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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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I was at the park today, and it was just a great day to ride. I was there for almost 5 hours and got 25 rides. Most of them on Diamondback - my fav at the park.


Vertical construction has started on Banshee. I last looked at around 4pm, and at least 6 blue beams were placed by the crane on footers. They also have Banshee t shirts in the gift shop already.


Not sure if this is related, but Flight Deck was closed when I walked back at 4.

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Vertical construction started yesterday. Also a few more track pieces arrived:

It's hard to believe this used to be SOB site. I'm know I'm behind with this I have never seen a B&M invert in the states that dosent have a dip. Does anyone know the reason why B&M went away with the dip 10 years ago?

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Waiting out a storm in Flight Deck's station and saw them lift two beams into place. Pics when I get home.


Also, those Banshee Twist ice cream comes are a NO. I ate one earlier and now want to puke my guts out. This needs to be like the cinnamon challenge or the gallon of milk challenge.


The Banshee Twist Challenge: eat a whole Banshee Twist ice cream cone in under twenty minutes without vomiting.

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Does anyone know the reason why B&M went away with the dip 10 years ago?


The dip was originally there to make sure that the train disengaged the lift chain at the same speed as the chain was going to limit wear and tear on the chain. I don't fully know the specifics, but essentially they figured out how to disengage the trains from the lift without there being any additional wear and tear on the system, so the dip was eliminated. Parks wouldn't want them re-added as they are not a thrilling element and just based on their location so far above the ground, they would be a decently pricy one too.


...and thanks everyone for the tips on KI! I didn't need Fast Lane and was able to ride everything, including multiple rides multiple times. Some quick thoughts...


Firehawk - The only thing that stands out from this was how impossibly loud and long the lift was. That part made me like it the least of any flyer I've been on by far.


Flight of Fear - Why do they only run two trains on this thing? Holy heck it loaded slow because of that. I feel like 10ish years ago when I was last there, it ran three with the lap bars... Long wait, I still really, really love this ride.


Backlot - The first triple upward helix made both me and my buddy start feeling ill. After that, we enjoyed the rest of the ride quite a bit. I couldn't believe that the fire effects were working. The ending was surprisingly fun.


Diamondback - Very okay. I expected to like this one more, and while it was fun, I didn't love it. Cool, and definitely fills a gap the park needed.


Adventure Express - Still the best non-Disney mine train, even though it seemed that only the final effect was actually working.


Flight Deck - Worst name for a coaster at the park, awesome ride.


Invertigo - I have no idea why I rode this. It made me feel sick for a while afterward and I skipped Vortex and Racer because of it. I never need to ride one of these again.


Flying Ace - Never rode a kiddie invert before. It had traditional Vekoma bangy-ness and I was wholly unimpressed.


Woodstock Express - I don't really fit, but this was my first ever roller coaster (or so I was recently told) and I rode it with my dad who was also on the trip, so that made it fun or nostalgic or something.


Beast - The first half of this ride I really like. After that, I wish the second half didn't exist. It rode fine, but I felt the same about it.


I also rode Boo Blasters, which was fun but I don't get why they don't do the laser thing that Disney does with these - I had NO idea where I was shooting, and there was at least a minute where all the targets were on the other side and I hit nothing, again with no idea where I was aiming. I had the same issue with the Turkey ride at Holiday World. Fun, but not something I cared to reride. A pointer to know where I was shooting would have changed that.


The train was also interesting. The park looked immaculate, and then you get on the train and chug next to the train building where the door is falling off and the building looks like it's going to fall over, and the fort that looks like it's overgrown and falling apart, and there are like tables or whatnot that look like garbage... my buddy who I was with pointed out how odd it was that everything was so good looking in the park and then not just did they leave all this stuff not so good looking along the back, but that they actually pointed them out on the tour! (Hey, look to your right and SEE the train building!) Strange.


Overall, great day at the park. Banshee will be a great addition to the park, and I actually might just make it back next year to ride it!

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Adventure Express - Still the best non-Disney mine train, even though it seemed that only the final effect was actually working.


False, that title belongs to Thunderation at Silver Dollar City. It's like Adventure Express with an actual drop after the lift hill.

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