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  1. The following is based on Thunder Canyon at CP. There are two pumps on each side of the lift conveyor, so in your pictures you're only seeing half of the total pumps. The ride only needs 3 pumps on to run. Thunder Canyon only uses 3 and they rotate which ones are on day by day. If you turned on all 4 at the same time the river would just flow faster because you're trying to push a higher volume of water through the same space. That doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get wetter though. It's also a waste of energy to run all 4 if the ride only needs 3 to run with proper water levels.
  2. ^It was down a lot this year. Didn't even break 1 million riders. In fact, Iron Dragon had more riders.
  3. ^This is incorrect. If there is any rain, Storm Runner and Skyrush will go down (or are supposed to). Comet will stay open if they go to one train ops. Otherwise they pretty much run it until the system faults.
  4. SkyRush has to stack. When running two trains in Auto mode, they can't dispatch until the one parks on the waiting block and the restraints pop.
  5. *sigh* This is why we watch for hand signals and have E-stops at all positions in the station.
  6. ^Intamins are VERY finicky. I go every two weeks and every time at lest one has some sort of problem at some point in the day.
  7. ^He's right. Watch "Secret of the Wild Child" from NOVA. It's basic sociology.
  8. I think what he's getting at is this: The ones born in the park have never been exposed to the wild, therefore they don't miss it. You only know what you're raised with. Watch some backstage videos of the trainers interacting with them. They are clearly happy.
  9. ^^There are so many things wrong with that response, I don't even know where to start. ^Are you f**king serious? Yep. They truly do not give a shit.
  10. It's hard to tell but my only suggestion is that if possible you should plan on multiple days or make a last minute decision based on chance of precipitation. My experience is that if it so much as lightly drizzles every single coaster closes with the exception of the B&M's (Gatekeeper, Raptor and Mantis). This park has one of the dumbest rain policies of any park I've ever been to. Does Intamin, etc. recommend rain closings? I'm not sure. I do know that one of the main issues is lack of traction between the drive wheels and trains when it's wet. This tend to affect Intamins more
  11. This is happening to me also. SO once I create a track, how come it shows up in the simulator as wire-frame? How do I make it normal? lol
  12. Blue Streak at Cedar Point. That ride has loads of ejector air and floater. Way underrated in my opinion!
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