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  1. Always entertaining Chuck. Looking forward to more hotness. Take that however you want.
  2. Soon to be opened death coaster is now at Keansburg Amusement Park. Should be open within the month. Was it really that bad? I think it might have gotten new trains near the end? When I rode it at Beech Bend in like 2004 with the old trains it was terrifying. I just remember half the seats being roped off. Me too. In 2005 it seemed at one point that my restraint loosened up a few inches during the ride. It's funny that the only other Scat 2 I know of is here in Charlotte with a traveling fair company. They set it up in Mint Hill, NC at our little town fair every year. I've ridden it once.
  3. Do Nighthawk first and get that out of the way. If you have a Platinum pass, you get to go into the park 30 minutes early to get to the line you want to. Not all the park is open for this, but Nighthawk is. Then the rest of the park is pretty easy after that. Nighthawk is the only really slow loader in the park. You may want to hit Flying Ace as it is next to Nighthawk and only has the 1 train. I wonder if Carowinds will get a brony convention next year.
  4. So nice to see Carowinds' old swings still there. Also nice to see a bunch of water in a former Paramount Park. Unlike a certain park on a state line, somewhere in oh say, the Carolinas.
  5. http://carowindsconnection.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4039&start=150 Not a whole lot to see at this point. As already mentioned, RipCord was moved to the front of the park, the go karts have been removed... that's about all where the coaster is assumed to be going so far.
  6. Hurler at Carowinds used to run with very good airtime. But since they've put in trim brakes (again) that hope is all but gone.
  7. How does it work with the food? Is everything a la carte, or do you pay a fee for all you can eat?
  8. Yeah, good luck with that. Cedar Point is the flagship park and isn't going to be usurped by a sister park in the chain.
  9. This park looks brand new now! It looked terrible back in 2005 under Six Flags. Way to go KK!
  10. I rode it Sunday with the belts and they didn't affect the ride at all to me. I have heard though that some people have started getting stapled for some strange reason. I didn't have that problem.
  11. Funny how when I first saw the movie, I thought that scene would make a great coaster.
  12. I love this little park. Reminds me of the Land of Oz a bit.
  13. Yet by your judgements I can tell you are American (as am I) because 7 of the people in those pictures were in fact overweight Great pictures, Hanno! Love the rider shots! I can't wait to say that to you again! I'm totally pointing the finger at myself. I'm way overweight and have had to do the walk of shame more than once.
  14. I certainly can tell this is not an American trip report, only 1 person I would even call overweight at all. Are the restraints pretty accommodating or is like the old Intamin restraints? Love the photos, amazing looking coaster. Hey Carowinds build a 300 ft version of this!
  15. Well I've lived in Charlotte all my life and never been to the Outer Banks... lol. Course there is only 1 credit out on the eastern side of NC, maybe that's why.
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