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  1. Maybe the hotel is being done in prevision of expansion of the walt disney studios?
  2. I think this attraction is going to be like this. You enter in the queue. You enter the warehouse. You See the suspended train. You enter into the train. You continue inside to the end of the train. Now you think you are inside the train but you really are in the white tunnel we See in the construction. Simulator. End of the ride. Exit
  3. 1 - flying aces 2 - boomerang coaster 3 - sfx coaster 4 - family dark ride 5 - ????
  4. There is a new piece for the boomerang coaster inside the dome. Where the free Fall tower was. There is also a White crane
  5. Here is a video and a pic of the test run Video -> https://www.instagram.com/p/_mpIxzKzIh/ Test with people onboard
  6. Btw I Hope in a hyper coaster along the entrance of mirabilandia from reset to katun.. And a flying coaster near the ferris Wheel with splash in the lake
  7. They already have the Reset shooting unteractive dark ride
  8. No! He said a Big investment for a ride. It doesnt mean a roller coaster!!
  9. Wow! They are replacing also "racing legends" dark ride with a family ride! I Hope for a family dark ride Good job ferrari world
  10. cinecitta world denied the seizure of the park and has announced it will reopen in 2016
  11. 2016 Thorpe Park 2017 Heide Park +Chessington 2018 Alton Towers 2019 Gardaland
  12. Complete tour around the It's a small world ride building after an evacuation
  13. Everybody talk about the outdoor coaster and nobody talk about the sfx coaster
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