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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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Let's also remember that to the GP this will be a "new" ride, so they will not really care what color it is because they will be so excited to have "big flashback". I'm sure there will be some exceptions, but I don't think most will care about the lack of a re-paint.

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It's not that we're "unhappy," we're just questioning the motives of the whole plan of moving this coaster to the park. The color really isn't that big of a deal, all that was being said was maybe they could have tried to make it fit better in that part of the park, there's nothing wrong with that. I've been on Deja Vu, it's a mediocre ride (maybe that will change with the new cars?), and imo, it would only benefit from a face-lift or some cool theming around it.


Bottom line, no matter what SFNE does, or doesn't do, the GP will still eat this ride up and will be a big success. Seems like Deja Vu was a quick fix for this the park for 2012... I'm still holding out hope for an Intamin pre-fab (or at least some sort of awesome new wooden coaster) at point!

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^ Agreed. When the hell is this park going to have a coaster that launches? It's the only Six Flags park in the U.S. that doesn't have one. I have this little fantasy that when The Flash movie comes out (assuming it does) SFNE will get a launched coaster of some type and theme it to The Flash.


But anyway, I'm still excited for the ugly green Vekoma of course.



*EDIT: I just remembered SFOG has no launching coaster. I guess they're due for one as well!

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^ Firstly, I'm not sure why you're using quotation marks on the word "need" as I never used that word in my post.


Secondly, I also made no mention of cloning some other launched coaster, so I don't know where that came from.


Anyway, though I don't think the park "needs" a launched coaster (clearly there are plenty of great parks that don't have one), I think it would be a great addition to SFNE. I think it helps a park to be more well-rounded to offer a variety of different ride experiences, and a launched coaster is a ride experience not represented there, so would therefore be a good addition.


And of course I would prefer a good standard lift coaster over say a Premiere spaghetti-bowl clone, but I think something along the lines of blue fire, or even one of those Gerstlauer LSM coasters (a la Anubis: The Ride) would be great at SFNE. (Or god willing an Intamin Blitz, but I wouldn't hold my breath for that.)


What standard lift coaster do you think seems like a good and realistic choice for SFNE?

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I guess some folks just can't be happy no matter what they get.


Honestly, what are you talking about? First off, this is eight hours from me. I'm not getting anything out of this deal. My point is that it's total lack of care for a cohesive theme, or poor planning, or both, that's letting them plop a giant neon boomerang in a country-themed area.




I've never understood how complaining about (what is for some reason perceived as) complaining adds anything to a conversation.


Your questioning of the park's logic regarding this addition makes perfect sense.

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Even more confirmation that the park isn't painting Goliath.



TPR's interview with Jim Seay has got me even more excited to ride it in 2012. It sounds like the train is going to be great. Plus SFNE just uploaded some more pictures today.



What's this?




There are six more pictures on their website.


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Just in case anyone didn't notice this, Six Flags New England's Facebook posted a few photos of the Goliath Construction.

They also posted to their Facebook that the new coaster would be repainted, but the same colors. To me this seems kind of pointless unless they changed the colors.



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^To repaint the ride, even if they are the same colors is at least a good sign of care for the ride. Just think, they could have put it up as is, and left it looking worn and torn after years of service at Magic Mountain, along with any damage or chips that came from the disassembling and transporting of the track. Whatever the color, I'm just happy they are putting the money and the time in to give it a fresh coat. The last thing the park needs is to put in a ride that looks as bad as this (other Six Flags-neglected coaster) does...


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