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  1. EDIT: BANNED Seriously, the announcement hasn't even been officially made yet and people are already getting banned over it! Amazing... --Robb
  2. Someone in the amusement park industry told me that kanonen goes to America
  3. #1 i dont know - The 1st Big was Raptor - Gardaland (Italy) #50 Serpent - Sindibad Parc (Morocco) #100 Freedom Flyer - Fun Spot Orlando #150 Pulsar - Walibi Belgium
  4. Any news? Someone should have hidden a GPS tracker inside the tracks... only joking
  5. News about kanonen? All the pieces of the track are still onsite?
  6. Yes, go also to Movieland Park. It is near Gardaland. There is free shuttle from the Peschiera train station
  7. Also last year were closed. I think it is too rough and they dont have the money to retrack it
  8. Can someone name all the roller coaster in this photo? Maybe there is some new coaster..
  9. What about a very tall non-inverting loop with a top hat? Here is my "artwork".. i hope you understand the idea
  10. Where did you hear it was getting a sit down train? All I knew about were the supports getting painted yellow. just my thoughts
  11. The dive coaster for the future Img World of Legends is red. And there is also a new light blue coaster on the concept art
  12. They should use this buses to take people from Abu dhabi or Dubai.. i Hope It is planned
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