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Track Spottings!

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Woah Across the Dragon Valley looks like a stall risk and a half! That overbank is so tall.


Indeed, but the ride is up and running. It has three-cars trains, just like Turbulence.



A funny thing is that now the ride is literally covered with theming, with only the turn and the top of the first drop visible:



Here on the far left hand side.


Here on the far right hand side.


Pictures and videos are hard to find. If you guys have any...

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The green Takabisha clone track is still sitting at the Gerstlauer yard but there is now both some shiny new yellow and purple track there too.

There aren't any announced Gerstlauer rides these could be for at the moment so speculate away I guess






Source: https://www.coasterfriends.de/forum/coasterfriends-insider-1/newscenter-park-und-coaster-news-park-talk-5/11862-achterbahnteile-auf-dem-betriebshof-von-gerstlauer.html

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Anyone have any idea where the Boomerang track from Knotts is at? Being painted? On a wholesale website?

It's in the Netherlands at Most Amusement Rides and is getting refurbished

I thought this was a joke but that website is legit. Never knew it existed.


Just to clarify the name, "Most Amusement Rides" is a company of the Dutch entrepreneur Hennie van der Most.

He owns or has owned several amusement ride companies and amusement parks, including Wunderland Kalkar in Germany and the now defunct Speelstad Oranje in the Netherlands.

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Just as a note this is just educated guess work and may be complete and under bovine faeces


A little bit of investigation suggests the pink track at the B&M plant is for the Junior inverted coaster at Happy Valley Beijing.



The track does look a little smaller than the red track but mainly it has 5 holes per side as seen here. Where as most have 6



The Shanghai junior inverted also has 5 per side



The others tend to have 6 (Larger DM track excluded)


Hyper Track



Wing Track



Floorless Track


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The question is if it is an old picture of track from Coaster Through The Clouds?


Or if its for something new.

Looks like it could be for something new as Coaster Through the Clouds does not use any double spine track.

You can literally see the double spline in the top left of the photo and the lift hill, most of the ride uses it i'm pretty sure.


Could that orange track possibly be for Energylandia? The animation wasn't exactly accurate so I think its very possible they decided to change the colour of it especially since their new water coaster also has blue track, plus their SBF visa spinner they got this year. Maybe they just like blue though.

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