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Hopefully the restraints will be gentle on the "McNuggets."


Why I can't get the song "The Crying Game" out of my head right now. No wonder I was so scared of you on the Behemoth trip.


How about the Tara coaster, with a new type of restraint that can go from from Inverted to Flying to Standup to Sit Down to Floorless.

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The McDonald's rumblings actually wouldn't have been so far-fetched 40-50 years ago. When Ray Kroc saw what Disney was doing, he had an idea for an amusement park, I believe called Wild West World. It was decided against in favor or building Playland's in each McDonald's so there would be an "amusement park" in every location, rather than just one central location.

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Passengers boarding Hulk Hogan: The Ride should not do so if they suffer from high blood pressure, pre-existing heart conditions, or back problems.


Also, you should not ride HH:TR unless you have been regularly saying your prayers and taking your vitamins.


Failure to do so could lead to severe physical harm, brutthhhhuuuurrrrrr! And if that were to happen... whatchu gonna do?!?!?!

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