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  1. Went to the park yesterday for a few hours. Overall a good, very hot day with the longest wait being Green Lantern with a 30 min wait. Everything else was a walk-on. El Toro and Sky Screamer seemed to have some difficulties, with El Toro being down at least twice the time I was there (12-5). Houdini seemed to have a new pre-show and ride audio, replacing the music in the pre-show with a pre-recorded woman talking the entire time. Did the Houdini at SFNE receive the same upgrades? The only negative for the day would be the Nitro crew. They seemed to be the slowest and stacked all 3 trains quite frequently. GL: 1x El Toro: 2x Sky Screamer: 1x Nitro: 1x Houdini: 1x
  2. Flying into Logan from the west gives you a pretty good view of SFNE. Boston to Chicago also gives you a decent view of Cedar Point
  3. Might be. Look at this attraction for sale that is 100 feet http://www.italintl.com/detail_page.php?record_id=1125 Where exactly is that one? I believe this is the sky coaster from SFWoA/Geauga Lake with the rapids ride and the Batman/Dominator exit ramp in the background.
  4. Does anyone know why these were added to the restraints? It seems like this park seems to have issues with their Intamin restraints. As a result of the accident at SFNE, all three Superman(Supermen?) mega coasters had their T bars modified. Now the U bars need to be slightly modified? I'm curious to find out why these were added to the trains and if any other modifications to the restraint system are planned, as the ride is four years old and without any major accidents since the transformation. EDIT: Does anyone know if El Toro had it's restraints modified as well, or is this a purely SFNE thing? In any event, at least it doesn't interfere with the ride experience.
  5. I think they are on the right track with the wing over drop. That is definitely the 'signature' of the latest wing riders, however, I agree that new elements, especially for a new style of ride, are always welcomed. With that said, this definitely looks to be one of the most exciting new additions in 2013!
  6. At least this one looks more permanent than the one at SFNE. That one is literally a carnival ride sitting on a trailer. Maybe they will open this one towards the end of the summer in time for Fright Fest? Surely parts for a slingshot would not arrive this early if it was planned to open next season as I don't see these types of attractions taking very long to install.
  7. ^ I'm pretty sure Batwing opened with 3 trains just like X-Flight (SFWoA) did. As far as I know, neither ever ran all 3 at the same time. For X-Flight, the third train was eventually used for parts, and I'm assuming the same happened to Batwing's 3rd train.
  8. Did I hear that correctly? Um I don't think so as that little park in MD. was the one to go 11 years without a coaster till now.Hate to say this but the wingriders thus far look a little lackluster in terms of the typeof inversions offered,much like the DM'swhich only offer immelman's as their main element. I personally feel wing riders have shown their ability to do almost every inversion out there. From the long drawn out twists, zero g rolls, dive loop first drops, immelmans, and the vertical loop on Wild Eagle. I feel as the concept starts to mature, we will begin to see taller, longer, and even more intense layouts. I feel X-Flight is just beginning to show what the wing riders are capable of.
  9. Does anyone know if this is also the time when they will be making one of the sides run forwards again? I think I remember hearing that they would do this at some point
  10. ^That thing is massive! If the winds in the building are an issue for the ride, wouldn't a semi-simple solution be to just remove the building? I'm sure watching this huge ride run a cycle would be great for onlookers!
  11. Can anyone send me the Magnum XL-200 ctr? All the download links to it seem to be broken
  12. I've used the CTR before without any issues. Guess I'll try reinstalling it
  13. Sorry to resurrect this thread, but just wanted to know what cso's are used for this ride? Whenever I try to open it, the game crashes
  14. I really hope that after they repaint the supports, they won't endup looking like SFGAm's did, with the patches of various shades of blue. Otherwise, looks like construction is moving along well!
  15. If you would like to sign a petition that will be sent to your respective representatives, Google gives you information about the bills as well as the form to fill out. It only takes a few seconds and will help in the fight against these two very dangerous bills.
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