements! Need to make a trip down to the states in 2012! B&M are on top form this year!


I was worried that it would be a short ride with it going into the location it is and with the layout of Raptor and Swarm, but this looks like a really well designed ride. It looks like it has some great elements, and given their size to the height of the lift, hopefully they provide an intense ride, which doesn't seem to happen with Raptor/Swarm. One of the concerns I had when it was rumored to be a wing coaster was that there wouldn't be much to the ride, due to how large the elements were on the previous designs. Track is expensive, and I figured that whatever coaster was built, even if it was 3000ft long, would have few elements for a ride of its length. Great addition for Six Flags Great America, and I can't wait to ride it.

Umm.. Swarm hasn't even opened yet so you can't judge it, don't forget that Swarm and X-Flight will both be a lot taller than Raptor! Since X-Flight and The Swarm are around the same height, they will both feature a similar level of intensity. Both start with a dive which is going to be a very intense element, but after the first few inversions a lot of speed is going to be taken out of the two rides so I expect them both to become a lot slower after their third inversions. I guess you haven't seen the plans for The Swarm then? It has an entirely different layout to Raptor!

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i rode this 8 years ago when six flags was in ohio. it's a cool original ride tho. could have bigger drops tho.


I seriously doubt this since:


1) The Ohio ride was made by Vekoma

2) The Wing Rider probably had not been invented yet

3) It's the same name but a totally different coaster.


Oh...and please capitalize I whenever using it in a sentence. And Ohio. And It's. And "tho" is spelled though. Bad grammar will get you banned from this board.

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...hopefully they provide an intense ride, which doesn't seem to happen with Raptor/Swarm.


I wouldn't get that hope up. The curvature is noticeably broader than whatever SFNE's B&M is called these days which is pretty much the same height. Not wanting to compare a rendering of this new ride to an actual picture, here's the rendering I found on McVeen's site:



This means that for this ride to be more intense than BDK (a coaster that ins't really noted for it's intensity), it would have to rely on fast twisting given that riders are spread out much farther from the heartline than on a floorless coaster. This still does not seem to be the case just from observation, but maybe there's a chance; because of the train design, the twists in the tracks of the two rides are apples and oranges. Do keep in mind though that these trains are heavier and have more friction.


On the topic of renderings, I have to say that this new batch created for SF are relatively sloppy compared to the older ones that were confirmed to be McVeen's work. I'm thinking either this is somebody else they were able to hire for cheaper or they sprung these projects all at once, last minute on him. Anybody have any info on this?

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First Theme Park in the U.S. to Announce Plans to Build State-of-the-Art Wing Coaster


Not that there was really any doubt, but this pretty much confirms what Dollywood is getting. Otherwise, it would of said "First State-of-the-Art Wing Coaster in the U.S.".


Really love everything about this coaster. And what a great use of space!

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It looks awesome! That near miss "Keyhole" effect will be incredible, however.......I personally cannot count the dive off the lift an inversion, it is the opposite way to the inversion dive on Swarm yet ends up pointing the same way, thus Swarms actually goes completely upside down, this looks more like an old school inverter dive on crack, not really an inversion, unless B&M are gonna start renaming all there overbanks inversions (Parc Asterix for example)


Great move by Six Flags announcing all these 2012 additions in one day though!!

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Just another reason in the long list That I need to head out to Chicago next year!


I'm on that list too right?


I think I will be getting a season pass to Six Flags in the next couple years to travel around to all of them and get these credits!


This one looks crazy!


I'm holding you to this Bobby! I have yet to go to SFA so I should head over there next summer. Plus, I need to get to a few other non SF parks in that area.

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Glad this is only 5 hours away. F'n awesome. For a second I just though this is a de-themed version of The Swarm; same layout. Ehhh close enough if not better!

Well it does start off similarly to The Swarm, but the rest of the layout is different after the zero G roll. Typical Six Flags to not really theme their coasters to a decent standard, but I'm glad we have the better themed coaster instead .

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