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Liseberg Discussion Thread

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I know this has been brough up before, but why couldn't YOLOcoaster be like this?


Simple really...


Liseberg >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SFMM


Are you sure you used enough >s there?

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Liseberg have updated the facts for the ride now, after they announced that they had finalized the layout, and there are a few changes:


Investment: 200 million SEK

Manufacturer: Mack Rides

Track length: 1381 m (before 1355 m)

Top speed: 100 km/h

Height: 41 m

G-Force: 4.3 G (before 4.2 G)

Ride length: about 130 seconds (before 110 seconds)

Capacity: about 1200 riders/hour (before about 1310 riders/hour)


Inversions (7):



Pretzel loop

Zero-g roll

Inverted Top-hat



SOURCE - projekthelix.se


And according to the comments that the Liseberg people have posted on to the Helix website, then they will start the construction in March (most likely the point when the Rabbit land would be complete, so that they could transfer the construction crew to their new project). About 400 footers will be made for this new coaster, so they have plenty to do before next off season, so that they could start to erect the ride.


I'm pretty sure that the inverted top-hat is the main source for the changes of the statistics of the ride.

The inline-twist is hopefully be as sublime as the one on Blue Fire, but the section between the second Corkscrew into the Pretzel looks just as great.


Speaking of Kaninlandet, they have released some newish pictures of the construction on their Facebook page, not much to see, but progress non the less:





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^^Thanks for the info, Loefet! Do you know how many trains is Projekt Helix going to run? I hope it can run at least four, because with such a long layout, capacity could be an issue...


I hope everything goes as planned because the construction of this coaster seems especially difficult having to deal with terrain and nearby rides. Are the flume or Lisebergbanan going to be affected mid-season by the construction of Projekt Helix?


Anyway, this coaster is the reason why I am going to visit Sweden in 2014!

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I think I'm more excited for this than just about any of the 2013 coasters (the 2 RMC rides being exceptions). If all goes well the Scandi trip next year will be my first visit to any international parks!

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No, problems!!

I'm pretty sure that they said that they were only going to run 3 trains, it doesn't have the dual loading station or a slow pre-ride section like Blue Fire, so I doubt that they can run more trains than that. However if they manage to meet the 1200 riders/hour capacity then it will still be better than Balder (which only have long queues during high season), so I don't think that capacity will be an issue. Sure the queues might be longer during the first year, but then again when I visited Liseberg the day after Balder had its première I waited no more than 15-20 minutes. So I doubt that Helix will be much different, just avoid July and beginning of August, and queues won't be a real problem.


Nothing is known at the time about closures of other rides due to construction, so it's hard to say. But they have 2 months before the park opens, and the the park isn't open every day until June, same thing from the middle of August, just weekends until October. So there is plenty of days to work when the park isn't open, and if they start early then they could do stuff before the park opens at around noon. I'm pretty sure that they will do everything they can so that they won't have to close down any of their signature rides. But I will post more as more info surface, I will ask them on their project web page, so I'll get back to this if I get a reply.


It's still early, most parks won't announce their 2014 projects until later this year, and there is really a good chance that some of them, like Skara Sommarland and Gröna Lund, might counter with something, like they did when Liseberg build Lisebergbanan. But it will still be a good year to visit.


UPDATE: Got a reply from Liseberg about the possible closure of rides, but they said that at this point they are assuming that all rides (except Maxxima, which will be transformed into the station of the ride) will be working during the coming season. Which is really good news for everyone, so it seems like they have done a work schedule that will not interfere with normal operations.

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  • 2 weeks later...

New image from Liseberg on their facebook page, on the construction of Kaninlandet:


Source - Liseberg FB


This will be the new Old-timer cars for the park. The space have before been occupied by the coasters: Hang-Over, Lisebergloopen and Super8, as well as some other attractions. But since Hang Over left it have been occupied by some fountains and hand/foot prints of famous artists and athletes. It have really been just a large dead space in the middle of the park, so I'm really happy that they finally integrate it into the park, just wish that they plant some trees in the area so that there will some shade there in the future and improve the atmosphere as well.


In other news:

Västlänken, a train tunnel that will go underneath the city in the future, were initially planned to go underneath the street in front of the main entrance of Liseberg, it's a project that is much needed for the infrastructure of Gothenburg, but will cause great inconvenience for Liseberg according to the plans as the were. Parts of the park's north east corner would have to be demolished as they dig up the whole street in front of the park during construction, this will also block of all access to the main entrance and might also require them to move parts of it as well.

However according to newer plans then a slight shift of the tunnel to the south, which will not only ease the construction at the big public transport hub next to the park (which would get a new station), this will put the tunnel underneath Liseberg instead. The good news of this is that the disruption would be as small as possible, but also that no parts of Liseberg would be destroyed thanks to it. Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration) are certain that they are able to dig through the mud under the park in one or two winters (when the park is closed). This is really good news, but these plans are not completed yet, but hopefully they could get a good solution that will get the desired tunnel but also disrupt the public and Liseberg as little as possible.

SOURCE - GP.SE [swedish]


Liseberg have received a lot of acclaims from the public in their goal that they will not only hire youths to staff the park during it's seasons, but try and recruit people that are 60+ years old. This mix of eager and experience will increase the atmosphere of the park.

SOURCE - GP.SE [swedish]


Finally, CEO Andreas Andersen writes on his blog about how the digital world should interact with the analog Liseberg, how they should implement virtual queuing in the future, etc. How Disney recently introduced MyMagic+ and how things like it could be implemented to Liseberg.

He writes loads of interesting things in his blog, and it gives you a good insight into thoughts about running a large theme park. Unfortunately it's all in Swedish, but Google or other Translation Service could help with that: http://www.lisebergblogg.se/andreas/

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Construction update of Kaninlandet


Last time I walked past Liseberg were in November and I didn't see anything that was really noteworthy. Today however there were loads of construction going on. I mean I knew how much they were doing in the park due to the concept art they released when they announced Kaninlandet, but when I walked around the park today I was really taken by surprise by the massive scale of the project. They have loads of work to do until everything is done and just 3 more months...




The building with the curving roof behind the tree is the station for the new coaster



New building for the Coffe /Teacups



Overview from the nearby parking garage



They have really opened up the park towards the small river going next/through the park



It will be really nice when they open up the board walk along it



Making foundations for the two spinning drop towers, which will be called "Hissningen"



Looks like they have added the roof structure to the new Old-timer cars station (which was featured in the last image)



Overview over half the park, loads of construction going on...


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