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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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And to answer your question^ They will be using the old SWF station as the new goliath station. It was confirmed by the park to SFNE online.


Yeah I know, I just never posted a response to my own question. Also, we're members of the same site. I posted everything on the same day around the same time.

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While I'm a huge fan of the "Deja Vu" name, I think the change all comes down to marketability. "Goliath," at least to me, seems much more visceral, more easily translatable into visual terms, and more palatable by the GP. In short, I'd bet "Goliath" sells more t-shirts and mugs than "Deja Vu."

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I'm kind of disappointed in all of our Jr. Engineers here saying how a lap bar only ride can't go up a vertical spike...


X-Cars I think are a different case, because the vertical lifts on them have you on your back, so the backrest supports your body the whole time.


With GIBs, isn't that initial reverse lift out of the station problematic, not the 2nd one? Of course, a maurer type harness could hold your in, but your whole upper body would flop foward the entire time.

I think the only viable non OTSR solution is a vest style restraint. Lap bar alone wont cut it.



On an unrelated note...If the coaster were smooth, then normal OTSRs should be fine, no matter what the manufacturer right?

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Was there something special about Speed the Ride I don't understand, it seems like all of the Premier rides with OTSR's were unbearable to the point that they were replaced with lap bars with the exception of that one coaster


I think the thing with Speed was that there weren't many directional changes. That's what usually causes the headbanging. There was pretty much just one turn, if I'm recalling correctly. So, there were fewer chances to bang your head.


All of the other Premier rides, particularly the spaghetti bowls had tons of directional changes -- and tons of chances to bang your head around!

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I know they didn't ask me, but I wish they'd paint it closer to the Magic Mountain Goliath than just repainting it like Deja Vu. The standard boomerang's colors look great in all the construction pictures though. Can't wait to check out the new Premier trains, too.

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They look like that because they sand blasted it. The park has already stated that they are going to repaint it the same colors it currently is.


I honestly think it's a really pathetic decision Six Flags did. I would've liked an orange track, blue support Goliath (like the rest of them )

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