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  1. My friend and I went. It was indeed cold and a bit miserable, and the rain didn't let up for a second all day. However, less than 3 rows in the parking lot were filled and trains were going out with an average of 4-10 people on them all day, so everyone there (especially us) still had a GREAT time!
  2. Was Hurricane not as good as Runaway Mountain at SFOT for some reason? Because I LOVE that coaster.
  3. ^I'm working at Cedar Point this summer and former employees have told me to prepare for "high school drama on steroids." Take that for what you will.
  4. ^Yes, but Magic Mountain was in a "coaster arms race" with a park all the way across the country...not an hour away. They have to do something to offer a different experience, and Holiday World already has the "family" market cornered.
  5. Well, there wasn't any sort of rattle at the bottom of the first drop, the rattle is the problem at the bottom of the third and turn around. I don't think we can really answer the question until we ride it this year! There was a definitely a prominent "rattle" sound that could be heard (from off-ride) when the train reached the bottom of the first drop last year. Hopefully this video is a good sign!
  6. But if one of the wheels begins to move at a different speed than the other...major, major disaster.
  7. -2nd and 3rd drops on Shockwave at SFOT -Flying Snake Dive on Stormrunner -Raven's "5th drop" -Crazy drop on Runaway Mountain at SFOT And somewhere during the 2nd half of the Flight of Fear coasters, there is a wicked drop where the train suddenly transitions from a hard left bank to a hard right. By far my favorite moment on those rides, especially in the back seat!
  8. Oh wow. No idea how I've missed him telling this story, then! Haha
  9. I was Facebook stalking earlier and ran across this picture, where my friend is riding a coaster with a train load of people, sans clothes... I'm too embarrassed to ask him about it, but can someone identify this coaster? ...and tell me what the heck is actually going on in this picture? lol
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