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  1. There's more to it than that though, especially with GADV. This is what the park has done in the past 8 years: Removed: Removed Chiller Removed GASM Removed Rolling Thunder Closed off entire section of the park past chiller, which put other flats out of commission while they also removed the Intamin 1st Gen Freefall Some rides that were removed (Chaos) were changed to smoking sections rather than replaced with new rides Removed the giant Teepee Added: The Dark Knight - indoor wild mouse The Green Lantern - relocated standup coaster Bizzaro - Medusa is repainted and some of the
  2. Hi all, I'm planning on visiting this Sunday the 22nd, also just by myself (on business during the week in London). I've found all the advice you've given tpainrad very helpful, but I had one more question. Since I'll be going on a weekend, should I get Fastrack or will the SRQ's be enough to let me hit the main rides in the 6 or so hours I'll have?
  3. ^Seeing your username made me think they should've built interlocking versions of these and called them Lightning Loops Strike Back or something silly like that at least for old times' sake. You would probably have to load the upper one just as high as the original too. For a park that's removed more rides than it's added in the past 10 years, would've at least like the Premier version of skywheel, even if it was a clone.
  4. So this is why they didn't have wider trains on Krake huh. Nice to see that there's a good amount of variation in the pacing unlike the first 2/3 of Banshee, and hopefully the forces on those smaller elements like the hill and helix after the zero-g deliver a lot of g-force variation too.
  5. Thanks guys. Entropy actually helped out a lot with my college project and even with this project too (he created a program that let me put the coordinates from my spreadsheet into NL for testing. Here's a video of what happened in NL, note that I didn't spend time fixing up supports and stuff like that, this was just to see how the ride would preform. The jerkiness is both a result of my estimations for transition times being a little too small and the my estimations for the friction being too large. However, great as NL is, it isn't perfect either: http://www.youtubedoubler
  6. Thanks for the comments. How strict is the link-posting policy? I remember way back when, I had either my first or second post removed/thread closed by Rob because of the policy and don't want that to happen again here.
  7. Well I finally finished the report on this, you can view it below if you like. It goes into a lot of the design philosophy and technical details behind the ride. I spent quite a lot of time on it so I would appreciate if anybody had any comments to share, thanks! http://www.travisrothbloom.com/#!roller-coaster-projects/vstc2=project-soar
  8. I was reading an article (link below) which mentioned that CF was investing $10 million to install the invertigo at Dorney, and while I thought that seemed pretty high for such a compact, 'used' ride, I remembered that the cost might include removing Laser which kind of makes more sense. The same article also mentions Leviathan costing $16 million so an error in the other cost wouldn't be out of the question: CF Spending Article I was curious though and was trying to find how much an invertigo went for when people were still buying new ones, and I found something on Coaster-net that s
  9. I wouldn't get that hope up. The curvature is noticeably broader than whatever SFNE's B&M is called these days which is pretty much the same height. Not wanting to compare a rendering of this new ride to an actual picture, here's the rendering I found on McVeen's site: This means that for this ride to be more intense than BDK (a coaster that ins't really noted for it's intensity), it would have to rely on fast twisting given that riders are spread out much farther from the heartline than on a floorless coaster. This still does not seem to be the case just from observation, but
  10. Well lets hope DK gets things right with yet another impulse/shuttle coaster, like their 3.25th or something. It's good to know that Premier is behind this one but I'd hate to see that train valley in that loop somehow. It is cool though how that loop pays homage to Thriller, not sure if that was intended. Also too bad that capacity will be horrible on this ride will be less than half of V2's train while the ride will have a longer duration.
  11. I know it's early to go either way with this comment, but I doubt this will be the best invert. It does have an impressive first half with some tighter curvatures and an unconventional element sequence for an invert, but I don't think the second half was planned out well. The elements seem much more spread out due to the fact that they have to navigate around the station and whatnot. The turn after the Immelman over the entrance to the loop is just as wide if not wider than the turn going into the loop; in terms of surprising riders, I think it would be so much cooler to have the train navi
  12. I think they're thinking that the parks' guests will see the seating arrangement as the main difference between the two. Anybody notice the similarities between this layout and MF? It's kind of as if CF is building a 'foreign' CP in less than half the time; this brings CW's count to 16! I guess CW then is proving to be a big moneymaker for CF?
  13. I just posted my entry for this week, titled "Twisty!". I wasn't too concerned about the ride being a realistic B&M per se, but just focusing on building something compact with good pacing and a sensible overall ride storyline. In terms of speed, I wanted something more along the lines of Timber Falls' Avalanche but I did allow for a place where the train slows down enough for the riders to catch their breaths, and the ride duration isn't too long for the speed to get boring for the riders. Here's the link, for some reason the file's extension has been removed so in order for it to w
  14. What makes you say that they've stopped building in their older style? I personally see a lot of their older selves in their newer works, even in the Knight Valley coaster. I've yet to ride one of the station-fly-by coasters, but to clarify my coaster does have one but with a twist...
  15. Hey guys, this is just a teaser of what's to come soon, hopefully the style is obvious .
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