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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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Anyone know if WC's trains are going to have glass side boards like NTaG trains?

No, because WiCy is using RMC trains, not Gerstlauer

I know, I mean similar side boards, they are both designed by Alan anyway.

No, none of the others have, plus the trains have already been seen.

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I swear RMC are the new Intamin. And if Twisted Colossus is the S:RoS equivalent, then this one is Expedition G Force.

Intamin will still be better than this. In my opinion, RMC is the reicarnation of arrow given that they always try and push boundaries.

I'd say they're the new b&m


Overall though, this ride looks Amazing!

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I'd like to point out today when I was at the park when waiting in line for Scream. After it shot up a bunch of lubricant and steam took off from the bottom of it in a mist/smoke. Just wondering if in anyone has seen this or can give an explanation.

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The release of air pressure when the carriage reaches its pre-determined point. Compressed air contains moisture and as a result of the valve opening to release the excess air pressure, out goes the moisture. Generally compressed air is filtered using a drier but if the air is too humid, not a lot you can do to get all of the moisture out. That or the drier is full and needs to be drained.

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Hello everyone,


I am possibly flying into Boston in mid-July (my dates are tentative) and am wondering about transportation to the park. I am doing research and have seen Peter Pan buses as an option. Is this bus service safe/trustworthy and has anyone on this forum used it before? Are there other options too? Car rental is out of the question.




PeterPan buses are one of my favorite because they are one of the only ones with WiFi and power outlets.

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