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  1. I think it will be very silimilar to the other Adventure Hotel in the merlin portfolio.. Like Abenteuerhotel in heide park.. And also Alton Towers i think it will get an adventure hotel
  2. Construction is going on NOT for Flying Aces but for the supposed Halfpipe! Red Track on a Crane! And concrete support on the left
  3. Someone can make an overlap with the map of cedar point and above the layout Valravn?
  4. Wooow! Sfx coaster will be outdoor or indoor? If indoor in which Room?
  5. "Diabolik" - movieland park - italy Second invertigo in Europe. Third in the world.
  6. Tried today! Very intense! Oh... and onride audio!! Good Job movieland!
  7. diabolik today open for the cast members. most likely will be open for the next weekend.
  8. I dont know. I Hope so. They're testing the chain lift these day. .
  9. Footbridge have been installed. From entrance plaza to Diabolik cobra roll. the test started monday. Source: http://www.facebook.com/movielandmania
  10. Diabolik Invertigo will be accessible by a footbridge over the woods, from the main street square take up under the cobra roll. source: Movieland Mania
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