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Liseberg Discussion Thread

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  • 2 weeks later...

The replacement rides for the frog hoppers have arrived and are being installed in the park, they are a pair of Zierer Family Freefall Towers (which in my view are one of the scariest types of tower rides). The ride will be called "Hissningen". Just like many other names within the park is a pun that have an connection with Gothenburg and the surrounding area, in this case on the large island (Hisingen) in the northern half of the city and the fact that the name for an elevator is called "Hiss" in Swedish.


A pair of images from Lisebergs Facebook page:




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To all you Scandi 2014 trippers out there, since there have been a lack of massive updates from Liseberg in a while I though that today is the time to do that, just to tease you a bit more until next year


Massive photo update with a twist

Liseberg update 2013-03-11


The Kaninlandet area is progressing nicely and there is loads of stuff going on, unfortunately there is a risk that the construction workers will go on strike on the 19:th (postponed from the 12:th). Which may in a worst case scenario jeopardise the opening of the area when the park opens. I really hopes that the union and employers can reach an agreement before that so that it won't happen, the people in the park are really working hard to finish as much as possible until we know more.

Anyway, enough of words, here are some pictures to drool at (excuse my hand in some pictures, the sun was killer today):


They are doing some maintenance on the main entrance



Seems like they are extending the queue area at the main entrances as well



The curved roof is where the new coaster will be located



Looks like the Cycle railway is going up



Loads of buildings are looking great



More, and I really love the openness along the Mölndal river



Play area, with rabbit tunnels etc.



More of the board walk



The new Zierer Towers are in already, "Hissningen"



The photo update will now continue in here, Liseberg Main Office



Where we found this guy (the one on the right), some of you might recognise him, but to the rest of you he's the Liseberg CEO Andreas Andersen and is just as nuts about coasters an parks as the rest of us. He was happy to give us a tour of Kaninlandet for an update for you all. I really want to thank him again for this opportunity!!



So here is the new Old Timer cars, this time with Volvo buses and trucks from the olden days, sponsored by Volvo of course



It replaces the old fountain area which in it turn replaced a string of coasters, must say that this is a better use of this large area than the fountain was



New building that will house a big Burger King restaurant, as well as the sandwich and pancake place



Here is the future location of "Högspänningen"



Kaninlandet Entrance, there will be a balloon shop in the left building and a small carousel, "Hoppalång", on the flat area behind the fence at the right edge



Part of the playground, the tower will have a slide and a rope bridge to the top



More playground, the Styrofoam will be covered with rubber asphalt to reduce injuries as much as possible



The new coaster, "Stampbanan", will be going in here, the construction of the track will begin tomorrow, and according to Andreas will be done by Friday



New bits added to the kid stage area, the yellow bit at the top will become a windmill once it's all done



New building for the Coffee cups at the back, in the front is the foundation for the new "Cyklonen", a larger version of the ride that were in the park before to improve capacity somewhat



"Hissningen" again, enjoy the fake rust you see on these images since it will most likely be painted over when the park opens



Old timers again, there will be some Volvo stuff inside the red building and the station will be that small shed in the front



"Kaninlandsbanan" looks great and they were installing it really quickly when we were there, it will create some great interaction with several other rides, especially Rabalder which it were squeezed through



But what is this, loads of pins stuck in the ground and no trees!!



Yep, here are some Helix construction shots as a small bonus, this one looks in the direction of the first launch, pink sticks are track and orange ones footers



What was once the 3D cinema



They are making mincemeat of the building, it will be gone in a few weeks



Loads of trees have been removed, 80 to exact, 2 of them were big ones. It's really sad to see it this bare, but it's for a good cause



Kaninlandet from above



This is a new view, loads of trees gone



Test pit?



the new stuff looks great from this angle as well



There will be some great interraction between the different rides in the park. At one point Helix will pas between Lisebergbanan and Flume ride with just 10 cm to spare at either side, it will be a really great experience when it's done. They will soon start with the footers, and they will start at the helix and turnaround before the second launch. They aim to do them in such a way so that they don't have to shut down any rides once the season starts which is great news for all the visitors for this coming season. The first stages of erection of the ride will start in September/October. They will also put the front car out on display down in the park for everyone to have a great look on what's waiting for 2014 season. More updated videos, better renderings of the trains, info, etc will be posted on the project page in a few weeks so stay tuned until then.


On the way out we stopped by the southern car park and had a look what was laying around (picture was through the fence if someone asks)



More bits of the cycle railway



The big wheel says HI!!



So this was the end of this update. I would like to extend another warm thank you to Andreas Andersen invite us to come and visit the park at this time, it was really fun to be able to do this kind of construction update for everyone here and elsewhere in the world.

Next big update will most likely come from the pressday/opening, but I will post other news, images, etc. as they come.


Until next time.

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Thanks both of you.

There is more to this than I got images of, I'm pretty sure that I missed a ride or two in the pictures, another thing I forgot is that Kaninlandet should be completed on April 5:th if everything goes to plan and there is no strike, which means that they have 3 weeks to do the finishing touches and train the staff for opening.

Also forgot to mention that they are working to replace all the Asphalt within the park, this year with this new area they replaced 4000 m2 with bricks, so it's a good step forward.

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The replacement rides for the frog hoppers have arrived and are being installed in the park, they are a pair of Zierer Family Freefall Towers (which in my view are one of the scariest types of tower rides). The ride will be called "Hissningen". Just like many other names within the park is a pun that have an connection with Gothenburg and the surrounding area, in this case on the large island (Hisingen) in the northern half of the city and the fact that the name for an elevator is called "Hiss" in Swedish.
Those Zierer Family Freefall Towers are Deceptively EVIL! So happy Lagoon bought a pair in 2006! I actually prefer the Zierer Towers to Lagoon's S&S Towers, is that sad?



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^ Can't wait for you to come back


Those Zierer Family Freefall Towers are Deceptively EVIL! So happy Lagoon bought a pair in 2006! I actually prefer the Zierer Towers to Lagoon's S&S Towers, is that sad?
Completely agreed, these are the spawn of Satan together with Ferris Wheels The one I have ridden is Screamie at Heide Park, which we did just after getting of Scream, their awesome massive Intamin Gyrodrop. This one scared the pants of me. Andreas said that they were going to run 4 programs on the ride, first one I guess would be pretty pants, but he promised that everything would be cranked to 11 on the 4:th one

But I guess that I have to ride them though when my niece comes to visit, she's a maniac


Since Andreas told us that the new coaster would be up this Friday, which we though was a joke, since the footers looked noway near completion etc. when we were there this Monday. So today we went to have a quick look at the progress, since we had some errand to do in Gothenburg anyway.


I spy something that begins with the letter C...

Liseberg update 2013-03-16


There have been loads of stuff done during the week, some more roofs, walls, rides, etc. are completed now compared to this Monday. The workers are really flying along with installation, they were even there today working. Unfortunately there is still a strike threat for this Tuesday which may throw spanners in the works, we will know more tomorrow since the Union will then respond to the latest offer which was published today, so we just have to wait and see.


I know most of you want pictures, so here are some from my brother:


Most of the monorail is now up, just a few pieces of track to connect it to the station area is left in the car park



Still loads to do on the rubber hills



Holy crap, I spy a CREDIT!! So it wasn't a joke, it's all up



I'm going to enjoy your gracious curves soon...



Even the kicker wheels for the lift are done



A shame that the wind mill is in the way



Station is missing some floor



But hey, what's that!! They even got the train on!



As you can see, loads of progress



Though I can't wait until this view is full of Helix



So that's all for today, really happy with the progress, just hopes that the union will accept tomorrow, will keep you all updated on that as I know more.

Until next time.

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The Union said no, which means that the workers may go on strike this Tuesday, really bad news for this. But there is still 24 hours for them to agree on things so there is still hope that they might work it out until then. Just hope that Liseberg will sort everything out until opening.


Source: www.gp.se

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Good news everyone, especially for Liseberg.

The Mediators in the conflict, have put the foot down and forced the Union to postpone their threats of a strike for 2 weeks. This is good news for everyone, and in this case also Liseberg. But since Kaninlandet is scheduled to be complete on April 5:th then it's still a small risk that the final touches may be delayed in the end. But since there are currently 15 contractors in the park working and no one really knew which workers would go on strike tomorrow, then Liseberg don't really know what would have happened if the threat became a reality tomorrow. I really hope that they are so far along that Liseberg will get their Kaninland completed a week before scheduled, I'm at least pretty sure that they are aiming for it at the moment, just so that they can cover whatever is left themselves if the parts can't agree on a solution of this conflict before the new "deadline".


Source: www.gp.se

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Here is some news from Project Helix. I translated the blog article from Project Helix official page:


During the last month Liseberg has worked with designers and architects to produce a working draft of the Helix station building. It has taken time, but now we are in goal.


That it has taken time is not surprising because it is not an easy building to draw. It will live up to so many requirements and housing many special features. Moreover the design should fit Project Helix.


As the drawings look now the Helix station is an extension to Liseberg Tower. The entrance is from the Liseberg Tower and a twisty que leads from the entrance to the station platform. The building will have several functions, but the basic function is that it should serve as a station for Helix. From here starts the trains and here they come back a few minutes later, here's the attractions host have their control room and the storage to the trains when not in use.


An interesting detail worth noting is that the Helix, unlike many other roller coasters, do not start the journey with a lifthill. Helix, thanks to the station's position on top of the Liseberghill, has a potential energy that we use to instead start the trip with a downhill. Some fans have pointed out that the escalator we take to go up to the Liseberg Tower, in a sense becomes Helix "lifthill" - a bit of fun thought ...


In addition to the basic functions the station must have to function as a station, it will also serve as the waiting room for those who want to go on it, it should have a smart system for managing queues. Moreover, we have tried to make the space interesting and exciting for those waiting in line. They often talk about "pre-show room" in this context - a field that will prepare travelers and set a good mood for the ride.


We hope that the station we are about to start building will meet all of these needs in a good way ...


/ Lars-Erik


And so a small photo collage of computer animation and photo on our building model.




Source: http://projekthelix.se/stationsbyggnaden-en-viktig-byggsten/#.UU3LPhfYifV

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