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Liseberg Discussion Thread

p. 120 - Luna Park themed land announced!

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A couple of photos from the final day of Halloween @ Liseberg.





Liseberg Wärdshus



Mechanica got some flamethrowers for Halloween



Special Halloween-deal at the "Hus & Hem"-game.



Preparation for Christmas @ Liseberg has started.


I bumped in to Andreas in the park and he told me that yesterday was a crazy day with over 35000 guests in the park and Liseberg was short staffed so he was helping at Trebello and busing tables the whole day.


And now it's just 20 day to the opening of Christmas @ Liseberg.


/// Marcus

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Hey! Halloween at Liseberg seemed amazing but I think it's time to get an update on the news for 2016. Are there any new rumors about what will replace Höjdskräcken, Uppskjutet and Pariserhjulet?


Greetings Rikard


The Sky Roller have been known for quite some time, but there's no word on what the other two rides will be.

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I can't tell you anything about the new rides, it's a well hidden secret (for now...)

But I do have some great news for you!

For the first time ever, Balder will be open during the winter season

I couldn't say anything about it until it got official. But now it is...

So lets hope for a warm and sunny winter with dancing snowmen on green hills

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I know its a little late, but this park was amazing on the Scandi 2014 Tour! Helix was the coaster I was most looking forward to on the trip and when we arrived it had problems. The park and TPR did everything to make up for it because guess what rides have issues! So the guy heading the event took us around to a few coaster and put us on a few coasters skipping the line which was very nice.


I also think this was the place with the amazing burgers!


Helix was amazing once it opened in the afternoon and the night rides were even better! I hope one day to go back there!

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Some photos from the opening day of the winter season @ Liseberg:




Had to wait for some more riders for the first ever winter ride on Balder







Push down your beagles?????





I hope the snowmans get in the park before the summer season :)


/// Marcus

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Beautiful photos, Marcus! I wish I wish I could be able to see this park (and others)

dressed up for the holidays ~ especially with the lighting ~ during these holiday times.


And that "bouquet" of candy roses - wow! Very impressive AND delicious looking, too.


Just beautiful. And tempting. (o:

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Great pictures Marcus, thanks for sharing! The park looks beautiful with all the lights and decorations. Love what they did with the entrance to Balder! And I'm sure those fire baskets will be much needed after some cold rides on Balder...

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Thanks for posting, Marcus...Liseberg is such a gorgeous looking park - especially in the winter!


Although this sign has me intrigued....can someone translate? Looks like 3 Billy Goats Gruff according to Google, but I just can't quite figure out that 2nd verse!

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^ In other words, "Great To See You ~ Hope You Had a Great Time Here ~ Goodbye ~ See You Again Soon"










*Or something to that effect? By the way, I Liseberg.


This was the sign that was on the Entry Gate, when TPR was there back in 2014.

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Liseberg will run Balder as long there is no ice on the track


/// Marcus


Another reason why Liseberg is awesome! Can you imagine how insane it would be if you could ride with ice on the track?!?!? I do understand 100% why you can't run it with ice on the track but still imagine haha.

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