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Walt Disney World Resort Non-Park Discussion Thread

P. 61: Raglan Road Mighty St. Patrick's Festival event preview!

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While I’m not an expert in local Florida politics, the fact that Disney isn’t bothering to fight this is probably telling. That’s a PR calculation, but not one that they would likely make if they were all that upset about it. My gut says that they need to have DeSantis act like he accomplished something big, but it probably won’t change much-of-anything of substance so Disney would rather just let this stupidity die.

This is just so stupid. They never cared about this bill and Ron DeSantis knows that they never cared about this bill. The last thing they ever wanted to do was make a statement on it, but their own cast members protested and demanded it. Then they caved, and miscalculated the reaction that they were going to get from the other side while trying to stay out of it and play it down the middle in a world where that’s no-longer possible.

They don’t care and everyone involved knows that they don’t care. Everybody involved in this knows this whole thing is made up bullshit for political points but yet, here we are… it’s childish idiocy.

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On 3/2/2023 at 9:08 PM, coasterbill said:

While I’m not an expert in local Florida politics

You should be by now... you're only there more than anyone else in the country that lives outside of Florida. Seriously. Just move already!

I have nothing else to contribute.

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Yesterday Raglan Road hosted TPR and other outlets for a preview of this weekend's Mighty St. Patrick's Festival. This annual festival has been running at Raglan Road Pub for 17 of the 18 years that the Pub has operated at Disney Springs, and each year the offerings expand with new acts and new food and beverage options, all on top of what already makes Raglan Road a special place to visit year round. The Mighty St. Patrick's Festival takes place this year between March 16th and March 19th!


One of my favorite places to eat and drink in Orlando!


We had an opportunity to sample some Raglan Road favorites as well as new menu items, starting with the Berry UnIrish (a non-alcoholic drink featuring muddled blackberries, fresh lemon juice, rosemary & honey syrup and sparkling lemon Pellegrino) and the Misty Irish Eyed (a mixture of Irish Mist honey, Grace O'Malley gin, Italicus, lemon sour & prosecco).


While a normal visit to Raglan Road is filled with entertaining musical and dancing acts, during the Mighty St. Patrick's Festival, the schedule is filled from end to end authentic Irish entertainment!


In what I could best compare to a savory cupcake, the Truly Scrumpet Goat Fig features caramelized (torched!) goat's cheese with a fig & port jam on a chive scrumpet with walnuts, pickled beets & poached figs). This was easily the most unique and standout taste of evening!


"That Salad with Seared Beef" was a surprising combination of flavors, textures and perfectly prepared ingredients. I'd happily order a plate of this during my next visit!


A staple on the Raglan Road menu for many years, the Dalkey Duo is a perfect Dalkey mustard beer battered Cheshire Heritage pork sausage served with Dalkey mustard mayo and buffalo apple sauce. These battered sausages are heavy and filling but the rich batter and unique sausage make them perfectly addicting bites that you'll definitely want to keep digging into.


There's lots to see and hear while dining at Raglan Road!


The center of the restaurant gives guests an up-close chance to experience all the fun of the pub.


The Seafood Sharing Board offers a selection of sesame crusted tuna, smoked fish cakes, "The Pink Panko" (panko crusted seared salmon) and the "Kiss Before Shrimp" (a garlicky-bathed set of shrimp bites with toast). 


It is always a pleasure to hear from the owners of Raglan Road Pub. The restaurant along with the attached shop, bars and Cookes of Dublin quick service venue are all owned an operated independently of any larger corporation. The venues operate out of scratch kitchens so you know everything is served at its freshest. Much of the staff and entertainers are Irish and the menus offer authentic tastes of Irish heritage with modern flair.


Clare Sands (pictured right) is a 6ht generation fiddler, bilingual singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist who is performing daily along with her sister (pictured left) during the Mighty St. Patrick's Festival before moving on to perform in New York, Washington D.C., the United Kingdom and Europe. 


We capped off our tasting experience with the Guinness Chocolate Cake, made up of dark chocolate, soda bread ice cream and a whiskey caramel sauce. 


There is no better place to experience authentic Irish step-dancing than at Raglan Road Pub.


Defying gravity.


Step-dancing isn't reserved to the main stage, with a center stage to put guests in the center of the action.


A truly unique experience!


Thanks again to Raglan Road for hosting us for another fantastic evening! Be sure to check out the Mighty St. Patrick's Festival this weekend, or if you can't make it before then, don't hesitate to add the Pub to your future Orlando plans--you won't regret it!

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