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Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

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After seeing drawings, I thought the layout looked kinda boring, but looking at the proportions of the ride itself makes it look really exciting! That first hill should be a doozie!

A lot of people who were bashing this when looking at the plans are now saying how much they can't wait to ride. Sure the marketing department did a horrible job with the video, but I had faith! Let's just say that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

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Honestly, after reading half the complaints in this thread over the restraints, layouts, turns, drops, hills, colors, angle of the footers, and so on, I think that those people who are complaining up the wazoo about things should do us all a favor:


Don't ride it. Don't go to HP because you've complained so much about it. Go to your park, and stay there.


I hate to say this, but there is some point where it gets beyond silly to bitch and moan about the restraints, etc. If it isn't comfortable for you, don't ride it. Go find another attraction in the park. There are 11 other coasters at HP, and within four hours you have nearly 100. Leave SkyRush, and it's lap bar restraints, to those of us who aren't whining about how the potential lap bars are going to fit.


Those of us who ARENT complaining about the ride will be HAPPY to take your places in line.

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Please, be happy this thing is being built you guys. Especially at such a great place such as Hersheypark. I (and I'm sure many others here on the West Coast) would gladly take your SkyRush from you. We are deprived of Intamin goodness and airtime here. Here's to hoping our parks will get something as beautiful as this coaster is.

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^^ I never said I wasn't happy, to be honest I'm VERY excited this coaster is being built, and look forward to riding it this summer, also I am on the West Coast but we only have one good hyper and IMO it's Goliath... and it's my first time to Hersheypark since I was 10 years old... (not that long ago) and I'm very excited... I look forward to riding it, but what I don't look forward to is the lines...

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