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Liseberg Discussion Thread

p. 120 - Luna Park themed land announced!

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Full press release:


Legendary investments at Liseberg 2017–2018


During 2017 and 2018 Liseberg will invest around SEK 250 million in new attractions and concepts for the 8,000-square-metre area near Balder. The inspiration comes from Norse myths and legends, and among other things means that Balder will be joined by two new attractions: Loke and Valkyria.


This is the biggest investment in developing an area of the park that Liseberg has ever made, and will be spread over two years. In 2017, Liseberg will open Europe’s tallest Gyro Swing attraction, and in 2018 Europe’s longest Dive Coaster. The site will also get new shopping, amusement and restaurant facilities. All the new additions will follow a theme inspired by Norse myths and legends.


“Our history provides fantastic tales to inspire us,” says Lotta Carlsbogård, creative manager at Liseberg. “This investment will take shape over the course of two years, rather like a tale in two parts.”


Loke – the battle begins

In Norse mythology, Loke was the most treacherous and devious of all the giants of Asgard. He cunningly and cold-bloodedly forged plans to kill the kindest and best-loved of the gods, Balder. In April 2017 the battle between the two giants will begin.


When you ride the Loke attraction you sit facing outwards with your feet dangling from a spinning gondola that also swings through an angle of up to 120 degrees. At the height of its swing the gondola rises 42 metres above the ground – twice as high as its predecessor, SpinRock – before plummeting at 100 kph towards Balder, so close that it feels as if the attractions will collide.


Valkyria – the point of no return

In readiness for the 2018 summer season Kanonen will be replaced by Europe’s longest Dive Coaster, a roller coaster that starts with a near vertical drop. Riders sit six abreast in trains that are three rows long, with their legs dangling free. After a 45 degree climb they find themselves at the highest point, 47 metres in the air. Just as the train is about to go over the edge the cars pause, and passengers are suspended in the air for a couple of seconds, before they plummet vertically 50 metres into an underground tunnel at 105 kph.


The name of the roller coaster, Valkyria, is also taken from Norse mythology. A valkyrie was a winged creature whose task was to carry fallen warriors from Middle Earth to the afterlife. And according to Daniel Lindberg, attraction manager, the ride will live up to its name.


“When you are fastened in and then drawn inescapably higher and higher it feels as if you could faint. Then as you hang, stationary, staring down 50 metres straight into the abyss, you are convinced you won’t make it. But after the ride you get a rush of adrenalin and really feel that you are alive!”


A whole new area is taking shape

The area will gradually take on a completely new look, with a combination of greenery and dramatic features. In addition to the new attractions, investments will also be made in amusements, shopping, restaurants and more places to sit. Because even on the battlefield of Middle Earth there will naturally be a few who would rather watch the bags than throw themselves into conflict.



Manufacturer: Intamin


Attraction type: Gyro Swing


Height, construction: 27 m


Max. height of gondola: 42 m


Max. angle of swing: 120 degrees


Max. speed: 100 kph


Number of passengers/ride: 40


Ride duration: 100 seconds


Capacity: 900 passengers/hour



Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard


Attraction type: Dive Coaster


Length: Around 700 m


Height: 47 m


Drop: 50 m (incl. underground section)


Max. speed: 105 kph


Number of passengers/ride: 3 trains x 18 passengers


Capacity: 1,100 passengers/hour







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This is pretty exciting news.


The area near Balder / Kanonen is the only part of Liseberg I felt was more "typical amusement park" than "beautifully themed" -- this two-year refresh will take care of that. Both rides look like big upgrades from what they're replacing. I'm glad I got on Kanonen this year, and it's not a bad ride, but it's far and away my least favorite Intamin launch coaster that I've been on. Valkyria, in addition to having an awesome name, looks like a great fit.


Some numbers, just for reference, in comparison with Valkyria's closest neighbors:



Valkyria: ~700m

Baron: 501m

Krake: 476m



Valkyria: 47m

Baron: 30m

Krake: 41m



Valkyria: 50m

Baron: 37m

Krake: 41m



Valkyria: 105kph / 65mph

Baron: 90kph / 56mph

Krake: 103kph / 64mph

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And Burger King will be replaced by Max.


HOLY FREAKING SHITBALLS!!! This is almost bigger than the new rides IMO.


Seriously though, it's about time! Burger King is the absolute worst of the burger chains, I take McDonalds, Sibylla, MAX, Subway or just about anything before I set foot in a Burger King again. They are nothing but disappointment.


They they say in the video "lapbars" for the swingride?!


These ones


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This made me come back to the forums. DAMN Liseberg keeps delivering! The park keeps surprising me what they can do with their small area. Helix, Balder and now Valkyria. That's a great coaster lineup (and then we even forget about the classic Lisebergsbanan that still delivers a enjoyable experience). It's sad the parks area is small. Kanonen is still a fun ride even tho it can't compare to Balder and Helix. In another (small) park Kanonen would be a top ride for sure.

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Wow. Count me in for a 2018 trip to Liseberg, as if I wasn't trying to get there already!


The Loke record is such a marketing trick.


It's not the tallest pendulum/giant frisbee ride in europe, but it's the tallest gyro swing!


that's probably because it's only the second gyro swing in europe

So what? Cedar Point used to claim the record for most track in one amusement park. If it gets people through the gate, then let 'em have it.

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I actually think that Valkyria can be a pretty decent replacement for Kanonen, which at the moment feels pretty boring when it just sits on an empty slab of concrete. Seeing as Liseberg really have stepped up their game with theming and the environment around the rides lately I'm sure the whole area will look very nice when it's all done.

Hopefully they will do some sort of theming to Balder as well, the queue is pretty boring at the moment.

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It's actually pretty crazy that they're removing an Intamin Accelerator Coaster that's only about 10 years old. Hopefully it gets relocated rather than scrapped.

It fits much better in a smaller park than Liseberg anyway. Didn't Bakken try to get permits for an Intamin accelerator a few years ago? Now might be the time to try again.

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I am not necessarily happy that Kanonen is leaving for this ride, but it kinda makes sense.Helix essentially rendered Kanonen as redundant - Helix is a longer, faster, bigger version of Kanonen in a way. I'm sure they ride differently, but I think 95% of people would prefer Helix if they had to pick. I think Valkyria better suits the coaster lineup they have (Sweden's first B&M!) and it looks really fun!


I do hope for a possibility that Kanonen finds a new home somewhere else, but if not you can essentially get the same experience at Romon World in China!


Side note - I do hope Valkyria has the standard B&M restraints and not the vests like Valravn.

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I have to go to Liseberg next year before they tear kanonen down!

All the people I know who had ridden say it's a great small intense coaster.


For the giant frisbee sincerily I was hoping they put the Giant Discovery model, who's the biggest and greatest one. But this Intamin looks great too, it's the same height as the ones by Huss, so the experience will be similar I guess (?)

And the idea of putting those almost-lapbars restraints is such an AMAZING decision! Will certainly improve the experience

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The plan is to sell Kanonen, if someone is interested


Shouldn't really be that hard. Hopefully one of the smaller parks in Norway/Denmark Germany can pick it up so I can visit it in the future.


Didn't Bakken try to get permits for an Intamin accelerator a few years ago? Now might be the time to try again.


Sorry, that's not gonna happen. The noise regulations made it absolutely impossible for them to build something of it's magnitude, sadly.

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