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Liseberg Discussion Thread

p. 120 - Luna Park themed land announced!

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  • 2 weeks later...
^ In other words, "Great To See You ~ Hope You Had a Great Time Here ~ Goodbye ~ See You Again Soon"










*Or something to that effect? By the way, I Liseberg.


It says;

- Thanks for today! Awesome that you wanted to come.


The last sentence can also be interpreted;

Awesome having you...



I consider Liseberg my homepark, and I used to go loads every summer... But since I moved away from Gothenburg I haven't been in like 10 years. Really sad, as it really is a great park. I hope I can make it up there soon and ride all the new stuff...

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A report from the last day of the winter season 2015 at Liseberg:


The visitor number has been low this winter season because the weather goods has been angry and the locals hasn't following the Swedish idiom "There is no bad weather, only bad clothing" and when the weather was good, they locals complain that the park was overloaded with guests


On the closing day was the weather clear and around 0°C and almost no guest The perfect ending on the last working day of 2015


I started my visit to the park with a couple of rides on Balder and then grab a souvas kebab (moose, reindeer, cabbage and lingonberry) to eat, before heading over to the ice show. After the ice show I checked the market stands and did some shopping. After that it was time to get some rides on Mechanica and get over to ride Balder until closing.


I'm now waiting for the park to open for the summer season 2016....


/// Marcus


Ice preparation before the show


The rabbit is controlling that they do a good job with the preparation


The rabbits have some comments to the workers


A guy propose to his girlfriend as a pre show to the ice show


This years saga was about Hans and Greta







Rabbit land





Liseberg is expanding Tyrolen with a new Biergarten in genuine Bavarian style


Some more construction work for the summer season


Removing one of Balders train to increase the riders in remaining train and the speed of the train :)




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A report from the last day of the winter season 2015 at Liseberg:...the Swedish idiom "There is no bad weather, only bad clothing"...


But true, I am sure.


The kebab you ate.


An Ice Show! I haven't seen one of those in years! (Hot Ice at Blackpool,2006)


I miss Liseberg. Great Last Day Report, Marcus!

Have a great New Year for yourself, family and friends.


Us in Liseberg on the TPR 2014 Scandi Tour. Happy New Year!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Liseberg will spend 170 million sek (20 million usd) on a new area called Lisebergs Trädgårdar, Liseberg Gardens. The area is situated between Atmosfear and Flumeride (on the mountain I presume), and will include Victorian gardens, new walking areas, and garden café. The total area is 6310 sq m (68 000 sq ft) and of that 1900 sq m (20 500 sq ft) is different garden arrangements.


Inside Lisebergs Trädgårdar a new play area for children, Barnens Paradis (Children's Paradise), will be built. This is actually the third time a play area with this name has existed at Liseberg. And inside Barnens Paradis a two-storey merry go round is found, Blomsterkarusellen. Both will be completely free to ride/use.


I have only found relatively small pictures at the Liseberg webpage, but here they are anyway!

Barnens Paradis




Liseberg will reveal a third attraction on Friday at 08 am, swedish time. A picture with clouds and the words "Drömmen om att flyga" (The dream about flying) can be seen. So the rumoured Gerstlauer Sky Roller seems like a good guess

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The name of the new Gerstlauer Sky Roller ride is AeroSpin @ Liseberg.


link to pressrelease


In summer 2016, Liseberg will launch an interactive aeroplane ride in the newly installed area on Liseberg hill. AeroSpin is a thrilling plane ride 70 metres above sea level – with a twist. If you want, you can make your plane spin freely as many times as you choose – one, two... or forty rotations.


“The passenger in the plane controls their ride and decides what will happen. That’s what’s so great about AeroSpin,” says Andreas Andersen, CEO, Liseberg. "The ride is what you make it – a pleasant trip with a sensational view of Gothenburg, a frenzied ride in a tumble drier or anything in between."


AeroSpin is a 35 metre high rotating tower with twelve arms, and two planes are attached to each arm. The planes have two levers, one for each wing, and the rider controls the plane and make it rotate sideways around its own axle. The attraction is being installed on Liseberg hill, so the plane rides take place roughly 70 metres above sea level. AeroSpin is a Sky Roller built by Gerstlauer of Germany, and is the world’s highest ride of its kind.


While AeroSpin is Liseberg’s highest new attraction opening in 2016, the new area where it is located, Liseberg Gardens, is one of the largest. 6,300 square metres on Liseberg hill have been converted from unused wasteland into well-groomed, inviting gardens. With beautiful plant beds and shady greenery these beautiful gardens have a Victorian feel. A new winding pathway has been built up the hill to make the climb easier. The new garden is part of the Gothenburg Green World project, in which Liseberg one of the six main partners.


While courageous visitors in Liseberg Gardens can enjoy the AeroSpin ride, younger visitors can visit Children’s Paradise, an exciting playground, and the Venetian Carousel, a double-decker merry-go-round. The area also includes a new café and a picnic area. The Waltzer, which was already in the area, has been given a welcome makeover. A total of SEK 170 million will be invested in Liseberg in 2016.


“The best thing about Liseberg’s new attractions in 2016 is that they include something for everyone, from the youngest kids to their grandparents,” says Andreas Andersen. "Children’s Paradise and the Venetian Carousel are free of charge."


AeroSpin and the new gardens will open on 23 April 2016, when Liseberg opens for the spring season.



/// Marcus

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Huh. I thought this all might go on the right side of Helix' entry, as I remember some old gardens there, with a non-descript

pathway. Closer to the park's entrance, is where I thought it might go. Doesn't matter, it all looks like a great addition to the park.


Wherever it's all going, it all looks really pretty.

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A POV of the real Aerospin at the fabric


Can't help but think that this ride is going to result in sudden, elevated nausea. I guess if someone were to puke while on the ride, by the time it landed the crowd below, it'd be more of a "light misting" than a direct hit.

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Some photos from today when i stop by Liseberg.


/// Marcus


The ferris wheel ar missing some parts..


Virvelvinden are refurbish to match the new area


The new Bier Garten is under construction


Barnens Paradis is on the way


Paving stones that are waiting to replace asphalt in the park

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Photos from yesterdays "crowning" of AeroSpin.


/// Marcus


A big thank you to Lisa and Andreas for letting me attend the lift


Final preparation before the lift


The children playground is on the way


Closeup of the top


The rest of the ride is almost complete


Human powered carousel


Filming pressmaterial



Some strange things to climb on


Som workers testing the play structure :)


Helix will go under the platform before the second speedboost


Mountain view





Liseberg is documenting the lift with their quadcoopter


Almost there


New walkpath is under contruction


The photograph from GT is ready to get some closeup of the top of AeroSpin


Almost touching the top


A really winding walkpath


The path starts with a bridge over the entrance to the escalator


Waiting for the crown to be fitted

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