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What kind of collection do you do?


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I have these golf balls in my collection.


Nike: Karma, Powersoft, One Tour D, Ti+Velocity, Juiceplus, Mojo,


Nike PD4: Super Soft,


Titleist: NTX Extreme, ProV1, , DT So/Lo, DT Carry, HVC Tour SF, ProV1392, 384 Tour 100, Professional 100, NTX Tour, DT Wound 90, Tour Distance, ProV1x

DT Distance,


Spaulding: Kro Flite, Top Flite XL, Spectra 492,


Noodle: Maxfli, Long and Soft,


Top T Flite: D2 Feel, XL Extreme Tour, Long & Soft Distance,


Bridgestone Golf: E6+, e7+, Tour-B330, Tour-B330-S,


Top Flite: XL 5000 Long, XL Distance, D2 Straight,


Pinnacle Ribbon


TaylorMade: TP RED.LDP, TP/Black LDP, Burner LDP


Wislon: Ultra, ProStaff, Distance ProStaff,


Sirxon: Soft Feel, Z-UR.C,


Golden Ram: Pro Tour,


Callway: CB1. , HX Tour, HX HOT, Warbird,


Slazenger: Raw Distance,


Nitro: Blaster,


Molitor: Titanium Power,


Tommy Amour: Tour Performance,


Top Flite Magenta: High Trajectory,


Top Flite XL: Tour Trajectory, Pure Distance More Carry, High Trajectory,


Pinnacle Lady 3:


Pinnacle Gold: FX Long,


Pinnacle: Titanium Distance,


Top Flite XL 3000: Super Long, Super Feel,


Pinnacle: Gold Velocity,


Pinnacle Platinum: Feel,


Pinnacle Power Core: Straight Distance,

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I collect coaster credits. And no, I am not saying that to be funny or obnoxious (it isn't, anyway). I simply think of it as a collection.


Other than that, I don't really collect anything, but here is what comes closest.

--I used to "collect" compact discs, but I don't really consider it a legit "collection". First of all, most people acquire as much music as is practical in some form, often CDs like me. Second, I wasn't really focused on anything rare or valuable. There is an exception to that, though: I did have one specialty, and that was Christian punk music, as well as obscure Christian music from other hard/alternative subgenres.

--I used to collect books by Albert Payson Terhune, but again, not for the value. This means that I didn't care what edition, what condition, or what condition they ended up in after I was done with them (lol). The most I paid for one was about $90-$100, but that wasn't for an old book; it was for a limited-edition collection of stories.

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I collect rubber ducks. Right now I am not sure how many I have because I need to build another shelf in the bathroom. Rubber ducks in any room but the bathroom do not make sense.


For christmas decorations, I collect nutcrackers, christmas village things, and classic tv figures (like charlie brown and rudolph). I really need to stop because I am running out of room.


Finally, I play World of Warcraft. In game, I collect mini-non-combat pets. Yesterday I got 3 new pets and now have 76!

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I collect different theme park souvenirs, but mainly fridge magnets, zipper pulls, buttons, and possibly pins in the future. Finding sackpacks to be quite useful and may do more of those from whatever attractions.


This next year, as inspired by cfc, I want to start both a Halloween and a Christmas Village like his. Just a neat idea.

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I'm kind of a pack rat, so I collect a lot of things. Most of what I collect though is memorabilia.


I collect ticket stubs from any movie, park, fair, etc. I travel to. I also collect maps from these same places. I do this mostly just to remind myself of everywhere I've been and seen. I also try to, if the park sells them, collect at least 1 pin from each park I go to, yes I am a pin trader. I actually have some nice rare ones from WDW, sorry not up to trading right now.


Other than that, I have a healthy collection of movie posters building up. I have one from both Night at the Museums, I have one for the Imax of Transformers 2, I have one for Drag me to Hell, one for The Mist, one for Zombieland, and one for Eagle Eye. These are all official movie posters actually used in theaters. I also have a few non-official movie posters, Saw V, Fourth Kind, The Two Towers, and Jaws.


Outside of all that, I also collect video games, mostly just the systems though. I have an original PS as well as the travel version, I have a Sega Dreamcast, I have a SNES, I have a Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, Game Boy Color, Gameboy Advanced, Gameboy Adv SP, Nintendo DS, PSP, original PS2, PS3, Xbox360, Nintendo Gamecube, and a Nintendo Wii. I have in total over 300 video games spread across each of these consoles as well as for the PC. Off the top of my head, I have 2 games that are considered very rare and extremely valuable. I have the very rare port of Doom II on the Gameboy Advanced and I have American McGee's Alice.


If anyone has some good classic games for any of the systems listed above, specifically the SNES, Genesis, or Dreamcast, that you are willing to sell/trade please PM me.

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^I'm slowly starting to collect all the older Genesis and Nintendo systems. I do have a Wii, and I know I can download the older games, but I prefer to play the games on the old systems.


Moose - when I see a claw game with ducks in it, I must play it. I would like to say I collect them too, but I'm not out physically looking for ducks to purchase. If I see them and I like it, I'll get it.


As for my own personal collection, I collect shot glasses, or as what Disney likes to call them "toothpick holders".

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I've collected all 12 season of The Simpsons plus the movie, all of Michael Jackson's solo music (including several compilations, a 4-CD 1-DVD Box Set, and a 3-CD set of all his solo Motown work), some valueable coins, and some other stuff which I can't think of at the moment.

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I mostly collect records, I have a lot of them. A small portion are ones from my childhood (Sesame Street and stuff like that), another portion is records that belonged to my parents and the rest are ones I've gotten from garage sales, thrift stores and the odd one from ebay. I like almost all types of music except for most rap and most country.

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I have a few small collections. I own all 12 South Park seasons on DVD which is one. My roller coaster collection is pretty big & my favorite. Here are some pics:


Park maps, key chains, coaster post cards & some small random stuff are in here.


All the maps I collected this year!


My key chain collection is pretty small.


The few coaster pieces I own. The piece on the left is from SFA's SLC & the two on the right are from Martin's Fantasy Island's Silver Comet.


I believe this might be an air piston from Mind Eraser. Notice the yellow paint!? I saw it under the break run & just picked it up lol. It is the crown of my collection!


My coaster shot glasses! The snow globe is my 100th credit Volcano: The Blast Coaster & my 200th credit Griffon is somewhere small behind it on the right.


Here are the few I got in 2009.


Here are some totally random pins. Some are theme parks & attractions & some aren't. There are 66 on here.


Here is my Disney pin collection. I started this in August at Disneyland on TPR's West Coast trip. This collection will grow when I move to WDW next week!


I hope you enjoyed my coaster collection! I sadly won't be bringing it with me to WDW (except the Disney pins) but I will have some more souvenirs to add to it when I get back in August!

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I have a few random collectiosn of various items.


I have a collection of theme park books, and I have quite a few that are just generic, about the history of theme parks and roller coasters, and then I have a large variety of Disney-related books. I have the whole Imagineering Field Guide series to date, as well as both volumes of the Walt Disney World Trivia books, plus a few other Imagineering books, and travel guides. I love buying new Disney Travel guides, especially one called "The Irreverant Guide to Walt Disney World," (as an example of its strangeness, here's a quote directly from the first chapter: "What do Walt Disney World and VIAGRA have in common? They both require you to wait for hours for a two-minute ride!).


I enjoy collecting Cirque du Soleil merchandise. I own two different shirts, two cds (Delirium and KA), the dvds of four of their productions (Varekai, La Nouba, Alegria, and Quidam), and two television series (Fire Within and Solstrom).


I love monkeys, so I try to get as many monkey-related items as I can. I currently have a few pens, a puppet, a journal, a mug, a drinking glass, a few shirts, and a mechanical figuring that's wearing a flapper dress and plays "In The Mood" when its hand is pressed (which also relates to my love of swing dance).


I also have a large collection of stuffed animals, which I've been collecting since shortly after my birth. I have about 30 or so, and I make it a point to buy another one every time I go to WDW. So far I have 5 from there: Figment, Nala, Tigger, Pluto, and a Disney Bear.

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I have an itty bitty collection of 6 theme park/roller coaster pins. Only started it last year and willing to expand it anytime. I don't exactly "collect" on-ride photos but I have quite afew lying around. Going to put them on the wall as soon as I renovate my bedroom.


I've been collecting stamps on and off for almost 5 years now (yeah I'm a nerd). My uncle in UK as well as my grandpa in Hong Kong who both travel a lot always send me more.


Speaking of coaster parts, I only have 3. A track bolt and washer as well as a "Please keep hands and feet inside car" sign. Both from the PNE Coaster.

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  • 2 years later...

I collect model cars. I mostly try to get the 1:24 scale because the 1:18 models don't fit on the shelves in my room. I may get one or two in that scale to put on my dresser. The collection is pretty pathetic though. I've been collecting for over 5 years and I only have maybe 18 cars. The problem with collecting them in 1:24 is that most ones I see online and/or car shows, well most of the good ones anyways, are 1:18. I might post pictures of the collection sometime in the future. I got about 70 bucks for my birthday so maybe I can look into adding to the collection.

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Various theme park memorabilia from theme parks and thrift stores (sometimes some unusual ones, like the Epcot Center soundtrack on vinyl, a pocket knife that says "Sea World" on it, old style salt and pepper shakers from Busch Gardens Williamsburg, etc). More specifically, I collect Halloween Horror Nights shirts and hope to get one from every year (even though I never even bothered to go to any HHN ). I found 9 of them at thrift stores and flea markets, but I also bought 2 of them on ebay


I have tons more, but these are the only ones that stand out.


In order- 1992, 1996, 1997, 1999, 1999 (same one), 2001, 2002, 2004, 2004 (different style), 2006, and 2010.




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I have quite a few collections, but my favorite is my Twisty Puzzle collection (Rubiks Cube Type puzzles). I don't know what it is about them, but ever since I learn how to solve a Rubiks Cube, I've been completely obsessed! Here's my whole collection-


And here are some of my more "interesting" puzzles-


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^ Cool collection! I also collect model cars (primarily 1:18), and started when I was about 6 or 7. It's been a good while since I've bought one because I ran out of room, but I do plan on continuing my collection. I own about 50-60, but only have room to display about 30. If I can get some decent pictures, I'll post some.

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