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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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There is also an empty spot near Pandemonium where the zero-g trampolines used to be. Not nearly as bad at GAdv or MM but its noticeable.


I think they should put the mouse in Thomas Town since TT is always dead since everything is a repeat ride of another ride in either Looney Tunes Movietown or Wiggles World, so a wild mouse, a good family attraction would draw a ton of people in there. Thats just my opinion though. Maybe it could open up a path from Thomas Town to Kontiki so the park isn't so full of dead ends.

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I think an impulse coater would be a great addition to the park given the space the park has for future additions and the fact that a launch coaster would add to the park line up.


See some of my photoshop renderings of this. I think it could easily go behind Kontiki and Twister with the vertical spike right by the exit for the Tornado slide



SFNE with Impulse Coaster


Another photo impulse coaster

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I've heard from a couple people that Bizarro's flame cannons are now gone.


I was there Sunday 9/5, and the very top portion of the cannons were removed and it appeared steel plates put over the holes. Everything else was still there, so who knows what they are up to.


The audio was still performing poorly, but the rest of the ride was as good as it always has been. But I can't recall when the soundtrack worked with any consistency this year anyway.


Sixsixsix Flags should just ditch the audio and dispose of those god-awful mouse ear speaker thingys entirely.

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It is just the yellow numbered trains that have the crackly audio that pops in you're ear that hurts the whole ride. Maybe you just get lucky (or unlucky) and get the yellow train all the time. Next time you are there try waiting for the blue one and you will be guaranteed audio except for after the first tunnel and until the last building. It cuts out between then.


I'm pretty disappointed about the fire though. SFNE got jipped for 2011. No fire for Bizarro and just a mouse? Oh well...


Maybe they will keep the propane tank since it counts as theming? It looks like an oil rig and has a big "LexCorp" logo on it for anyone who doesn't know.

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Green Lantern: Confirmed by SFNE's Facebook!


Nightwing was removed 2 years ago, and replaced by Jokers Wildcard. Ever since Lex Luthor Replaced Superman with Bizarro, super villains have slowly been taken over DC. But I hear that the Green Lantern Corp plans to keep the villains at bay in 2011.




EDIT: Does it move up when you edit it? I added the link and now its up higher on the forums. Thats weird.

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This article says it was just the facade and thats what it looks like, so that should be easily repaired.


AGAWAM – Fire broke out on the upper external facade of the Midnight Mansion haunted house attraction at Six Flags new England at about 8 p.m. Saturday.


No one was injured, all guests were escorted from the building and the rest of the park continued to operate normally, said Melissa M. Pinkerton, the park’s communications manager.


Firefighters for the Agawam Fire Department remained on the scene until after 9 p.m.


Pinkerton didn’t yet know the cause of the fire Saturday night.


Midnight Mansion is part of the park’s Halloween Fright Fest.



This is the best thing we have at SFNE for Fright Fest, and arguably one of the best flats. No way is the town going to let this ever open again. That was part of the problem with TDK, the fire codes. That stinks.


According to someone on SFNE Online who was there tonight the structure caught fire from someone lighting one of the spider webs and it quickly spread. Not sure the truth to this. And according to Guest Relations it will most likely be up by next weekend, maybe Monday. We'll find out more soon though.

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I swear if some punk thought it would be funny to light a spider web on fire and it causes the Houdini's to close for good i will be so pissed. This is one of my favorite rides at great adventure it is so cool.

This is Six Flags New England we're talking about.

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