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  1. I like the Jaws ride, but if this is were they are going to put Orlando's version of transformers in that spot, than I am perfectly okay with it. Also with Jaws you have the mostly unused Fear Factor arena right next to it and if you combine the two would be a massive plot of land for expansion.
  2. The only piece of concept art I've been able to find has been in the video on this news website: http://www.clickorlando.com/entertainment/theme-parks/New-attractions-planned-for-Orlando-park/-/2235348/4810702/-/xqga2g/-/index.html From the concept artwork the wooden coaster is not a big fun as it has an out and back layout. I'd be guessing it will be a Gravity Group ride. The video/picture quality is so low that I have no idea what the steel coaster looks like, but appears to be the smaller of the two.
  3. While the focus is certainly on WWOHP other parts of the park have seen improvements after the Wizarding World opened up its gates. The water vortex at poseidon's fury was turned back on, the long shuttered Triceratops Encounter returned as a seasonal attraction, the fog effect returned on Doctor Doom and next year will see Spiderman getting its technological updates.
  4. Yes it still runs the random drop sequences. The fifth dimension room diminished to a dark hallway last summer during the 'summer nightastic' promotion (they put curtains over the scenery and added a DCA-esque picture of the people in the elevator get shocked and disappear effect at the end of the hallway), after the promotion ended last August the room returned to it's normal self.
  5. Well I googled "Mouthless mutters" and found it to be from this riddle from The Hobbit: "Voiceless it cries wingless flutters toothless bites mouthless mutters?" The answer to the riddle is, The Wind. So maybe a Windseeker for Carowinds?
  6. I could really see something along the lines of the Dare Devil Dive coaster that was built at SFOG this year going into the Iron Wolf spot
  7. I LOVE the Jenkinsons Fun House. Its wierd to see a very well done fun house anymore, but they have one in a beachside park that I think otherwise isn't so great.
  8. I have stayed at the Microtel the last few times I have been to the point. Its about 5/10 mins from the park. The place is nothing fancy but its clean, relatively inexpensive, and has a mediocre continental breakfast. Probalby the best feature is the 24 hour indoor pool and hot tub, which feels great after a long day at CP.
  9. Red & Yellow? I know its the world first Hulk Hogan themed roller coaster!!
  10. One thing to consider in your touring plan for WDW, is that Toy Story Mania at the studios is a very very popular attraction. The lines generally average about an hour on most days and fastpasses usually sell out for the day very early.
  11. I think a lot of the removal has to do with the age of these attractions as well, most log flumes have been around for a while. Six Flags has also removed a few flumes in the past few years (Riptide at SFGAdv and the flume at SFNE).
  12. The Yeti has been stuck in "B-Show" (the figure is put in a 'scary pose' and a strobe light is flashed on it) mode since sometime in the middle of the summer. I would imagine it would take a decent length refurb to fix it if it has been down that long.
  13. I was wearing a Kingda Ka sweatshirt at the park that day, I was probably the one you saw.
  14. I was at the park that day rockin my ACE shirt (i am also not fat) that day so it might have been me you saw!
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