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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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I know they didn't ask me, but I wish they'd paint it closer to the Magic Mountain Goliath than just repainting it like Deja Vu. The standard boomerang's colors look great in all the construction pictures though. Can't wait to check out the new Premier trains, too.

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They look like that because they sand blasted it. The park has already stated that they are going to repaint it the same colors it currently is.


I honestly think it's a really pathetic decision Six Flags did. I would've liked an orange track, blue support Goliath (like the rest of them )

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^Well, Flashback and Pandemonium already have orange supports. But then Flashback is blue and Pandemonium is green. So all three choices would have been bad. Should have come up with a different unused color scheme.



Worst. Color scheme. Ever.

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Wow... Goliath sure is looking good, and it seems like it's going up pretty fast. I'm sure the light winter in NE this year has allowed the park to get a lot more construction in then they normally would.


Compared to Flashback, this thing is looking like a beast. I hope I get to ride it sometime soon.

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