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Walt Disney World Resort Non-Park Discussion Thread

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They did suck. Just nothing very exciting about them after a while.


I really hope the bring back the comedy warehouse or similar and i'll miss Mannequins the most. I loved that rotating dance floor with the co2 cannons and the light wall. That had to be the best club on the island.

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Playing piano at Comedy Warehouse was my 1st job at Disney since starting there in 1999. I also subbed at Adventure's Club, so I will definately miss it.


But like one of my fellow actors said, no job lasts forever.


Hard at work! ( and wearing the same shirt as my head shot!!)

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Pleasure Island used to be kind of a cool place, but it's been in pretty sad shape recently, so I'm not too upset by this. I only really went there when I had free tickets anyway. I hope Disney makes good use of that space for the future.

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Well we've seen this coming for a while now.



Pleasure Island just isn't very exciting, especially when you compare it to CityWalk. Every time I've been to Pleasure Island it just seemed kind of tired and outdated, so I think this is pretty good news. The area was pretty much this dead spot wedged between the other two sections. It's always sad to see Disney take something out, but I think that Downtown Disney needs more restaurants and this is an overall good move.



Just as long as they never touch The House of Blues I'll be fine.

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My local news (Tampa) covered this...me & the wife weren't surprised. I have fond memories of when they first opened & how "Aww" and "magnificent" the club environment at PI felt....


...going there again about 2 years ago, things did feel stale. We got the $20 "all access" pass & I felt it was a waste of money...with the exception of Mannequins (which played a lot of techno and high energy dance), all the clubs seemed to just play stuff you can hear on the radio...8 Trax was playing disco & early 80s, so was that other club at the end (I forget the name), I was hoping BET would change it up, but as soon as I heard Justin Timberlake, I kinda lost respect for PI in general.


I had almost wished I stayed at Bongo's instead...we ate dinner there, but after a certain time they clear out a few tables & turn it into a "latin" club of sorts....


So let me get this straight, Downtown Disney DOESN'T have enough dining & shopping??!?!?! I felt the place had TOO much of those...alrighty then.


I'm kinda hoping CityWalk doesn't follow suit. But that place is a madhouse on the weekends...U can't even get through the crowds sometimes its so thick.

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The french company "Aerophile" has send e-mail to announce construction of a new balloon like Panoramagique (Disney Village @ Paris) for the WDW.


- 30 persons, 6 minutes, 100m (328ft)

- Built on the Downtown lake

- Day or by night

- The third for USA (Great Park, Irvine, CA / Wild Animal Park , San Diego, CA)


English video of the AERO30NG in the website.


Disney Village


Great Park


Wild Animal Park




French annoncement (Zygo from centralpark)


Nous somme fiers de vous annoncer pour le printemps prochain l'arrivée d'un nouveau grand ballon captif AERO30NG à WALT DISNEY WORLD® RESORT, plus grand parc d'attraction du monde.


Ainsi à partir du printemps prochain, Downtown Disney ® sur le Lac Buena Vista, en Floride aura sa propre attraction majeure, sous la forme ,d'un ballon géant captif qui élevera ses passagers à 100 mètres d'altitude pour découvrir l'ensemble du Walt Disney World® Resort.


Le ballon donnera la chance unique jusqu'à 30 passagers de décoller de Downtown Disney ® pour un voyage de six minutes, de jour comme de nuit pour une vue inégalée à 360 degrés à 20 kilomètres à la ronde


Le ballon est le dernier né des AERO30NG, avec un volume de 6 000 mètres cubes, 23 mètres de diamètre, 72 mètres de circonférence pour 34 mètres de hauteur. Bénéficiant de l'amarrage 8 points, il sera situé sur une plateforme spécialement conçu pour le lac de Downtown Disney ®.


Avec notre opération dans le Disney Village de Disneyland Paris depuis avril 2005 et deux systèmes actuellement en opération en Californie (au Great Park à Irvine et au Wild Animal Park à San Diego), ce sera notre 2ème opération avec Disney et 3ème aux Etats-Unis.


Nous vous rappelons que nous serons à l'expo IAAPA à Orlando, en Floride du 18 au 21 novembre et serions ravi de vous y retrouver (Stand N°3033).



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They used to have one of these at Niagara Falls, USA. I noticed that it was gone this year. Perhaps this could be the same one?


I am glad that I did ride it last year before they took it out. It was a cool experience, but being at Niagara Falls, the location was not the greatest as you could not really see the Falls.


You could see Buffalo and Skyscreamer good though!!


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They had one in Parc Citreon in Paris when I was there in 2001. I considered going on it, but it was fairly windy and when they sent it up with one person on it, it was moving back an forth a lot. If I wasn't a scared of heights as I am, it probably would have been a very entertaining ride.

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I know this seems like quite a bump, but I figured after my visit this weekend, that with very little coverage of the current state of Downtown Disney (specifically Pleasure Island), it would be appropriate to post the latest photos of whats going on in the dead location. I don't typically do this, but I feel that the photos and status update warrented the post.


It is certainly sad to see this area sit unused, considering that Disney doesn't have anything to fill the old clubs with (except for E-Brands Paradiso 37 restaurant). Now all guests have to see is the remains of a once lively area, now reduced to silence.


Would like some Adventurer's Club popcorn? Neither would I.


This entrance to 8Traxx has been blocked off as well.


Another intro plaque for Pleasure Island's canon.


A mix of old and new.


I doubt that some of these rules are a worry anymore.


The Pleasure Island history introduction plaque at the main entrance.


I really liked this photo for some reason.


The old ticket booths go unused as well.


Portabello has received a complete makeover inside and out.


The former map panel for Pleasure Island has been adorned with generic resort dressings.


The entrance to this tiny overhang is blocked by a chain; as is the elevator.


A little mythology for thought...


Mannequins' marquee has been covered up...


Another remnant of Pleasure Island's past.


This sign is still visible from the entrance of the Rock and Roll Beach Club.


One of the last pieces of the original Pleasure Island scenery watches over people as they inspect the dead area.


Even the Motion projections were operating!


From what my friend remembered, not much had changed in this club since its closure.


Though Motion's exterior has lost its signage, the interior of the former club remains active as a venue for rent.


Pleasure Island featured canonical plaques explaining the history of each building (based on their original tennants) in the scheme of the Pleasure Island mythology. The Beach Club's plaque is no longer accessible thanks to a chain blocking off the stairs.


The Rock and Roll Beach Club has been closed longer than any of the other clubs and yet, its sign still remains for all to see.


To help bring life into the dead area, P.I. Live was quietly re-instated with more family-friendly music selections to be played in the evenings at the Island.


Paradiso 37's entrance is currently under construction.


A rather visible door announces that Mannequins still exists in some form (the main entrance does so as well).


At least 8Traxx is missing its name so guests don't assume it is still a working club.


The old brown paint scheme is being replaced with a new white shell.


E-Brands Paradiso 37 is beginning to take shape...


One of the old ticket booths is blocked by a wall and some colored covers.


I was never able to visit the Adventurer's Club but I know many people who claimed it was an amazing experience...


Again, the signage for the former club announces its purpose, but certainly doesn't let people know that it is closed.


The interior remains virtually untouched; lined with chairs but missing the people to fill them.


The Soundstage Club is much like Sounds Dangerous! (at Disney's Hollywood Studios) right now--they're both dead.


Much like the other clubs, the former BET Soundstage Club sits dormant. I'm not sure why the old sign remains sans the BET name, considering they could have just removed the entire sign.


Characters in Flight's platform is nearly complete.


Disney's latest tethered balloon experience will be known as Characters in Flight.


The former Downtown Disney West Side Guest Relations desk will soon become the ticket location for Characters in Flight (Operated by Aerophile), the resort's new tethered balloon ride.


Just recently announced, Virgin Megastore will be closing on May 31st, 2009.


Am I the only one that finds this poster to be released a little late in the game?

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Hey everyone! I've got a follow-up report on the latest happenings regarding the former Pleasure Island as well as the newest changes taking place around Downtown Disney.


One last look at the gigantic balloon.


This view is going to take some time to get used to...


For just $50 you can buy yourself a giant rice crispy treat Mickey at Goofy's Candy Co.


To help occupy the crowds several DJ booths were situated around Downtown Disney. This one was focused on the Radio Disney-approved music, also offering games and a trivia session for the Disney fans... No, I didn't take part in the session!


Replacing the former Summer Sands store, Tren-D opened earlier last week, offering "chic" Disney clothes and accessories to willling buyers.


Over in the Downtown Disney Marketplace (the original side of Downtown Disney), the new stage was in use for a concert performance.


For some reason, I hadn't seen this canon plaque before...


Motion was not nearly as active as it was during the previous visit. All colored lights and projections were off, leaving an eerily white stage.


Unlike the last visit, the lights were on inside of the Rock and Roll Beach Club's entrance. Seems a little bit empty, don't you think?


For some reason, a hedge barrier has been added to this plaza--yet the barrier doesn't block the entrance to the area itself. The restrooms next to Motion are still open, leaving guests with an opportunity to look in on the shells of Motion and the former Rock and Roll Beach Club.


Unlike the Laugher's Cantina, P.I. Live's drink counter isn't open during the day.


Though it is a little blurry, you can see the tile design along the wall of Paradiso 37.


Do I see lights on inside?


A stylish new overhang has been added since our last visit.


Work on Paradiso 37 draws nearer to its close.


As if Disney finally recognized that Pleasure Island still existed, the What Will You Celebrate? banners have hit every lamp post, reminding guests to Celebrate Tonight... Even during the day.


Like I said... Just like my Bar Mitzvah, except these guys would be wearing 501st Stormtrooper armor--no lie.


Its just like my Bar Mitzvah... All over again.


Does that dancer look eerily similar to Tyler?


Stilt walkers, dancers and a live DJ help to celebrate the guests' special occasions by dragging them into dances and awkward songs for all of the crowd to watch and laugh...


Celebrate Tonight! is a new DJ entertainment offering set up in front of the former Comedy Warehouse.


Management has devised a new way to breathe life back into the dead Pleasure Island...




Depending on wind conditions, the capacity of the attraction can be completely altered.


The information board...


I must say, I do like the color scheme chosen for the ticket booth and queue area.


The former Downtown Disney West Side Guest Relations kiosk has become the ticket center for Characters in Flight.


The official prices for the new experience... I'll try it at least once.


Characters in Flight (operated by Aerophile) is now fully operational and has been testing for the last week.

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Not to majorly bump a thread (I always feel guilty doing so), but I did have the chance to visit Characters in Flight yesterday at Downtown Disney.


It has been open since before May, but not once had I seen it operational (while I was there) thanks to incliment weather. We finally caught it at the right time, and I feel that while it was somewhat short, the $16 admission fee was certainly worth it.


While its no flying carpet, Characters in Flight is a unique experience that gives passengers an unparalleled view of the Walt Disney World Resort (and some of Orlando). Its definitely worth a try, especially for the photo junkies like me!


The landing platform has a stylized compass built straight into it, just in case the pilot forgets which direction to go...


Virgin Megastore is now a giant advertising center for Downtown Disney with banners covering every post and window, reminding guests to visit the neighboring shops and restaurants.


The Celebrate Tonight! side of Pleasure Island sits quietly during the daytime... No celebrating today.


"I loves me some bloons!"




Off in the distance, the Contemporary and the newly completed Bay Lake Tower rise above the trees.


The obligatory Epcot shot.


The Motion side of Pleasure Island can be seen from above. Paradiso 37 just opened up, bringing a little more life into the area.


"Just a few minutes ago, I was down there... But now I'm up here!"

~Fellow Passenger


Can you spot the competition in this photo?


This is Wetzel's Pretzels.


Passengers look out at the many acres of Reedy Creek...


Disney resorts in all their aerial beauty...


I was pleasantly surprised to find that our pilot spoke to us during the flight, pointing out various landmarks (only the Disney ones) while warning us of the few shakes, bumps and sways we encountered during our ten minute flight.


This little wheel makes the balloon go up and eventually down.


Guests enter the carriage through either of the two doors, both of which are connected by the circular standing area where passengers dwell while in flight.


Alright. Enough is enough.


Two orbs glorifying each other... Like Tatooine's two moons.


Is my Star Wars geekiness showing?


My boarding pass ended up being my receipt... I love when my tickets remind me of how much I spent on them!


Here comes a few of my token "sun shots" to glorify this "bloon" (here's one more to you, Bryan).


Characters in Flight is now completely operational... Unlike the second Death Star...

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I'd definitely pay $16 for the opportunity to get those kind of shots! Thanks, Adam. (Slash Bryan. Can this be considered an official unofficial Bryan and Adam Show off-season update?)


P.S. I wonder if the house from 'Up' could ever be used like this. (Smaller capacity and a lot less helium balloons, but whatever.)

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^This is a Bryan-less Adam Show off-season update, I guess. He was there with me in spirit, but he's back in New York for now.


It is funny that you would mention 'Up,' because I believe they did that with single passengers as a tie-in, somewhere not too long ago...


Found it!

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