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Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

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Looks like SDL is getting magnetic braking? The pic shows the original brakes gone and fins installed in their place.... interesting. Maybe this could happen to Revolution (minus the trims)?


Those aren't magnetic brake fins, those are the brackets that held the old braking mechanisms in place as seen in the bottom left of this photo. Not saying they won't be putting mags in though, because the brakes are clearly gone.

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I like the little red swinging doors they added at the exit stairway. All the coasters at Hershey have those wider blue exit doors and I always feel awkward letting them go because they swing with such force and I don't want to hit anybody, especially an unsuspecting child, with it. I feel like the red ones serve the same purpose while being a lot more miniscule.

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I stopped by the construction site today in hopes they would be testing the ride. There were a few construction guys very close to the fence, so I asked them if they knew when testing would begin. They told me there's a few bugs to work out, but testing could begin as early as "tomorrow or the next day" meaning Thursday or Friday.

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