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The unwritten rules of attending a theme/amusement park

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Oh yeah. Please look around to see if you are holding up the line by talking.


I hate it when this happens and everyone in line is yelling at them to move. Like making at 20ft gap for a couple seconds is going to keep you from getting on the ride fast. The only way it would change the ammount of time that you get on the ride is if you made the gap all the way to actualy getting on the ride, and having it leave without you.


IDK if this has been said yet, but wait for you freinds at the end of the exit, not in the exit and block it.

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Don't block the entrance to a queue while your group decides if and when they are going to ride.


Don't wait till you get to the front of a food service line to start to look at the menue. (this applies outside the park as well)


If you are an adult with no kids, don't try to ride the kiddie coaster.


Don't bring loose articles into the park. Seriously, this is a park, not a safari. You don't need a backpack.


Don't step on the coaster seat as you exit.

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Don't write on the walls.




When we finally got Mr.Freeze opened at SFOT we did Season Pass Holder nights to make up for the delay. The second night of it, I got a guy scratching some stuff on the brand new walls. I called security which took him away, and later found out that his pass was revoked for the rest of the year, and he was banned from the park. This was also very early in the season as well

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If you are an adult with no kids, don't try to ride the kiddie coaster.


Don't bring loose articles into the park. Seriously, this is a park, not a safari. You don't need a backpack.


theres nothing wrong with a backpak. As long as they dont try to bring it on rides, there is no problem.


Also I always ride the kiddie coaster

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1,750,328. Don't get out of line after waiting for an hour, just because you are hungry!


1,750,329. Make sure to get to the park really early, so that you can find a bunch of random people and get in for the group rate


1,750,330. When on a stand up, don't tell the ride op to release the restraints again because you realize that you really don't want to ride sitting down.


1,750,331. Don't try to sneak your pet hamster onto the ride.


1,750,332. Don't wait for a train to come, and then toss your empty (or full!) drink can over the queue to see if you can hit it!


1,750,333. Don't tell the ride op, "I have a disorder that causes a temporary loss of leg muscle control, so I don't think I will be able to get off the ride. I think I will have to keep riding until I can move my legs."

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A few of my own based on some experiences last week:


1. Empty pockets before getting on the ride. If ride ops have to unlock, lock and re-check all the restraints because you thought your phone/keys/glasses 'would be fine' in your pocket, everyone in line will think you're a douchebag.


2. Pay attention in the station. Watch the people ahead of you to see how the restraints work.


3. Speedos should not be worn in a water park. Or anywhere, for that matter.


4. If a you are a guy visiting a water park with a girl, under no circumstances should you make her carry the raft/tube/mat to the top of the slide tower. Not even if she's your sister.


5. When on a ride, don't complain loudly about how lame it is. If you hate it so much why are you riding!?

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For me (in no particular order:


1. Leave ALL useless crap at home (anything that isn't your wallet, keys, glasses/sunglasses (with a strap), phone, ect)


2. Do the back of the park first, people are like sheep and will go to the first ride they see.


3. Don't be stupid, if there weren't so many people who leave their brains at home the number accidents that happen at a park would be reduce to even lower levels than they are now.


3. Don't kiss, hug, be rude, or smoke in line for rides




5. Don't spit in the park


6. Throw away ALL garbage in trash bins


7. DON'T stand in front of ride entrances or main walkways while waiting for your group to decide what to do


8. If you are larger than the average person make sure to try the test seat at rides before getting in line


9. If you have a existing condition that you know that can cause harm to you on certain rides make sure to read the sign out front and if it says not to ride, DO NOT RIDE!


10. Buy all merchandise right before leaving the park.

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^You'll find those rules in some European water parks, which is why you'll never catch me going to one of them.


Note to self: check dress code before planning visit to any water park in Europe.



(on that note - are swim shorts REALLY that unhygenic??)


I doubt it. A lot of guys I know will wear something under their shorts anyway, just in case.

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This is a written rule, but people seem to act like it is not so: NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY ON DARK RIDES EVER! Disney parks allow you to take pictures and record rides as long as there is no flash, but I cannot count the number of times people continually take pictures which are not only blinding, but also ruin the experience! For example, on a recent trip to Disneyland I was riding Haunted Mansion and we were passing by the ballroom when the jackass in the doom buggy next to me decided to take a picture, causing the light to reflect off the nearly invisible glass, blinding us both. Yes, I knew the glass was there... but the guy still ruined the illusion.


Also for the most important unwritten rule there is, even if it pretty much just applies to Disney

NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER RUIN THE MAGIC! EVER! I have seen quite a few occasions just as a general Disney fans where parents have explained to their (usually very young) children that Mickey Mouse is not real, or that someone is "pretending to be Mickey Mouse" and this just pisses me off! Seriously, it's called magic for a reason, and there is a VERY short amount of time someone is young enough to believe in the magic... so don't ruin it. At Disneyland Mickey is real and all the effects/animatronics in the rides are all real.

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