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  1. Apparently our Halloween-film was a little too scary for Youtube, so it got banned. But here is a link where you can see it: https://www.expressen.se/tv/livsstil/allt-om-resor/se-lisebergs-laskiga-reklamfilm--som-youtube-stoppade/ /Pontus
  2. Just gonna leave these here for you... Train no 2 is out in the sun Drop Drop
  3. Hi, If you wanna visit Liseberg just for riding Valkyria, you should wait until the late part of the Summer season. Unfortunately I don't have any opening date to give you, but if you visit us in June you will probably be disappointed...
  4. Can´t believe this was 1.5 years ago. Wow, the time really goes fast... I think I had 10 different groups that year to guide around the park, but I remember you guys. Wanna know why? The "Stroopwafles"! They were soooo good Nice to see my old Kanonen again. I wonder if the other (yet officially secret) park will keep the control booth as it was. It had a really smart and ergonomic design. I am glad you liked the tour with me and Jonas, we really appreciate the feedback! Hope you will come back someday and test our new coaster Valkyria, it will be great! /Pontus
  5. Thanks everyone for the positive comments about my backstory of Kanonen Fun to hear that you found it interesting. I think that the new park will say how much they paid for it when they reveal the building-plans for the public. But when Liseberg built Kanonen in 2005, the price was 50 000 000 kronor, (ca €5 000 000) and that is around €6 000 000 in today's value. I do not have any information about improvements, but I think the new park has to build some new supports. Kanonen was partly built on the roof of a house. So some supports are quite short, and some are quite long. Which m
  6. Kanonen 2005-2016 I began to work at the station of Kanonen in 2008. Wow, it was probably the best working place in Liseberg. We had so much fun! You launched the train from the station and because of that you were always entertained by the guests. First you had reactions from the guests in the train, and then you had the reactions from the guests that were waiting on the station. So you know exactly who you could scare to make them scream like there was no tomorrow. And because of all the "dead time" when you had to be in the saftey zones, you had a lot of time when you could chat with your
  7. So you will be here for two days? Wow, so much fun to do Well, it sounds like I should ask my boss for a day off. I've heard a rumour that TPR whould come back this year, but no one has told me when. Will you be 99 crazy people in the group this year also?
  8. I can't tell you anything about the new rides, it's a well hidden secret (for now...) But I do have some great news for you! For the first time ever, Balder will be open during the winter season I couldn't say anything about it until it got official. But now it is... So lets hope for a warm and sunny winter with dancing snowmen on green hills
  9. Do Liseberg have a philosophy of "So our park is awesome already but how can we make it even more awesome?". Yes, we do!
  10. Yes! Liseberg bought it in 2013, for 250million SEK. (30million USD). And the factory has so far not been useless, even if it's old and empty. It has actually been used as a film studio/sound stage during the year.
  11. I can confirm that we WANT to expand and build an indoor waterpark with a hotel. But that doesn't mean that we WILL. There are also other options. The owner, the city of Gothenburg, must give their thumbs up before we can proceed with a more detailed area plan. And that can take a while.... There is also a chance/risk that we put the waterpark in a trash can, and develop the area with more flat rides and maybe a coaster. But I can assure you that if we get the thumbs up for the waterpark and hotel, it's gonna be great. Really great The pictures you see from the newspaper does not eve
  12. Do not poke the bear in his den! Thank you Chuck, I will take that warning very seriously!! I promise that I'll finish, because I really do want to cover the rest of the parks. Most importantly, there's a little park in Sweden that you might know something about, Pontus. Oh, I've no idea what you are talking about. A park in Sweden? Sorry, that description doesn't ring any bells with me
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