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  1. But there are no legalities to classifying coasters with made up marketing terms so people can call a 299 foot coaster a Giga, and a 199 foot tall coaster a Hyper if they want to. Not really a big deal.
  2. Overspending on new rides or buying rides the park doesn't necessarily need and having to pay what they cost? I personally think Tatsu did a lot of good for Magic Mountain, its one of peoples favorite rides in the park and has almost become a flagship ride at the center of the park that you can see from almost anywhere. Doubt it. Besides horrible loading time (due not only to train design but the 3 point restraint system put in place) the position of the seats on the current trains were pretty cool. They actually allowed a view directly in front of you if you sat on the outside seats, a view that would have been restricted say you were sitting in B&M Invert style trains.
  3. ^Judging from that photo and the arrow and adjusting it to scale, I'd say the drop is definitely more like 317 feet and 8 inches, exactly.
  4. Was watching a POV for Raptor at Cedar Point and noticed something very similar to this coaster...there's a distance of straight track on Raptor right before the cobra roll that is just like the straight track design they used before the immelman on this coaster. I'm probably wrong, but these are the only 2 coasters I can think of that have that straight track right in the middle of a layout. I know there's a trim brake on this coaster, but there are other coasters where straight track is not necessary to install a trim. Maybe it's just for rider intensity purposes? I think that portion of straight track will always be a mystery.
  5. ^Eegaads! Talk about an eyesore! IMO Deja's colors are much better than that. Neither do I.
  6. I have used my SFMM Xtreme Pass for free parking at SF Great Adventure and SF over Texas at both parks this year...not even a hiccup. The one employee even said "Oh wow! California, huh? Well, have a nice day!" Maybe it's cause of my pretty mug.
  7. Haha, yeah, I know exactly what you mean, I took that risk and lost my phone on Tatsu one time. After that, I'd advise ANYONE who gets on X2 or Tatsu to fork over the money and invest the $2 to lock up your stuff when riding. It will save you from having to stress about it while riding, and will save yourself the headache of losing your phone or other items in your pocket. You don't think they could find a way out, but they will! I would be absolutely thrilled if Colossus got the Rocky Mountain treatment.
  8. ^I have not noticed a faster ride on Apoc recently, however the ride does seem a little more rough laterally. Not a problem for me, it's a wood coaster and I expect that. On my visits, however, they didn't even stop me at the pre-show anymore, and I just walked through to the station. Fine with me considering they mostly gutted a lot of the pre-show themeing after re-naming the ride anyway. Airtime non-virgin here, also a rider of coasters around the globe. Airtime isn't the right word for Superman. It's definitely more "weightlessness" than anything. When the ride faced forward I never felt it at all. Now I atleast feel it and although it's not like a drop tower or anything it's much more evident to me, especially in the back seats. The OTSR's don't restrict the feeling at all, IMO. SoCal may not have airtime, but there's pretty much no ride I've been on that even compares or provides the sensations of X2 from the second you crest the lift hill, to the backflip before the turnaround. That entire sequence is practically incomparable (except for the 4D brother on the other side of the planet). I would *guess* Deja Vu will be all of gone next weekend.
  9. I agree. It was not a must ride for me before but I now find myself heading up there for atleast one ride every time I go to MM.
  10. More than ever. The change in seat direction and new height up the tower definitely makes the weightlessness or "airtime" more noticeable than ever. To be honest I never really felt all that weightless facing forward.
  11. It is SO much better backward than it ever was forward! I hope it's open for you guys too, it's definitely a new experience you don't want to miss, the G's on the curve are so strong. The train actually hits 100 MPH now, and the looking at the ground from that high is awesome. The park probably won't close Superman and get started on Lex Luther until April next year. Then it will have problems and its opening will be rushed or delayed. Oh Six Flags, don't you ever learn? /sarcasm
  12. From the looks of it PortAventura regulars are quite excited about the new coaster installation! I would be too!
  13. Anyone else notice a trend here? Almost everyone here has said they had not had Dippin Dots in years due to the prices for the portion you receive. I too have always felt that way, even though I love the ice cream. Sometimes its so odd to me that companies don't understand how many more people would actually buy their products, and how much better they'd be off, if they just lowered the price by as little as a dollar. Now if they wouldn't even be able to maintain a profit if they did that based on the higher volume it would sell for, it's definitely not a surprise this is happening to this company. Banana split FTW!
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