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  1. Hi all! Exciting news are coming to Parque Warner Madrid! As next year will be the 15 anniversary of the park, there is a pack of new rides and experiences comming this 2017. The user HollywoodStar (whose rumours usually happen to become true) shared on CAPTE.org the different news of the park coming next year: - New animations (March 2017) - Renewal of Hollywood Parade (March 2017) - Renewal of "Warner Nights", special 15 years (July 2017) - NEW "Justice League Splash Zone" - Warner Beach water park (July 2017) [CONFIRMED (1)] - NEW interactive dark ride "Battle of the Justi
  2. There is missing the new ride for Parque Warner Madrid. The director of the park confirmed that a new ride will replace the Batman simulator (Batman: la Sombra del Murciélago). The ride is still unknown but it is rumoured to be a dark ride themed after The Justice League, just like the ones at Six Flags and Warner Bros. Movie World. He says so in this video, minute 3:05.
  3. Dragon Khan, it seems that everybody love it while I find it too intense and abrupt.
  4. Great photos and great report! I guess you went in August, am I right? In August the park launched a special discount during a specific week, and a loooot of people used it, much more than what was expected. As a consequence of this, the number of workers wasn't enough and the waiting times were longer than usual because of the slow operations. I'm telling this because I'm surprised for your bad queue experience: during the season the operations have been improved considerably, more employees have been hired and rides like Batman, La Venganza del Enigma or Coaster Express run much more fa
  5. Great photos!! I specially like the ones you took of Tornado! I'd like to clear up a couple of things: first, the trim that Abismo has it is not for slowing down the speed during the ride, it has the function of saving the train from getting stuck at the bottom of the camelback just in case it made a rollback in the lift, which is not very frequent but it could happen as there is not anti-rollback system. The other thing is that the photoride of Abismo is NEVER working, not just when you went (as well as the ones in Tarantula and the log flume). I'm looking forward to seeing the report fro
  6. I was wondering, will this be the first Gerstlauer's hyper coaster? I have checked the company's website and the RCDB but I couldn't find anything similar. The coaster looks awesome, and I love how the park creates expectation by revealing the details gradually. I find curious that, though Karnan will open next year, the construction won't finish until 2016, just the same as what happened last year in Tripsdrill with Karacho, the ride opened but they were still theming it during the season. We can expect a deep thematic inversion if the construction will take that long.
  7. The inauguration will be tomorrow. The TV spot has been published at last!
  8. More photos! Playa Malibú, the wave pool of Warner Beach It looks like Leghorn Foghorn will be the life guard of the Beach Those are the locker rooms. The Big Wave, the unique shop of the zone El Embarcadero, a Scooby Doo themed restaurant (the Mistery Machine can be seen in the photo)
  9. Now they are working on the theming (signs, looney tunes figures etc,) and planting palm trees. They have also been filming the tv spot, it is expected that in a few weeks we will see it on tv. There are splendid views of Stunt Fall from the wave pool, don't you think?
  10. More pics published four days ago. There are no noticeable changes except for the wave pool, which now is filled with water.
  11. The solarium has been added the sand. They have also been testing the slides with water to make sure that there are no fissures. As we can see in the pics, they are now working on the gardening and the theming. The buildings have almost been finished.
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