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Liseberg Discussion Thread

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They will most likely be operated as one ride, much like the old Froghopper's were. They seem to be extremely close together to be run independently, but I guess that they may have the possibility to shut one of them down if the crowds are light.

Though I'm not sure if they are hooked up to the same hydraulic system or not, but I would say that it could be possible.

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My brother visited the large tourist trade fair that is an annual event in Gothenburg at this time of year. And on the way he stopped to take a few images of the park.

The panorama of the park was just too large to be posted here on TPR


The old timer cars track have been installed


Crane disassembly and Helix markings


More markings


Even more markings, and I have to say that it looks pretty bare at this point, can't wait until they have completed helix so that they can put in new trees


Liseberg is of course at the trade fair, even though it's across the street,


Note the new Liseberg Logo in the top right, also the Kaninlandet logo in the top left


Of course they had some rabbits :)

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^ Lagoon operates theirs on one system, so they load one while the other cycles and it works out pretty well. I believe the two at phantasialand operate independently if I remember correctly.


- Sid

As I said before, I think that they are just to close to each other so they have to load both at the same time and then run them at the same time as well, we just have to wait and see when the park opens.
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^ &^^What they said. Only for me it will be the first time! I have the cashiesh and blessings from teh Missus! All I am lacking is the official announcement and exchangement of bodily fluids. I can't wait! Scandi! Scandi!


Can the world survive Guy on a TPR tour?


See you there!

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^ &^^What they said. Only for me it will be the first time! I have the cashiesh and blessings from teh Missus! All I am lacking is the official announcement and exchangement of bodily fluids. I can't wait! Scandi! Scandi!


Can the world survive Guy on a TPR tour?


See you there!


No! But for those who enlist. I'm taking every one down with me! It's gonna be one hell of a ride!

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BTW, isn't that the formula for Photosynthesis written all over the walls, so Helix will be more green than just the track. First environmentalist themed ride??

Got a peak at the final train design in the latest First Drop magazine, so there might be a big press release on this ride soon with images, videos, etc. of the trains and the final iteration of the layout. I have to say that they look very snake like, but then again with the green theme then it might just be a Wacky Worm on steroids




Also a small update from the Andreas Andersen's blog:


The best occupation in the World!!


Stampbanan takes it's first ever rider.

It's nice to be CEO of a theme park if you love coasters



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  • 3 weeks later...

The train


Our designers now have an idea of how the Helix train might look. The design is inspired by our Helix mind map – an images we have had with us from the start of the project, with bits an pieces that we felt might work well in the project. This is how the mind map currently looks:


Some of the parts in the mind map we haven’t yet used and some have been used over and over again. The train has gotten it’s shape from spines as principal – whether its human, snake or even the stem of a leaf and down to its veins. We have had a biomimetic reference with us throughout the project.


We are rather happy with it…


Source: http://projekthelix.se/en/the-train/#.UWS2eKLYifU

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I have been away to Stockholm for a while now, so I completely missed them releasing the new trains to the public. I did however get a sneak peak in the latest First drop Magazine before hand so I had an idea on what they would look like. I do really love them, can't wait to get into the park to have a look on them in person. Hopefully they will get the first car on display soon.


In today's paper (GP) there were 2 whole pages of Liseberg advertising. The main content was to make people here aware of their new guarantee that they are launching together with Kaninlandet. It's called "Glada Parn-garanti" which translated would mean "Happy kids guarantee". Liseberg are so confident that the new Kaninlandet will be such a big hit that if there will be any sad children, then they would be able to abort the visit that day and be allowed back another day for free. More at: http://liseberg.se/sv/hem/Nojesparken/Praktisk-information/Glada-barn-garanti/ [swedish only]


Speaking of the web page, they have recently updated the whole page to this years look, and includes all the info about the new rides etc. I have to say that it looks really sharp. Link: http://liseberg.com/en/home/


About the paper again, in this weekends special they had a very informative 3 page interview with Andreas Andersen. It's a really good read about an enthusiast that realizes his biggest dream, which is to make his hobby his work,but also gives you an insight on what happens behind the scenes at Liseberg and other infos about coming investments like Kaninlandet and Helix. Unfortunately it's not available on-line (for free that is) and it's only in Swedish


It's also been a while since I posted some images for you all about Kaninlandet so here is a collection that Liseberg posted on their Facebook page:


The entrance have been given some TLC, including replacing the old logo with this new one


A new layer of gold have been added to it as well


New statue inside the entrance (it might have been relocated here, but the location is new)


Updated kid's game, instead of fish there is now carrots


The playground is looking really great, even though some of us might get some Teletubbies wibe from it


More playground


New aeroplane carousel




The rocking tug is still there


Not sure what this is but it looks lethal for someone that hates normal Ferris wheels


Hissningen still have their rust marks, who knows they may be there in the future


Old timers area is looking sharp




The new "cars" for the Old times have arrived


This is it for this time, more to come later, especially seeing that the park opens next Saturday!!

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I wonder how plausible a weekend getaway from my host school in the UK would be...

I know of people that have done day trips from the UK, it all comes down to what flights you have available. I wouldn't recommend a day trip though since you would miss all the great evening/night riding

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Liseberg 2013 press day update

Earlier today Liseberg had their annual press day for the coming season, and we were of course there to have a look for all of you. A big thanks to the CEO that made our visit possible.

The big news this year is the new kids area called Kaninlandet, if someone have missed that fact It's the largest investment for Liseberg since they opened 90 years ago. Oh yes, it's the 90'th season since the park opened as a part of Gothenburg 300 year anniversary celebration (OK so it opened 2 years late, but who cares really, it's still one of the best theme parks out there). Speaking of the anniversary, on the 8:th of May the official celebration of that day will take place, it will have loads of music, artists, dancers, etc. that have been a part of Liseberg since they opened all those years ago. They have now also launched a new logo (which have been seen in an earlier post), they have removed the rabbit from the logo since they feel that the rabbit is more of a symbol to children and not really compatible with all the other activities that happens in Liseberg, and I do say that the new one looks a lot cleaner.


Back to Kaninlandet. It have completely transformed a large part of the park, and it's actually 3 different areas. Kaninlandet is of course the main part of this new section. The other two parts are the extension of main-street and the new "west-coast" area.

In Kaninlandet you will find most of the new attractions, but also a big play area, stage, stalls, shops and a lot of other stuff. The play area is called "Bushållplatsen" and it's the natural home for where kids and rabbits can interact, the area features a few slides, climbing structures, bouncing mats, loads of other rooms where kids can go explore. It was still a work in progress in areas, but I'm still sure that Liseberg can pull it of before opening. The only down side is that I can see, is that the supplier of the "Kaninlandsbanan" hadn't been able to supply the ride in time, which meant that they only had one car available today, hopefully they will get this sorted pretty quick, but there will be some bad queues for this ride during the first few weeks. The other rides is a good mix of old and new rides and they will provide something for everyone. I was really blown away by one ride in particular but more on that later. Oh yes, they have a new Credit as well On the restaurant front they had the new "Plättlagat" which is just awesome, now it would be a lot harder what to choose for a quick snack, waffles or plättar

The extended main-street houses the new Mackasinet sandwich shop and a much larger Burger-King restaurant than what was there before. With these new restaurants there is loads of new seating space, both in and outdoors, this is necessary since they are planning to have longer seasons in the fall/winter so it will be nice to have easy access to indoor seating when the temperature drops. Mackasinet is a completely new concept for the park, they are going to serve baguettes with different types of filling, and all of them will be made in the park so that they will be as fresh as possible. They had a few of them available for us to try today, and I have to say that they were great

The final area is the "West-coast" area, which is situated along the river that flows through the park. It takes inspiration from the coastal area where Gothenburg is situated. They have created a long Board-Walk along the river where people can sit down and eat a meal that they have brought with them. There are two rides here, The new "Old-Timers" and Hissningen. The old timers have been changed to become small Volvo Trucks and the new area is larger and offers more interaction between the riders and the on-lookers, with more space inside the track for people to watch. Hissningen on the other hand is just evil


On a whole I think this new area will be a great success, the area is a great improvement on what was there before, and it will offer things to everyone (not only children, I was grinning from ear to ear at times ). I only have 2 "complaint" today, one, it was really bad weather today, not much you can do about that than to suck it up, it wasn't raining that bad really, and two is that this new area feels a bit too new, it really needs to weather a bit and the new trees will have to grow a bit for it to become really great, but I'm pretty sure that the children will be pleased, much in the same way we will next year


Now for the good bit, PICTURES!!!


In case you want to know where to go


Shiny new gold on the entrance


Kaninlandet here we come


Kids stage called Kvarnteatern




Helix will go there


More overview


New stuff everywhere


Back entrance


Two older attractions that have been given a tune up


Another old attraction


The new rabbits are less green as the old ones


More blend of old and new


Welcome to the playground


Called Bushållplatsen


With nice round hills for the rabbits


One of the two slides


Didn't film a POV though, so this will have to do


Where small kid's can leave their pacifier's


New old timers


With a Volvo history area




The roof is a nice touch in this weather


Just imagine how good this will look when the plants have grown a bit


Nice touch that with a roofed queue


Next attraction is called Flygis


Replaces the old aeroplane carousel


It's really whips you around the corners


Even the rabbits like them


Next up the board walk attraction, Hissningen


The rust is still there, who knows it may just stay


But as most of us know, these towers are just EVIL :devil:


Hoppalong, it may not look like something, but...


...the airtime is INSANE!!!

Really surprised by this ride.


Högspänningen was one of thos attractions that I dreaded


But it was all right, and the roofs was a great touch


But then again, if you start to spin the gondola like a madman, then I wouldn't really love it...


Kaninlandsbanan is a cycle railway type deal that runs around Kaninlandet




It could need some more cars though, which will come in time...


It snakes it's way around the area


CREDIT, not much more to say, we did get 4 goes which was nice :)


Even this one had a roof, lovely touch in this weather


POV shot, from the first go


The last new attraction


Not allowed to ride it, so it will still be the only attraction I haven't ridden in the park :(


Sort of new, well they replaced the old one with a larger one to get more capacity


The Coffee cups are as spinney as always


Rabalder is still there


The rocking tug is lacking it's water at the moment


Now it's enough of the attractions, time for some food, here are some new stalls in the west coast


Ice-cream and buns stall


The Rabalder ORP stall have become a "Snömos" [translation: Snow Mash/Sause] stall, whatever that is


New Burger King restaurant, which is a part of the Main-street extension


Upstairs you have plenty of space to sit and eat


Many different rooms with changing theme


Next to BK, you have "Mackasinet"


Which serves these awesome sandwiches, which these are just a selection of their menu, the Chicken and mango one was awesome


Behind the Coffee cups you have these awesome place, "Plättlagat"


Which serves these awesome things, they are aiming to serve a total of atleast one million of these, and after tasting these then I'm pretty sure that I will be responsible for many of them :p


Rabalder with Kaninlandsbanan squeezing through


The extension of Main-Street makes this area a lot better and give a more natural connection to the other side of the river


Lisebergbanan is looking mighty as always


Wonder what Kind of additives they have used for those carrots


Some Helix sticks


So that was it from me for this time, I really hope that everything will work out great for Liseberg with this major overhaul of the kids area, and I can't wait to hear the reviews from the children that will come through the park in just a few days time. Until next time!!

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