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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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The website for fright fest is pretty much useless. Six Flags, I get you are trying to be funny but it's good to actually provide actual information in your FAQ and plan your visit pages.


If you look at the list of attractions it appears that there is an additional fee for what appear to be the three mazes. What that fee is, I have no idea. That would be useful info so of course it's missing from their website.

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I think they're afraid of advertising the prices because they're afraid people won't bother. But if you're already at the park, you will just think "Oh, what the heck, why not?" and pay whatever the fee is. I even tried calling the park, where the nice lady asked me to hold on a moment while she found out - only to be "disconnected" 10 minutes later. When I called back, I got no answer.

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Damn. That is terrible customer service and quite shady. Every other haunt website I've been to for New England area attractions tell you how much is going to cost and different options. I guess I won't be going to SFNE this October.

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Yeah their guest relations office is definitely not the best.


Midnight Mansion is $8.

Wicked Woods is $7.

Slayers Lair (the new one in Hurricane Harbor) is $7.

You can get a combo pass for all them for $15 which IMO is a steal.

VIP is $30.


Plus there is a free one directly in front of Twister in the two big tents.


From what I've seen (haven't had a chance to visit FF myself this year, yet) Wicked Woods is rated the best. Then its a toss up between MM and SL. As always, I think its just a matter of luck. Sometimes you can go through and get a great experience because you got lucky when it was fully staffed. Other times you go through during a shift change. It really depends.


Wicked Woods tends to be about 10 minutes, it is very long. I've heard that Slayers Lair is extremely short, but has some pretty great animatronics. Midnight Mansion is also short (it takes up Houdini's building, plus its old, outside queue)

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Was at the park today and decided to take a look at how Goliath's new ride zone was looking. I was pretty shocked at how quickly the ride was taken down. Most of the midway themeing is still there, though. There's even a shack across the midway that has a Shipwreck Falls sign. Anyway, here's the dirt on the dirt.


The obligatory shark is still up.


There are no panels obscuring the construction site. There is no effort to hide their current work.




The biggest shock was Shipwreck's old station. It has been rotated 90 degrees and is a couple yards away from its old spot.


Once again, these pics were taken directly from the midway.



And one last picture where, one day, TWO cobra rolls will dominate this image.

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From Goliath's blog, it appears that track has arrived and has retained its color scheme.



Photo by Six Flags New England


However, the rendering of the computer graphic appears to be a tan-goldish color. I wonder if they will be repainting it after assembly. I already forgot, did they do that with GCG too?



Render by Six Flags New England

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I bet they will repaint it with the color scheme in the rendering, it makes sense. The bright green and blue would look so out of place in that section of park. Maybe they will paint the pieces at SFNE before they put them up?


I mean, they're putting a boomerang next to a boomerang, so at this point they might not care about the color, haha...

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They easily could have made the rendering in the blue/green color scheme, so why wouldn't they if they were intending to keep the same colors? I'm really hoping this means they've decided to repaint. I think those colors would look much better in Crackaxle.

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Its not that people are unhappy, it's just that I think people are getting bored of the same old Deja Vu colors. I don't see any posts where people are genuinely pissed off about no new paint. You only have two other GIBs in the world that are different colors. So it would have been nice to get a refresh. I think VinTheAttendant brought it up because of the fact that SFNE posted the rendering on their construction blog. If they park didn't say so we would all be confused.


But hey, it is what it is. The paint in the rendering would definitely, 500%, look better in its area. Like what coasterfreak101 said, the rust orange and silver colors "go" with Crack Axel Canyon.


Who knows, maybe SFNE says they aren't painting it but they are? It's unlikely but anything is possible.

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I guess some folks just can't be happy no matter what they get.


Honestly, what are you talking about? First off, this is eight hours from me. I'm not getting anything out of this deal. My point is that it's total lack of care for a cohesive theme, or poor planning, or both, that's letting them plop a giant neon boomerang in a country-themed area.

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My point is that it's total lack of care for a cohesive theme, or poor planning, or both, that's letting them plop a giant neon boomerang in a country-themed area.


Like I said in my previous post, I do agree with you but I think Schotcher summed it up perfectly earlier.


This is Six Flags...is it not?
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