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  1. here is the complete masterplan of DubaiParks and Resort updated with Six Flags Dubai
  2. Yes. I know. I was answering to coasterkid124. There is room for expansion where there are parking lots in the render
  3. Atmosphere of the park, given by the style of the set design and the landscaping
  4. Well, gardaland has height limit for the buildings. Max 40 mt more or less
  5. What is the best period between December and March to find shorter queues?
  6. Yes, Amanda Thompson (head of blackpool) in an interview said "Amanda's own plans include a multi-million pound new ride, Although details are still under wraps, Which will launch in 2018." According to the British investigators the drawing (Which i poster yesterday) corresponds to the marker points made this year on construction site
  7. Nobody talks about this? From screamscape: " The coaster will launch from the left side of the image to the right, towards The Big One where it looks like it will shoot up over the Top Hat element, up and over the lift hill of The Big One. On the other side it will drop down into an inclined loop, a "Banked Double-Up" and a series of twisted turns before it comes back and returns over (or through) The Big One in a Zero-G-Roll maneuver. From here it will hit the second launch right up and into an Immelman, more twists, turns, a high speed helix and an "airtime hump", "off axis airtime hill" and ending with a "high dive" before hitting the brakes."
  8. Speculation: we know that the park will be divided in area. Each area will be inspired by a six flags. According the attractions, I divided the park. For me the mack watercoaster goes to six flags fiesta texas in the future ...
  9. apparently there are 5/6 areas, inspired by six flags around the world -Thrill-seeker Plaza -Great America -Great Adventure -Discovery Kingdom -Fiesta Texas -Magic Mountain -4 areas of future expansion
  10. Yes, bob is also a family ride I think flying dutchman is less intense than joris.
  11. Cinecitta world in Rome is still operating!!! And also the 10 inversion coaster!!!
  12. I think that Vogel rock is the less thrill coaster. Is Basically a 8 layout. Joris is more or less like btm. Maybe a little more thrill
  13. Well, dubai are quick to add coasters and transform a themepark. see ferrari world
  14. There is also a disko coaster. In the artwork hidden behind starflyer
  15. Please can someone make a map with the perimeter of the construction site of the former arena show?
  16. If you look in google maps you will see some type of groundworks even outside the park boundaries. Behind Apocalypse and Riddler. There are also a bulldozer and a truck hidden behind trees. but I do not know if this type of groundworks are recent or there have always been.
  17. It will be opened by the end of May according to the rumors here in Italy.
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