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Track Spottings!

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According to another forum, it's supposed to be a Griffon clone. Not sure the source on that though.


Edit: Source


If you take a close look at the pics on the RCDB link you can see the Griffon clone layout. which would suggest its the track here is too small. Also that rides due for May 2018 and this seems a little early.


Look closely at the red piece at the back here though.



And it matches a B&M inversion piece with the positioning of the support connector. Like this one on Krake's Immelmann. Basically any ride with a half loop/full loop inversion. The same can be seen on Kumba and Swarm for example.



For me this rules out a hyper coaster design.But where is it going? Unless Wuxi's (china) wing coaster is red not blue like the concept art I have no idea. let your imaginations run wild

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Never trust Korean amusement concept art, it can wildly vary where they just base it off stock images. The project has changed dates and themes since that artwork, it could still potentially be a smaller version and they just are using griffin as a place-holder

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^True, and I still don't really know if it is going here but as I said this ride has gone through different themes and dates of opening before it settled, could it be a case that the manufacturing started to meet an earlier date?

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we are just speculating. But another possibility is the Huayi Brothers wing coaster for China

The latest plans didn't show a coaster anymore but the old plans showed a ride with the same layout as the Hotgo Parks wing coaster.

The park started construction towards the end of last year http://news.2500sz.com/news/tppd/2016-12/26_3052048_10.shtml

I highly doubt it is for here but it is a possibility.

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The bigger question (to me) is: What's with the grey track? Its clearly painted, not raw.

raw.................... Probably has primer on it and getting ready to be painted.


I drove by the plant yesterday for a brief second to see all this for the VERY FIRST TIME, and before I had to go to KI. There where about 4 sections (probably station or brake if i had to guess) waiting to go inside and get painted as they where the same color grey. AND there is a $HIT ton of track in the back.


© CoasterMatt Productions on Facebook


© CoasterMatt Productions on Facebook

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I guess we know why now the United States didn't get a B&M this year...5 new ones are headed to China. Also one is being converted here in the US and one was moved to Vietnam. From looking at their past, they usually build 4 - 6 a year. I guess their plate was full this year. I feel pretty sure that when things slow down a little, Cedar Fair will build some more here in the US.

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So Premier just posted this on their Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Premier.Rides.Inc/?fref=ts



Track heading to China and I have no idea where.

My first thought was Wanda Guangzhou. The concept art seen here

But this park is for 2018 and i feel this is way too early.


Another option is a Sky Rocket 2 for Flower Island in Hainan in China but thats also 2018 or later.



SO in my opinion Premier is building a coaster in China right now and we don't know where. Be excited

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