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  1. Mick "Mankind" Foley, who I did have the pleasure of riding the front seat of Nitro at SFGAD along with his two kids during the media day way back in 2001. He was such a nice guy and a fellow coaster fanatic.
  2. I personally really enjoyed Mach Tower. The day I went to the park last year it was up most of the day, and I think it has a pretty great drop. I rode Drop Tower at KD the day before and couldn't really decide which I liked better (DT has a more exhilarating overall faster drop vs. MT having a quicker initial release). This thing looks absolutely terrifying. Drop towers are the only thing that really freak me out and tilting like that would completely put me out of my comfort zone. Sign me up!
  3. If your retainer comes out for any reason besides you physically taking it out of your mouth, you should consider going to a new orthodontist.
  4. I just went on it a couple weeks ago during a closed park event and there was no shortage of intensity. Granted I didn't make it on last year so I don't have anything to compare it to, but that first ride blew my mind. If you sit near the back the slowed down lift doesn't even matter.
  5. Would it be possible to add a separate unloading station like on Millennium Force? They could increase the stopping power of the small break run and place the exit station near the current station with some breaks slowing the ride down after the turn over Comet. I don't have any engineering knowledge really so I don't know how possible that is. A major issue would be loose item return, but you could just put lockers in or something (maybe a airport luggage claim-esque conveyor belt that moves the items to the second station?) I always thought the single side loading/unloading was an idiotic idea.
  6. From what I can tell it is due to ops moving at the fastest speeds they can. Don't they load two trains at a time also though? They load two at a time and each train has two crew members checking restraints. I feel like Verbolten is such a high capacity coaster due to this plus the fact that the restraint is a simple lap bar. Once you start adding more components to that it takes much longer to check. Like where there's a seat belt and some idiot sits down and doesn't realize it. Ride ops get there and have to unlock the train so they can put the seatbelt on and then have to start checking the train all over. I feel that guests being observant is also a factor in capacity on coasters.
  7. This guy has some serious After Effects skills. I would love if you could actually play RCT this way.
  8. GASM'a mid course breaks made that air escaping whoosh noise. I thought aAaconda did too but I was sadly mistaken. It's not exactly a coaster noise, but I love the sound of the water effect on Backlot Stunt Coaster. It sounds like one of those spinner whistles.
  9. I'm going to Kings Dominon tomorrow and Busch Gardens on Wednesday, so if no one snatches it up by then it's as good as mine!
  10. They should take out roller soaker and add something like Mammoth at Holiday World.
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