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  1. Tbt to when Robb was less of #TheBlob. Seriously though I know I'll get banned, ROBB IS AN ASSHOLE AND I DONT KNOW HOW ELISSA CAN LIVE WITH HIM!
  2. I think the rumor is that there won't be a green train. I think they're 4 trains.
  3. Larson considers them coasters, so it's not entirely Six Flags.
  4. So the problem that they never fixed with The Bizarro test seat is that it has more legroom than the train. That may be your problem. That is something the park needs to change because it's unfair to people who wait in line after trying the test seat.
  5. ECZenith, it really depends on the ride ops. If you get a ride op who is nice and wants to help you, the will legit jump on your bar. If you get one who doesn't give af, they'll try once or twice and make you leave.
  6. V for Vekoma? I don't know, but it was horrible having to tell some stupid gp they were in your seat every ride.
  7. It was to up the hourly capacity. It has the Same amount of seats, except they are 4 across instead of staggered. It makes it a lot less confusing to find your seat. It was a mess with the staggered v seating.
  8. When they first got they ride, they actually planned to add the train. They just weren't completed yet. And yes people are entitled to opinions, but when you just bash something about the same thing, it's being a dick. And if u don't like what SFNE does, don't go to the park. And it's also impolite to post a picture without credit.
  9. You know you're at an SF park when you have a great time with your friends during the summer just being teens and not complaining on everything that isn't perfect.
  10. Coasterbill, I'm going to go out on a limb that premier replaced them for free. I'm going to guess this because Premier wants these trains to work so they can sell more of them. The Dark Knight was 2008, get over it! The banning because of a picture was ridiculous, he got his season pass back, he's over it and you should be to. The park is trying to improve a ride experience that wasn't amazing last year. And you still freaking bash them. God damn.
  11. Both trains are on the track! Blue in station and orange on the transfer. Painting started earlier this week, bracing will continue.
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