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  1. Always entertaining Chuck. Looking forward to more hotness. Take that however you want.
  2. Soon to be opened death coaster is now at Keansburg Amusement Park. Should be open within the month. Was it really that bad? I think it might have gotten new trains near the end? When I rode it at Beech Bend in like 2004 with the old trains it was terrifying. I just remember half the seats being roped off. Me too. In 2005 it seemed at one point that my restraint loosened up a few inches during the ride. It's funny that the only other Scat 2 I know of is here in Charlotte with a traveling fair company. They set it up in Mint Hill, NC at our little town fair every year. I've ridden it once.
  3. Do Nighthawk first and get that out of the way. If you have a Platinum pass, you get to go into the park 30 minutes early to get to the line you want to. Not all the park is open for this, but Nighthawk is. Then the rest of the park is pretty easy after that. Nighthawk is the only really slow loader in the park. You may want to hit Flying Ace as it is next to Nighthawk and only has the 1 train. I wonder if Carowinds will get a brony convention next year.
  4. So nice to see Carowinds' old swings still there. Also nice to see a bunch of water in a former Paramount Park. Unlike a certain park on a state line, somewhere in oh say, the Carolinas.
  5. http://carowindsconnection.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4039&start=150 Not a whole lot to see at this point. As already mentioned, RipCord was moved to the front of the park, the go karts have been removed... that's about all where the coaster is assumed to be going so far.
  6. Hurler at Carowinds used to run with very good airtime. But since they've put in trim brakes (again) that hope is all but gone.
  7. How does it work with the food? Is everything a la carte, or do you pay a fee for all you can eat?
  8. Yeah, good luck with that. Cedar Point is the flagship park and isn't going to be usurped by a sister park in the chain.
  9. This park looks brand new now! It looked terrible back in 2005 under Six Flags. Way to go KK!
  10. I rode it Sunday with the belts and they didn't affect the ride at all to me. I have heard though that some people have started getting stapled for some strange reason. I didn't have that problem.
  11. Funny how when I first saw the movie, I thought that scene would make a great coaster.
  12. I love this little park. Reminds me of the Land of Oz a bit.
  13. Yet by your judgements I can tell you are American (as am I) because 7 of the people in those pictures were in fact overweight Great pictures, Hanno! Love the rider shots! I can't wait to say that to you again! I'm totally pointing the finger at myself. I'm way overweight and have had to do the walk of shame more than once.
  14. I certainly can tell this is not an American trip report, only 1 person I would even call overweight at all. Are the restraints pretty accommodating or is like the old Intamin restraints? Love the photos, amazing looking coaster. Hey Carowinds build a 300 ft version of this!
  15. Well I've lived in Charlotte all my life and never been to the Outer Banks... lol. Course there is only 1 credit out on the eastern side of NC, maybe that's why.
  16. Ah, so what is that building? Is that city hall? Yeah I know there are still baseball cities, but overall it seems America has fallen in love more with NFL football, maybe because to be a diehard baseball fan you've got 4 of 5 times the number of games to watch as opposed to football.
  17. ... and we're back! My last full day in St. Louis I rode the MetroLink (subway/light rail) downtown from the airport and checked out the sites. I had only been through St. Louis once in my life but didn't have time that day to stop and see anything. On with the show... I took the train to the Arch station and started walking. It's about 2 blocks from the station, maybe 3 to the Arch. The place has a nice park around the Arch, and there are a ton of trees so you can't really see much of the Arch until you get right up to it. And we're here! Such a fun thing to use for different shots. The sun was starting to set as well, so even moreso. Yet another angle. History They had a nice museum under the arch itself. All of the animatronics were down and I felt like I had stepped into Westworld all of a sudden. Mississippi... yep I spelled it right. Yet another angle. Another state capital I've been to now. Back on the train... this reminded me of London for some reason. Even though I've never been there. Time to stop off at some stadium or something. Sorry Pirates fans... but yeah I stopped by the Cards place. Nice looking stadium. Now where is third base? History... Stan the Man. They were out of town when I was there. Ironically the only other MLB stadium I've been to was Three Rivers in Pittsburgh. Before they blew it up of course. I somehow think I was outside the Reds old place too in Cinci before the blew it up. Can't recall if they had moved yet when I was there, but I saw it. They've won a whole lot more championships than any of my Carolina teams. OK, we've only won 1. Fairs fair. It may have been America's Past Time 100 years ago, but I'd hardly call it that now. Again I very nice looking place... moving on down the line. I love Hard Rock Cafe and never knew there was in St. Louis and found this one at the last minute before I caught the train. So glad I checked! The nachos weren't quite as good as the ones in Atlanta, but still good. One fo the smaller ones I've been to. I love Van Halen. I'm alive already! Alive! Do you hear me!? Cool shirt. I want to be smaller... so small I can actually fit on El Toro! This place was half empty. Kinda creepy at night. It's an old train station converted to a mall, but half the stores are gone. And the obligatory Hard Rock pic. I miss Hard Rock Park. And finally I'll leave you with this cute bunny I found eating along the tracks as I was waiting for my train at Union Station. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the pictures. Until next time...
  18. Hi all, I had visited the park for the first time in 2006 and because of a business trip I would have about 4 hours on Sunday, September 15 to pick up 3 new credits for me and whatever else I could squeeze in. The park closed at 6:00, which is strange I thought as Carowinds (my home park) closes at 8:00 on Sundays. Anyway, I did a mad dash through the park and got in as much as I could. I had for some reason really loved the park in 2006, but this time I really saw the park as much more jsut a bland corporate park. Not a bad place by any stretch, but kind of like Carowinds... too corporate but nice. On we go! Time to catch a flight from Charlotte. US Air here I come! I've seen this skyline before, but something is new on the left. It's like a cute RCT version of main street. This was the real reason I came back to the park. Now where have I seen this before? Hmm... no it's not a Thunderhead, but it's ahead of Kentucky Rumbler in my book. Not really ahead of Lightning Racers though. It's got this weird jerk at the end of the ride when riding in the back. Not sure what's up with that. Didn't know they used high voltage on wood. Sadly I missed this yet again. And I hear it's pretty cool. But I wanted to ride a few of the coasters again, and time just didn't allow. New credit #2. My first spinner by them, and wow did it spin like crazy! So dizzy at the end of the ride! Don't have a cow! Twisty! Didn't have time... and I got the one at SFOG this year... moving on. When did Dollywood paint their train? Oh wait. Not nearly as painful as Hershey's was. Not been on the Hershey one with the new train. But I was "excited" to get my first credit that's run in Texas. So that was something. Red Barchetta please. he Scrmin' Eagle is a classic! I just wish I knew what it all means. Wow, Downtown is closer to the park than I thought! Blech! Horrible to put that stupid boomerang over top of Screamin' Eagle. Looks terrible! Oy! I've already got the credit... moving on! As with most of the Vekoma/Arrow loopers, it looks nice but the ride is something else. Denied another ride. I don't know if they've shortened the belts or I'm just fatter but I wasn't able to ride. Strange I rode SFOG's without a problem. How did I get to BGW? Mommy can I buy it!?!!?? Didn't have time, and I already had the credit... and I figured I might not fit, so I had to keep walking. Hello to our all our friends across the Pond! Boss would be such a boss if it weren't for those horrible trains that shake like Kinzel when he sees a red coaster. Well that's all for Six Flags.. up next, I visit St. Louis! Sadly the City Museum was closed.
  19. Exactly. There's no way his figures are correct. Unless he's planning on charging the city $20MM and actually using $10MM to build it or whatever.
  20. I'll be working SCarowinds (retail dept.) so I'll keep an eye out for anything going on. I was out there yesterday and looked around but didn't see any movements.
  21. The only way it would cost $30MM and it would be a launched coaster is if it was themed. And we know CF doesn't like to theme very much. I'm really thinking B&M giga.
  22. Someone brought up a good point, do you think with them building it somewhere near Hurler, that they would have it dive under the foot bridge at the front of hte park? Seems like a good option for a big coaster. There were endless jokes about "hyper under the bridge" before we knew the layout of Intimidator.
  23. I had to go back a page and re-read what you said. I thought you were talking about Intimidator and they had added ANOTHER trim to it.
  24. I've been hoping they'd add a bowl or one of those raft rides for ages and now they add them the same year! I might actually dare to go in the water park next year!
  25. I really doubt it as most of the CF parks have announced their 2014 projects. Did Valleyfair or MIA announce yet? Those are the two I can think of hearing nothing from. Not a shock I know. Those poor forgotten parks. And don't take that too literally, I know they've gotten stuff in the past 5-6 years, but for the most part it seems the chain has forgotten they exist. The way the chain is talking I think it's safe to say that we'll see a coaster in 2015. One thing to point out, the park just last year redid the whole picnic areas. They built a great new expanded one in the front of the park, and of course the dinos whiped out the back one. So they really don't have room for any rides in the very front of the park, unless they take out the ampitheater. All the dots up front of the park have me curious though what they will do.
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